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Alright this section has seen its fare share of WWE and even alittle WCW so now marks the start of ECW, Extreme Championship Wrestling........................

Takes place in '98

Owner: Paul Heyman


Taz-ECW Heavyweight champion
Shane Douglas
Tommy Dreamer
Spike Dudley
Lance Storm
Rob Van Dam-TV Champion
Jerry Lynn
Mikey Whipwreck
Lance Storm
Bam Bam Bigelow
2 Cold Scorpio
Little Guido
The Blue Meanie
Stevie Richards
Justin Credible

Tag Teams

The Pit Bulls
Public Enemy-Tag Champions
The Dudleyz


Dawn Marie
Tammy Lynn Sytch
Missy Hyatt

PPV Schedule:

Anarchy Rules

Barely Legal

Guilty as Charged

Hardcore Heaven

Heat Wave

Living Dangerously

Massacre On 34th Street

November 2 Remember


First show should be up either tommorow night or Friday afternoon

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viewers be warned...............................

*This is Extreme* by Harry Slash and The Slashstones plays through the arena as ECW kicks off in its signature arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with Joey Styles at ringside.

Styles: Welcome to another Hardcore addition of ECW! Live from the ECW arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! Tonight we’ve got some action like no other as Sabu takes on Sandman in the main event what can only end up in Carnage as well as a TV title defense when RVD takes on Lance Storm, thats gonna be huge but first, words from Paul E Dangerously!

Paul E. Dangerously comes out as the crowd cheers, he gets in the ring with 911 and grabs a mic.

Paul E.: You people came here to see ECW!(crowd cheers) Well tonight Ecw takes a major u turn because we’re gonna stick it to everybody that ever doubted us! Which means when youve got people like Eric Bischoff going around because he has nothing better to do then trying to fuck us over!, Bischoff on behalf of ECW, you can kiss our ass you arrogant prick, people can say their hardcore but no one can tell you that their extreme, unless they are right here going through tables, being lit on fire and being ripped apart with barbed wire right here in the ECW Arena! (Crowd chants E C Dub, E C Dub!) Now if you want to take us on then go ahead and do it, by bringing your guys right here to Philly!(Crowd cheers) Because,(crowd quiets down) Because you know that is Ric Flair or Lex Luger or hell, even Sting comes here, they will get the ass kicking of their life! Hell, if the WWF wants to bring in their wrestlers, or by their standards; superstars, then let them do it! Have Stone Cold try to drink out The Sandman!(crowd cheers) Have Shawn Michaels try to tolerate more than Sabu! Hell have The Rock come in and go toe to toe with Taz! When either of those companies are man enough to walk that aisle then I will consider them lightly extreme, remember something, Vince we’ve invaded your Federation more than once, and you and WCW have yet to come here, so until either of those federations prove that theyve got the balls to challenge me, they can both go Fuck themselves! Now this(he looks around) This is hardcore Extreme!

(He drops the mic and gets out followed by 911 as the crowd chants E,C,Dub E,C,Dub over and over again numerous times)

Stytles: Whoa, strong words from Paul E. Right there! Man, the revolution has started! But up next things are hardcore as Spike Dudley issues a challenge to ECW heavyweight champion Tazz!


Styles: Nice words a few minutes ago from Paul E., Well up next things take another turn for the worst as Spike Dudley takes on world heavyweight champion Tazz, and I don’t know why Dudley even wanted this match?!

Tazz vs Spike Dudley-
Spike runs out to the ring as the crowd cheers him on, the familiar heart pump starts and the crowd goes insane! Tazz comes in the ring as Dudley locks his eyes on him. Tazz and Dudley lock up and Tazz throws Dudley into the turnbuckle. Tazz runs over and clotheslines Spike hard up against the turnbuckle. Spike falls and Taz starts to play around with him, Spike is on all fours and Tazz kicks him in the midsection and picks him up, delivering a samoan drop hard to the canvas, Spike is in pain and rolls around the ring, he gets in the corner as Tazz comes toward him, Tazz goes to grab him and hes met with a lowblow! Spike goes for a roll-up using the ropes for leverage, the referee counts 1.............................................2..................kickout!

Styles: Wow, that would have been an upset like no other!

Spike gets up and goes to the other side of the ring, he rips off the turnbuckle and waits for Tazz to get up, he runs at Spike and the little Dudley drop toe holds Tazz right into the exposed turnbuckle! Tazz falls back and Spike covers again 1.........................................2..............kickout! Spike cant believe it and gets out of the ring, he grabs a chair from underneath and gets back in, Tazz starts to get up and Dudley waits till hes on his knees and bashes him across the back of the skull! Tazz is down again Spike climbs to the top rope and delivers an elbow but Tazz moves! Spike is down as is Tazz, Tazz slowly starts to move now with blood drawing from the back of his head, Tazz gets up slowly as Spike does too, Spike goes for a clothesline but Tazz ducks and turns around quickly locking Spike in the Tazzmission! Tazz has Spike locked in and falls over still holding it, Spike fights for a little while but soon has no choice but to tap out!

