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Its back in buisness. My best BtB is here once again. Rosters and the rest of the news is under this. I will just pretend that ENW never happened. Now the stupid tool box isn't working for me which sucks.

Hardcore Nitro


Booker T
Bubba Dudley
Chris Benoit
Chris Jericho
D-Von Dudley
Eddie Guerrero
John Cena
Jerry Lynn
Rob Van Dam
Matt Hardy
Jeff Hardy
Shelton Benjamin
Shawn Michaels
Garrison Cade
Mark Jindrak
Chris Harris
James Storm
Tommy Dreamer
Al Snow
Lance Storm
Muhhamad Hassan


ENW Championship
Interconintatal Championship
Hardcore Championship
ENW Tag Team Championships

Smackdown! Thunder


1-2-3 Kid
A.J. Styles
Bob Holly
Bull Buchanan
C.M. Punk
Chavo Guerrero
Chris Sabin
Christopher Daniels
Samoa Joe
Danny Basham
Doug Basham
Dean Malenko
Diamond Dallas Page
William Regal
Blue Meanie
Stevie Richards
Rob Conway
Rene Dupree
Slyvain Greiner
Kid Kash
Rey Mysterio
Paul London
Billy Kidman
Randy Orton


World Championship
United States Championship
Cruiserweight Championship
World Tag Team Championships

Pay-Per-View Events

January-No Way Out-Hardcore Nitro
February-Guilty As Charged-Smackdown! Thunder
April-Against All Odds-Hardcore Nitro
May-Living Dangerously-Smackdown! Thunder
June-King of the Ring-Joint (Tournament)
August-Unbreakable-Hardcore Nitro
Septemeber-Fall Brawl-Joint (Hardcore Nitro vs Smackdown! Thunder)
October,16 2005-Halloween Havoc-Smackdown! Thunder
Novemeber,8 2005-Taboo Tuesday-Hardcore Nitro (Fans Interactive)
Decemeber-Turning Point-Smackdown! Thunder

I will post the first show up on Monday or Tuesday expect a Hardcore Nitro Preview Saturday.

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first show will be up October 3rd. I am about to edit the PPV scheluded and put dates up.

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thanks for the reviews.

Hardcore Nitro Preview

This Monday will be the first BtB in ENW history. Matches already annouced are Sabu versus Carlito for the INC Champonship. Also Sting, John Cena, and Eddie Guerrero will face off with the ENW Championship being decied. All the belts will be up for grabs tonight and what else will happen on Hardcore Nitro tune in to find out.

Is anyone else having problems with their tool box?

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thanks for the review someguy999. I will be writing match finishes (besides at pay-per-views) entel January. I got the first show done already so I could post it whenever.

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He isn't in ENW but as they say "never say never".

Hardcore Nitro should be up soon.

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thanks theblueman. I hope enjoy it again.

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October 3rd, 2005
Cleveland, Ohio
Hardcore Nitro​

Fireworks shoot up and Let The Bodies Hit The Floor hits.

J.R.: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the first ever ENW Hardcore Nitro!

King: Tonight all four of our titles will be on the line!

J.R.: I can't wait and what a huge main event for tonight!

King: Yes John Cena versus Eddie Guerrero versus Sting for the ENW Championship!

Dudley Boyz music hits.

Howard Finkel: The following match is scheduled for one fall and it is for the ENW Tag Team Championships introducing first Bubba Ray Dudley and D-Von Dudley the Dudley Boyz!

Dudley Boyz-Run out to a huge pop and they give some hive fives then they slide into the ring and taunt getting a huge pop.

America's Most Wanted's music hits.

Howard Finkel: And their opponents Chris Harris and James Storm, America's Most Wanted!

AMW-Walk to the ring getting booed and they taunt in the ring getting booed.

Match 1
ENW Tag Team Championships
Dudley Boyz VS America's Most Wanted

Finish-It has been a long match with some great tag team action. Bubba and Storm are the legal men. Bubba runs at Storm going for a clothesline but Storm ducks it making Bubba hit the referee. Storm leaves the ring and pulls out a table then brings it in. Storm and Harris set up the table and Bubba attacks Harris as D-Von attacks Storm. Bubba throws Harris out of the ring and D-Von irish whips Storm into the ropes and when he comes back D-Von lifts him up and Bubba grabs Storm by the head and the Dudley Boyz hit a 3-D on Storm through the table and D-Von leaves the ring and attacks Harris. Bubba gets the table parts out of the ring and covers Storm after shaking the referee 1,2,3.

