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Uh, last year it was more than obvious Y2J was walking out champion so they could set-up Edge/Y2J for Wrestlemania. Their intention wasn't exactly hidden. Not to mention, Undertaker had to drop the title somehow to set up the feud with Shawn Michaels and everyone was expecting Shawn to screw him over.

And while the manner of Batista's victory was surprising, the outcome wasn't as much so. It was already clear well before the Elimination Chamber PPV that WWE was going for a Cena/Batista main event for Wrestlemania. You had Batista taunting Cena, then wishing him luck on the Raw before the PPV. Even Vince makes it clear he's a business man and he made a deal with Batista. Either Cena was walking out champion with the help of Batista (so Batista could challenge him for the title - which is a roundabout way of doing things so doesn't make sense), or Batista was going to screw him over for the championship somehow and walk out with it himself (which makes more sense).

I don't see how people would be kidding themselves. It doesn't take much deduction skills to predict WWE's booking.

The year before was when there were legitimate surprises (Cena being eliminated right after entering, Edge entering the second Elimination Chamber - although it became clear he was winning once Cena was eliminated).
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