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I'm sorry for the way this is written, I still can't get it to go the other way.

I'm bored, so I decided to make my own wrestling promotion. I might continue, I might not. Chances are I will update every few day.

Name: Extreme International Wrestling (EIW)

Shows:Tuesday Tantalizer, Friday Night Funhouse

PPV Night of Champions(May, biggest PPV), Meltdown(August), Snowed In(November), Valentines Clash(February)

Roster:(One Roster)
Main Eventers
Chris Jericho
Chris Benoit
the Rock
Eddie Guerrero
Kurt Angle
Brock Lesnar
Kevin Nash
Booker T.
Mid-Carders(*also in Cruiserweight Division, ^also in Hardcore Division)
Perry Saturn^
Jeff Hardy*
Matt Hardy
Steven Richards^
Hurricane Helms*
Jerry Lynn
Amazing Red*
Scott Steiner^
Lance Storm
Tag Teams:Dudleys
Kidman and Rey
Benjamin and Hass
Womens Divison:
Mike Tenay
Paul Heyman
Mick Foley

EIW World Title
EIW US Title
EIW Hardcore Title
EIW Cruiserweight Belt
EIW Women's Belt
EIW Tag Belt

1st Show: Tuesday Tantalizer

Pyro, video, .etc
MT: Welcome everyone to EIW's inaugural show!
Tz: Tonight the EIW US, Hardcore, Cruiserweight, Women's and Tag titles will be decided, as well as the the start of the World Title tournement, conlcuding in a 4-way dance Friday on Funhouse.
PH: Lets get right into our first match of the evening, a 3-way dance for the Cruiserweight Title.

Match 1: Rey vs. Amazing Red vs. Helms
Highspots: Helms in thrown to the outside and both Rey and Red plancha onto him. Rey pulls of a top-rope hurricanrana on Red. Hurricane hits the Vertebreaker on Red, but Rey breaks it up and hits the West-Coast pop un Helms for the win. Rey is the 1st EIW Cruiserweight champion. All 3 shake hands afterwards.

The Rock in shown arriving and looks at tonight's card.
Rock: "What the hell?! The Rock isn't in the World Title tournament! The Rock needs to have a conversation with Mick."
Rock asks a stagehand where Mick's office is and walks that way.


PH: Wow, why isn't Rock in the tournament.
Tz: Well I guess we'll find out soon enough.

Match 2: World Title Tournement, Jericho vs. Nash
Highspots: Jericho hits a springboard crossbody onto Nash 30 secs. into it for the win after Nash is distracted bt RVD.

PH: Why was Nash so distracted when RVD came out?
MT: Could there be some heat between these two?
Tz. That's the only solution I could see.

Rock is shown entering Mick's office.
Rock: Mick, why isn't the people's champ, the best wrestler in this company in the world title tournament?
Mick: Well you see Rock, I have something very special planned for you Friday, so I didn't think that you would want to be in a 4Way Dance for the title *pauses for crowd pop* and be part of my surprise.
Rock: What is so important that The Rock has to sit-out a world title shot?
Mick: You'll jsut have to see Friday.
Rock: You know what, fine, but Fridays rating are going to be in the crapper if the people don't see the Rock in a match!
Mick: I never said you wouldn't be in a match, now if you will excuse me, I have some GM duties to attend to.
Mick leaves the Rock in his office confused.


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MT: What could this surprise match for the Rock on Friday be about?
Tz: Beats me, but we had better get to the next match.

Match 3: Women's Title: Victoria vs. Lita
Highspots: Lita wins with a moonsault to become the 1st Women's Champion.

Mick in seen entering a Tommy Dreamer's locker room.
Mick: Hey Tommy.
TD: Hi Mick, what's up?
MF: I need to talk to you about the Hardcore Title. Now, the way I see it, you were are the most hardcore wrestler in EIW and I'm a little press for time on my show, so I've decided to declare you the 1st Hardcore Champion.
Steven Richards walks up.
SR: Oh that is such BS, I'm just as Hardcore as he is, why don't I get the title?!
MF: Well, it's my decision....
TD: No, Mick, he's right. I don't want the title this way anyways. Lets me and you, one on one for the title to declare the 1st champ.
MF: I'll be honest with you 2, I don't really have time on tonight's show for another match, but since you refuse the title, I beleive there is time for it on Friday
TD: Sounds good to me.
SR: Fine, Friday it is.