Howard Finkel: Here are the winners of this match Bubba Ray and D-Von the Dudley Boyz!

Dudley Boyz-Celebrate with the titles getting huge pops.


Mean Gene: I am here with Carlito who will be facing Sabu in an Intercontinental Championship match later tonight. So Carlito how do you feel going into this match?

Carlito: Well this is how Carlito sees it. If and when I beat Sabu tonight everyone will be lining up just to see Carlito. The reason being is that Sabu is a Hardcore Legend well if I beat Sabu tonight a legend at his level I will be better than a legend. And you see Mean Gene das, das cool unlike the Cleveland Browns. (Crowd boos)

- commercial -

J.R.: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to Hardcore Nitro we already have eight men in the ring and we are about to learn why.

Howard Finkel: The following match is an Eight-Man one fall takes all match for the Hardcore Championship. The first man to pin his opponent will become Hardcore Champion!

Match 2
Hardcore Championship
Rhino vs Lance Storm vs Al Snow vs Tommy Dreamer vs Sandman vs Raven vs Jerry Lynn vs Rob Van Dam

Finish-A very brutal match with everyone getting busted open. At the end Raven and Sandman are the only two standing tall and Raven kicks Sandman in the midsection then signals for The Raven Effect and hits it. He stands up and Rhino hits Raven with a Gore! Rhino pins Raven 1,2,3.

Howard Finkel: Here is the winner of this match and new Hardcore Champion Rhino!

Rhino-Walks away getting booed holding the title high in the air.

J.R.: What a brutal match and I though Rhino was out but he came back at the last chance he had and hit the Gore on Raven.

King: I know how that feels J.R. and it doesn't feel good coming from Rhino.


Eugene walks into Paul Heyman's office.

Paul Heyman: Hey Eugene what can I do for you?

Eugene: Well I was just wondering if I could face Rhino next week for the Hardcore Championship.

Paul Heyman: So your a hardcore wrestler?

Eugene: Yeah just like Little Rhino right here.

Paul Heyman: Little Rhino?

Eugene-Shows his Rhino teddy bear to Paul Heyman.

Paul Heyman: Okay Eugene you got the match next week Rhino versus Eugene for the Hardcore Championship.

Eugene-Runs away with a huge smile on his face.

- commercial -

J.R.: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to Hardcore Nitro the next match is about to start.

King: Well next week on Hardcore Nitro the Hardcore Championship will be on the line when Eugene goes up against Rhino.

Booker T's music hits.

Howard Finkel: The following match is scheduled for one fall introducing first Booker T!

Booker T-Walks out to a huge pop then he taunts at the entrance and fire starts shooting up. He walks down to the ring then taunts in the corner.

The lights go out.

James Mitchell: Ladies and gentlemen get ready for none other than "The Monster" Abyss!

Abyss's music hits.

Abyss and James Mitchell-Walk down to the ring and James has his cane. When they get into the ring James tells Abyss a few words then leaves the ring.

Match 3
Singles Match
Booker T vs Abyss

Finish-A very entertaining match with both men putting up a good fight but now Abyss has token full control. Abyss irish whips Booker T into the ropes and when he comes back Abyss hits the Black Hole Slam on Booker then pins him 1,2,3.

Howard Finkel: Here is the winner Abyss!

James Mitchell-Celebrates in the ring with Abyss.

J.R.: Wow this Abyss is a very dangerous man.

King: I sure wouldn't want to mess with him that's for sure.


We see Sabu training up for his match.

J.R.: Get ready for Sabu versus Carlito its next!

- commercial -

J.R.: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to Hardcore Nitro.

King: What a show we already had and we still have more to come.

J.R.: Remember ladies and gentlemen to check in on Hardcore Nitro next week because Vince McMahon will be announcing the matches for Taboo Tuesday!

Sabu's ECW music hits.

Howard Finkel: The following match is scheduled for one fall and it is for the ENW Intercontinental Championship introducing first Sabu!

Sabu-Runs out to a huge pop and he points to the sky then he crawls into the ring and points to the sky.

Carlito's music hits.

Howard Finkel: And his opponent Carlito!

Carlito-Walks out to a huge amount of heat and he yells at the fans. He then rolls into the ring and takes off his button up shirt then hangs it up in his corner.

