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End of the Line

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I made this because tonight I was really bored and I got to thinking about a student at my school who ran into a subway last year to kill themselves so I wanted to make something that what it must have been like for that person to be waiting for the train and thinking about her life, etc.



If image doesnt load correctly
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Not bad, but I think you overdid the train.

PS: Welcome Back.
It looks good. But its kinda hard to tell what its about, if you didn't say.
Very nice. But like NDF said, it's hard to tell what it all represents unless you tell the person. You could put something in small text at the bottom somewhere that says "In memory of ________, who took his life ____ days/months/years ago"

Anyway, I like grungy aged-looking stuff like that. Probably some of your best work I've seen.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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