MT: Wow, a Hardcore title match on Funhouse!


Match 4: Tag Titles: Dudleys vs. APA
Highspots: Dudleys win with the 3D on Bradshaw.

Backstage, RVD is shown heading to the ring.


Match 5: World Title Tournament: RVD vs. Booker T.
Highspots: 2 minutes into in, Nash comes out to distract RVD, but fails. Booker T. is disqualified when Nash pushes RVD off the top rope. RVD advances. Booker T. and Nash get into a shoving match afterwards and Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring for his match against Chris Benoit.

Match 6: World Title Tournament: Angle vs. Benoit.
Highspots: 20 minute match, many suplexes. Benoit gets the win after he reverses the Angle slam into a roll-up.


Match 7: World Title Tournament: Eddie vs. Sting
Highspots: Eddie waits for Sting to come from the entryway, but Sting repels from the rafters and attacks Eddie from behind. Eddie wins with the Lasso from El Paso, but it DQed for not releasing the hold after the bell. Sting advances.


Main Event: US Title: Lynn vs. Cena
Highspots: Introductions in the ring to give it important feel. Back and forth, high-paced match-up. Lynn wins with the Cradle Piledriver at about 10 minutes. Lynn is the 1st US champion.

MT: Wow! What a show, join us Friday for the inugural Friday Night Funhouse!

Backstage Rock gets a call on his cellphone from somebody using a voice changer.
??: See you Friday, Rock.
Rock: Who is this?
Mystery person hangs up. Rock is left in horror as EIW goes off the air.

So what do you think, should I do another show?

Edit: I one roster.

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-Make your matches a lot longer
-Have your matches well developed
-Have your matches well written
-Make your storylines/angles well developed
-Have your promos well organized
-Have your promos well written
-Make your show well organized
-Add more promos.
-Add realism.
-Your show needs some fresh new Organistaion Skills (O.S) Use different fonts, set out the show in a more mature way, add style. These all gain you marks.
-There was no promos between matches,not even commentary.
-Make your show nice and clear.
-Your macthes didn`t flow with your whole show.

You need a lot of work on your show,A LOT!
Look at other shows,my advice to you: take some time to write a good show.

Grade: E

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- Write proper matches. Not just 1-3 liners.
- Work on promos.
- Add realism.
- Why did RVD distract Nash?

You need major work.

Grade: E

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There isn't really such a thing as realism in wrestling, except with people being able to do moves, unless you are a complete mark. This is to show off more storylines, not as much as matches. That's why I only show highspots. OK,

EIW Friday Night Funhouse
Pro, etc.
MT: Welcome everybody to Funhouse! I'm Mike Tenat alongside Tazz and Paul Heyman and boy folks do we have a card for you tonight!
Tz: That's right Mike, tonight we have a 4-way dance for the World Title with Sting, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho and Rob Van Dam!
PH: Also tonight we have Tommy Dreamer going one on one with Steven Richards for the Hardcore Title.
MT: Plus there is a rumor tonight that The Rock will have some sort of a match tonight, possibly involving a wrestler not currently on the EIW roster. Now, lets get into out 1st match of the night, Rey Mysterio defending his Cruiseweight Title against The Amazing Red.

Match 1: Cruiserweight Title: Rey vs. Red.
Highspots: Several highflying moves by both men, including a West-Coast Pop from the ring to the outside by Rey. Rey wins the match with a springboard headscissors, but Red had his foot on the ropes. Mick Foley comes out and restarts the match. Red eventually win with the Red Stars Press. Red is the new Cruiserweight Champion.

Tz: Wow! What a match.
MT: Great effort by both men, but tonight Red got the upper hand. Coming up next, it's Jerry Lynn defending his US Title against Christopher Nowinski.

Backstage Rock is shown entering the arena.


MT: Welcome back to Funhouse and get yourself ready for a US Title match.