Match 4
Intercontinental Championship
Sabu vs Carlito

Finish-Match of the night up to this point with some great moves in the match. At the end Carlito has token control with a low blow when the referee wasn't looking. Carlito lifts up Sabu to his feet and signals for the Cool DDT but then Sabu fights back and he grabs Carlito's leg then hits a fisherman suplex on Carlito. Sabu runs to the ropes and jumps to the middle then top then jumps back hitting a Triple Jump Moonsault on Carlito then pins him 1,2,3.

Howard Finkel: Here is the winner of this match and new Intercontinental Champion Sabu!

Sabu-Celebrates with the title then puts it on the floor and starts praising. He then leaves the ring with the title.

King: I can't believe it Sabu has defeated the coolest wrestler ever Carlito.

J.R.: Well ladies and gentlemen we will be back with the main event after this commercial break.

- commercial -

J.R.: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to Hardcore Nitro.

King: We had an amazing first show tonight and we still have the main event.

Eddie Guerrero's music hits.

Howard Finkel: The following Triple Threat Match is scheduled for one fall and it is for the ENW Championship introducing first Eddie Guerrero!

Eddie Guerrero-Walks out to a lot of heat and he taunts getting more heat then he goes into the ring and taunts some more.

Sting's music hits.

Howard Finkel: Introducing next Sting!

Sting-Walks out to a huge pop with his red and black face paint. He goes down to the ring and waits for John Cena.

John Cena's music hits.

Howard: And finally John Cena!

John Cena-Walks out to a huge pop and he taunts getting another pop. He goes into the ring and shakes Sting's hand.

Match 5
ENW Championship
Eddie Guerrero vs Sting vs John Cena

Finish-A very good match with Cena and Sting taking out Eddie then facing each other a lot. At the end all three men are in the ring. Sting runs at Eddie but Eddie rolls out of the way then dropkicks Sting on the back sending him out of the ring. Eddie and Cena start a fist fight and Eddie takes control and then he clotheslines Cena. Eddie goes to the corner and signals for the Frog Splash and hits it on Cena's raised knees. Eddie rolls around the ring holding his stomach. Cena signals for Eddie to get up and when he does Cena puts Eddie on his shoulders but Eddie slides off and rolls up Cena into a pin and grabs the tights 1,2 Sting breaks it up. Sting lifts up Eddie to his feet then irish whips him into the corner. Sting runs at Eddie and hits the Stinger Splash and Eddie stumbles out of the corner. Sting hits a Scorpion Death Drop on Eddie. Cena runs at Sting doing the shoulder smash but Sting ducks it and Cena hits into the top turnbuckle face first and walks backwards into Sting who sets up Cena for the Scorpion Death Drop and hits it. Sting grabs Eddie's legs and locks in the Scorpion Death Lock and Eddie is about to tap out but then grabs onto the bottom rope. Sting cant believe it and he gets up to his feet. Sting grabs Cena then throws him out of the ring. Sting turns around into a dropkick by Eddie. Eddie covers Sting and gets his feet on the middle rope 1,2,3.

Howard Finkel: Here is the winner and new ENW Champion Eddie Guerrero!

J.R.: Eddie Guerrero just stole one I can't believe it Eddie just stole the title.

King: Well we ran out of time see you next week.

The show goes off the air with Eddie Guerrero celebrating with the belt.

All reviews will be returned.

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i like wat i've seen so far. its quite detailed which is very good. i think 'ENW' will go a long way if u keep doing wat ur doing rite now. only complaint is that some of the matches seem really quick but other than that, its a good start.


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thanks for the review. Could I get more reviews thanks.
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Hardcore Nitro Review:

Dudley Boyz vs AMW:
Very good way to kick off the show, i can't wait for this match to happen in TNA, good win for the Dudleyz, hopefully this feud will continue.

Good Carlito promo on Sabu, well written and in character.

Hardcore Title Match:
Decent match, with the expected battered and bruised moves. Good win for Rhino countering the Raven effect into the GORE!

Nice Eugene promo with Paul Heyman, "Little Rhino" Really funny stuff. I'd expect Eugene to be destroyed by Rhino next week.

Abyss vs Booker T:
Good match, nice to see Abyss in ENW, good win over a veteran like Booker T.

Sabu vs Carlito:
A very good match here, really well written, good spots, and a great win for Sabu in the end.

Triple Threat Title Match:
MOTN, really good match, great finish as well. Great win for Eddie Guerrero to become new champion as well.

Overall good show, that was well written, nice way to have ENW return, lacked a couple more promo's but still very good.
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