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Enchanted Woodlands

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*appears out of nowhere after a mega long hiatus*


Please click this link to view the artwork in large format.

Way too big to post as an image here (surprised? probably not.) so I'll just link you. Helpful rates are appreciated and repped if you care about such nonsense. :)
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Shiiiiiiiiiit, it's Kib posting a piece. What's that about?

Lol anyway, I like the piece. Has great feel to it, and it suits the topic on which you based it. Colors also flow very well. Lots to look at, but not crowded.

My only issue is that there's a slight lack of depth in my eyes. Maybe the middle design could be "layered" a little better if you know what I mean. Stacked. The text also doesn't rock my socks for some reason. Seems a little too smooth for the piece, and distracts me rather than draws me.

But epic stuff man, epic stuff. You know I enjoy seeing your pieces. Moar plz.

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I like this. I'm a fan of the texture and tone of it all. It's very relaxing. I don't have anything negative to say about it, really.

Good job.
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