Nowinski comes out.
CN: Attention, please pay attention when a Harvard graduate speaks, you just might learn something. Now, I have a shot at the US Title next, that is held by Jerry Lynn and I just want each and everyone of you to go call you bookies or whatever it is you invalids call it and tell them you want to bet on me tonight because everybody knows that brains always beat brawn. Therefor, since I am smarter that Mr. Lynn, being that I an a Harvard graduate, I will most certainly be victorious and...

Lynn's music hits.

CH: Wait a minute, this is who I have to beat? Screw that brains over brawn, I have more of both of them than you have. Now everybody watch as I show this guy how it's done, you just might learn something.

Match 2: US Title: Lynn vs. Nowinski
Highspots: Lynn just basically gives an asswhipping until the light go down. When the come back up, Nowinski is standing by the entryway with a chair and Lynn is laid out.

CH: Now is doesn't take a Harvard graduate to figure out what happened here, but let me explain. Mr. Lynn was walking in the dark and tripped over the chair I have right here in my hands. Now I tried to be a gentleman and pull it out of the way, but to know avail.

*crown chants Asshole*

CN: Fine, don't believe me, but if you do, you just might learn something.

MT: Oh what a load of crap that was!
PH: What, the man just tried to explain how he tried to help Jerry Lynn out, and was called an asshole for doing it. If you ask me, this crowd here is the real asshole!

Rock is show entering his locker room. He opens the door to find a Goldberg standee and a note.
TR: See you tonight. What the hell is this crap?!


Mick Foley come out.

MF: Now Rock, I told you I had a surprise for you tonight, and Rock, I would like you to come out here for a minute.

Rock comes out.

MF: Now Rock, I still remember when you hit me in the head with a chair with my hands tied behind my back, and ever since then, I have been looking for a good opurtinity to get back at you so tonight....
TR: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! What are you going to do, have Goldberg come out here and attack the Rock is that it?!
MF: Well, not exactly.
The Rock turn around and gets a spear from Rhyno!
MF: I changed my mind Rock, you're not going to be in a match, you're gonna get an asswhippig tonight! Mick handcuffs Rock's hand behind his back and hit him with a chair. After one hit, he stops.
MF: Now Rock,I could beat the holy hell out of you with this chair, but actually, I'm too nice of a guy for that! Mick leave Rock handcuffed in the ring.

TM: I don't really know what to make of this, do you either of you.
PH: It's faily simple acutally, Mick just got back at Rock.
Tz: Well all I know is that it looks like Rhyno is in EIW now!


Match 3: O'Haire vs. Cena
Highspots: Nice back and forth action. O'Haire hits the Cruel Intentions for the win.

TM: I still don't know what the deal is with Mick and The Rock, but coming up next is the Hardcore Title Match between Dreamer and Richards!


Match 4: Hardcore Title: Dreamer vs. Richards
Highspots: Lots of weapons in this one. Dreamer finall wins it with an elbow drop of the balchony.

PH: Wow what a match!
Tz: A Rocketbuster for sure.
MT: Coming Up, The 4 Way Dance for the Title!


Match 5: World Title: Y2J vs. RVD vs. Sting vs. Benoit
Highspots: RVD and Y2J square off and Sting and Benoit square off. RVD is the 1st one eliminated after 5 minutes. Nash comes out and attacks him afterwards and they brawl to the back. Next is Sting after 7 minutes. Jericho and Benoit have a great technical match for the next 15 minutes, with Jericho eventually winning with the Lionsault. Jericho is the 1st evet EIW World Champion!Jericho celebrates his victory.

MT: Wow! What a match!
Tz: Congratulations go out to Jericho, but I'm still wondering what the deal between RVD and Nash.
PH: I don't know either, but that was one of the best matches I have ever seen!
MT: Tune in Tuesday for more EIW!

Nash is show getting into a limo. RVD is laid out on a table.
KN: Maybe now you'll learn to mind your own damn business!

EIW goes off the air.

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Yeah...it wasn't very goood...even if it is meant to be for storylines...

- Why the hell has the Nash/RVD fued started?
- The promo was ok. Add more.
- Commentator comments were ok.
- You could write matches.

Grade: D
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