Styles: Wow, Spike with a great try right there but in the end no one can beat Tazz after hes got you in the tazzmission!

Winner: Tazz

Tazz waits for Spike to get up, he does clenching his neck as Tazz raises his hand up in a show of respect! Spike gets out of the ring as the crowd cheers on Tazz, he raises his arms and turns around as a Shane Douglas gets in the ring and drills him with a chair across the head! “The Franchise” taunts the crowd and flips off a few fans.

Tommy Dreamer is backstage

Dreamer: Everyone knows that this show wouldnt be ECW without Tommy Dreamer(crowd cheers) so i am issuing an open challenge next week to anyone on the ECW roster, so be warned because the impact is coming..............


Styles: Welcome back, we’ve just found out that Raven has challenged Sabu to a japanese death match at Anarchy Rulez! Thats gonna be gruesome, but it wouldnt be ECW if it wasnt! Well now up next it’s those damn Dudley Boys vs Mikey Whipwreck and a partner of his choosing...........

The Dudley Boys get in the ring and Buh Buh grabs a mic as the crowd boos mercilessly.

Buh Buh: Hey shut your mouths, the Dudleyz are in the house! (Crowd boos) Hey fuck you! Any of you wanna get in the ring then do it(Buh Buh looks at a fan) and that even means you, you fat shit! We don’t care what you.............................(cut off by Mikey Whipwrecks music), come on Whipwreck, get in the ring you bitch! (Mikey stands on the outside as...........Rhyno comes out!)

The Dudleys vs Rhyno and Mikey Whipwreck

They all brawl in the middle of the ring, Rhyno knocks out Buh Buh as Dvon slugs it out with Mikey. Rhyno gets on the apron and Dvon throws Mikey into his corner, Dvon nails a splash and Mikey fall over, Dvon holds the ropes as he chokes Mikey with his knee, when he finally lets go Mikey gets out of the ring gasping for air but Dvon follows him to the outside, he picks him up and drops him hard on the guard rail! Mikey clenches his ribs in pain as Dvon delivers a swinging neck breaker on the hard floor! Buh Buh comes over for the double team but as he turns the corner hes surprised by a Rhyno gore! Buh Buh is down as Rhyno grabs a table from under the ring and sets it up against the post Dvon still beats on Mikey but stops to fight Rhyno he walks over to him and they slug it out, Rhyno nails a hard knee to the stomach and puts Dvon against the table, he backs up and goes for a gore but Dvon moves and Rhyno puts himself right through the table! Mikey comes over with a steel chair and whacks Dvon in the back of the head with it! Dvon falls over as Buh Buh throws him in the ring from behind, Buh Buh gets in but gets dropkicked by Whipwreck! The crowd cheers him on as he goes to the top rope, Buh Buh runs at him and he nails a crossbody! The ref counts as he has Buh Buh Ray in the cover, 1.....................................2.............................kickout! Mikey gets up and goes to the other side of the ring but Dvon now gets up as does Rhyno, Rhyno comes in and gores Buh Buh and Dvon nails Mikey in the back with a chair from behind! Buh Buh and Mikey are down and Dvon doesnt notice Rhyno as he gets in the ring and walks right into another gore!

Styles: The Man Beast taking out the Dudleys!

Rhyno stands tall in the middle of the ring and the crowd cheers him on as he helps up Mikey but the BWO( Blue Meanie, Steven Richards and Nova) come in and take them both out from behind! Nova gets out of the ring and grabs another table from under the ring as the crowd boos, he slides it in the ring and Meanie sets it up, they put Rhyno on it and Stevie Richards splashes off the top rope putting him through it as Nova comes in with a chair and ddts Mikey onto it! They leave as the dudley boyz come in and cover both of them! The referee counts 1.......................................2................................3!

Winners- The Dudley Boys

Styles: What were the BWO doing out here!? Man this will not sit well with the manbeast and Mikey Whipwreck when they come too.

Dudleys taunt the crowd some more as we go to a commercial


Backstage RVD is standing by.......................

RVD: So what? I got to defend my title against Lance Storm tonight? Big deal, we all know that RVD can beat him even if he does have that bitch Dawn Marie in his corner, the results are always the same and that is that the winner will be R....................V...................D.

Cameras cut to Lance Storm with Dawn Marie

Storm: RVD, id watch what you say because tonight im taking you down and bringing the TV title to my waist, this is my night and your not gonna screw it up for me!

Dawn: Rob, Lance is more championship material than youll ever be! With me in his corner, theres no stopping us! So keep that belt close for the next few minutes because its leaving you very soon.....................

Cameras cut back to ringside

Lance and Dawn Marie come out and get in the ring first, they taunt the crowd alittle bit until RVD rus out and tackles Lance to start the match.

