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This is my first BTB and I'm really excited...I've been studying other BTB threads...and I believe I'm ready to give this a try...so here it is...

EFW Show: Thursday Night Blood, Sweat, and Tears

January Judgement
February Fall-Out
March Madness
April Anarchy
May Malevolence
June Jacknife
July Jail-break
August Abuse
September Salvation
October Opportunity
November Neutralization
December Demise

Undertaker (American Badass)
Chris Benoit
Eddie Guerrero
Dean Malenko
Chavo Guerrero
Juventud Guerrera
Rey Mysterio
Paul London
Billy Kidman
Big Show
Kevin Nash
John Cena
Shane O'Mac
Jeff Hardy
Matt Hardy
Bubba Dudley (ECW Style)
D-Von Dudley (ECW Styel)
Taz (Both commentator and wrestler...when he is wrestling his partner will be commentating solo)
2 Cold Scorpio
AJ Styles
Christopher Daniels
Mick Foley (All four personalities...he'll change every time you see him)
Tommy Dreamer
Stevie Richards
Terry Funk
Dory Funk
Ric Flair
Sting (Late 80's early 90's version)

EFW GM: Paul Heyman

EFW Valets: Beulah Mguilicutty, Kimona, Michelle McCool, Stacy Keibler, Joy Giovanni, Theodore Long, Eric Bishcoff

EFW Announcer: Lillian Garcia

EFW Commentators: Taz and Joey Styles

EFW is basically like ECW...with a few differences...one is that EFW has these titles...

EFW Titles: World Heavyweight, Tag team, TV, US, Cruiserweight, and my own little invention, the Underdog Extreme Title, this last title has an interesting match...basically the Underdog Extreme Title is decided in a handicap match, a three on one match, if the three people win they have an elimination three way dance, either way you got a bunch of people who are totally wiped out from fighting :D ...so yeah...the first show'll be up next Thursday...and I hope you guys like.

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Nice roster, ill make sure to keep reading, whens the 1st show up.
Just one thing Pitbull 2 ( anthony durante) died, and i think the rules say your not allowed to use deceased wrestlers, just wondering if you knew. Any way good luck with the show.

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Oh ok...the first show might be up Thursday...but I might be going on a little vacation so it might not...it depends on if I go or not...I'll make sure to take the Pitbulls off of there since it wouldn't be the same without Pitbull II...

OK The Pitbulls are gone and have been replaced by Stevie Richards and Dory and Terry Funk.

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OK here's the first card...

Rey Mysterio vs. Psicosis vs. Juventud Guerrera

RVD vs. 2 Cold Scorpio

Undertaker vs. Sting

Stevie Richards & Raven vs. The Funks

Also happening...the Valets search for their first clients...the matches for June Jacknife begin to build up...and we begin to get info on how the titles for EFW are going to be decided...so be sure to tune in people :D
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