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I hope Edge is signed for a 3 year deal.
I hope that deal makes Brock's look like chicken feed.

If those 2 things are true, then Edge will be our new WWE Champion at Wrestlemania, and we have the potential for some great matches from there on.

RAW Championship feuds I'd be pencilling in for an Edge 3 year main event run:

Brock Lesnar* - Edge's return to the top, huge babyface moment closing WM36.
AJ Styles - For my money, 2 of the biggest names that WWE has now, and 2 of the best workers, with nicely contrasting styles.
Matt Hardy - I really want nothing more in WWE right now than Matt Hardy to have one more main event run, and one reign as WWE Champion. I know there are plenty of people that disagree, but he's the one superstar that I truly feel deserves this before moving on. Lots of good history there too - add that to an Edge/Woken Matt feud and it'd really cook.

And of course, once Edge's inevitable heel turn comes ... :)

Drew McIntyre - Hell yeah
Kevin Owens - Both great promos. This could be absolute gold.
Samoa Joe - Basically I just want to see Joe fight everybody.

*This is overlooking the Drew push right now. I don't know HOW that would factor in. Exciting times!
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