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Einstein's Insanity- Tag Team Divison

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Einstein's Insanity is the belief that one will fail at something, and must be insane to try the same thing over and over again to expect better results.

The WWE creative team has broken up a lot of young tag teams. London and Kenrick come to mind. They were a great team, but awful single wrestlers have the break up. I wasn't a fan of Cryme Tyme, they were fan favorites since their break up neither man has found any success. The New Hart Foundation was built and destroyed with in no time.

What's wrong with this picture? None of these men have reached stardom, and some got released. We also do not have any new generation tag team feuds. Remember when the last big feud was The Hardys, Team 3D, and Edge/Christian? These teams had plenty of classic matches for many years. Today's generation don't have any tag team generation feuds to remember.
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The Usos are the last real traditional tag team and they're treated like jobbers. It's a shame but Vince clearly doesn't care about the tag team division.
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