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· Lucy Snorebush
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I love Edge impersonating Ric Flair.

"Who in the hell do you think you are, cutting me off?! In my town! In my town!"

This is the Edge I miss, not his fault though, you can't really be Rated R if the product is PG.
Agreed here, I'm quite a big fan of Edge, but he's so much better as a heel.

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I loved this feud.

Their TLC match on RAW was excellent.

I think old-man Flair even got suplerplexed from atop a ladder and onto a table.

And then when Flair interrupted the Live Sex Show. They were playing this romantic music and all of a sudden you hear "WoooH." The camera went to Edge's face close-up, showing him looking mad.

It was funny as hell.

· Mamba Mentality
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I loved ever minute of this feud. They had really good matches and the promos were so entertaining. I also love the "Cutting Edge" show he had with Michael Hayes in late-December. That segment really built up Edge's upcoming first World Title win.
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