RVD vs Lance Storm w/ Dawn Marie-
Lance rolls out of the ring before RVD can do any more damage, Lance catches his breath as RVD does a dive over the top rope onto him! Both men are down as Dawn Marie yells at RVD supporting Lance. RVD slowly gets up and picks Lance up with him, he jumps up on the apron and off again delivering a high kik to the chest of Storm sending him over the guardrail. RVD jumps over as Lance slowly tries to crawl away from him as fans block his way! RVD grabs his foot and pulls him back but Dawn Marie jumps the guard rail with a chair and runs over to them, nailing RVD in the back with it, Lance capitalizes at this moment and nails a drop toe hold bringing RVD face first into the concrete and slowly pulling himself up to one leg. RVD rolls around clenching his head and Lance drops a knee on it hard! He smacks RVD as a the crowd yells at him, Lance picks RVD up and slowly walks him over and throws him over the guardrail as Dawn follows them. Lance slowly climbs back over the guardrail and picks RVD up he tries to send him into the steel post but RVD reverses and sends Lance into it head first! Lances head clings off post and he falls on his back getting busted open in the process, he lifts his head up as blood is in his eyes and Dawn Marie grabs RVD to distract him, RVD throws her in the ring and picks up Lance putting him in the ring too. He follows them in as Dawn slaps him, he looks at her for a minute and nails her with an enzuguri with the crowds approval! Dawn is down as RVD turns around and Storm gives him a superkick! Storm gets out of the ring and barbedwire! He gets back in and puts it down in the center of the ring. He picks RVD up and puts him in position for a piledriver! RVD backdrops him before he can do it though, Lance gets up quickly and gets backdropped onto the barbed wire! He gets up in pain with the barbed wire sticking to the back of his pants and his back sliced up and bloody, RVD kicks the barbed wire out of the ring and turns around only to get a dangerous ddt from Storm! Rob flips onto his back and Storm walks over and hooks him in the sharpshooter, RVD fights and fights as he finally musters the strength to throw Lance off! Lance lands on all forus but quickly getup and puts RVD into a rollup position! The referee counts 1...............................................2........................kickout! RVD saves his title for alittle longer as he kicks out of the rollup! Lance picks up RVD but RVD puts him in a pinning position! The referee counts 1.........................................2.................................3!

Winner and still TV Champion: RVD, Rob Van Dam

Styles: Wow, what a match! RVD held onto his title but my hats off to Lance Storm, he did a great job tonight and he deserves another title shot in the future!

Sandman comes out with his singapore cain as the crowd cheers him on, he chugs a beer down as Sabu follows, while Sabu does his entrance, Sandman smokes a cigarette. Sabu gets in the ring and takes Sandman down at the knee, Snd falls and Sabu quickly gets up, he goes up on the middle rope and goes for a moonsault onto Sandman but he gets his knees up, Sabu rolls around clenching his ribs, Sandman gets up and picks up his cigarette and beer can, Sabu starts to get and Sandman burns the cigarette on his back! Sabu turns toward the sandman in agony and Sandman crushes the beer can on Sabus head, Sabu is still standing and Sandman gets out of the ring, someone in the crowd hands him a steelpipe and he raises it in the air for everyone to see, Sabu comes flying over the top rope and takes out Sandman before he can use it though! Both men are down as Sabu gets up first, and grabs and a fan hands him a chair, he waits till Sandman is on his knees and smashes him across the skull. Sandman goes back down, Sabu gets in the ring and raises his hand, Next, with the chair still in hand he runs up the top rope and puts the chair under his elbow falling with it giving Sandman a flying elbow using the chairs and sacrificing himself as the crowd chants Holy Shit, Holy Shit!

Styles: Oh my God! Im totally agreeing with the ECW fans on this one!

Sabu clenches his elbow in pain as The Sandman just lays there, both men are down as Sabu starts to get up, picking Sandman up with him, he slowly gets to his feet as does Sandman. Sabu gives Sandman a chop as Sandman leans over. Sabu jumps on the apron and goes for another moonsault but Sandman moves again and Sabu hits the guard rail hard! Sabu is positioned so that his legs are in the fan area and his head is by Sandman who gives him ddt onto the floor! Sandman picks up Sabu and throws him in the ring, he crawls in and covers him as the referee counts 1.......................................2.......Sabu kickouts!

Styles: Oh man! How much can these guys take! Theyve got careers to think about!

Sandman gets out of the ring and grabs the steel pipe from earlier, he gets back in and starts whacking Sabu across the back with it! Sabus back is cut open wide as he rolls around in pain. Sandman goes back out and grabs his singapore cain from outside, he gets back in the ring and Sabu is using the ropes to help himself up, Sandman runs up fast and nails him in the back of the head with the Singapore Cain! Sabu is down again as the Sandman holds up the cain and lets out a huge yell to the crowd! The crowd chants hes hardcore, hes hardcore as Sandman starts to beat Sabu senseless with the cain! Sandman covers him as the referee counts 1.........................................2..........................kickout by Sabu! The kickoput alone earns a holy shit chant throughout the arena as Sabu’s back is shredded and bloody and he still manages to kickout, Sandman picks up Sabu but Sabu nails a drop toe hold taking Sandman down. Sabu, bloody and all grabs the pipe as Sandman gets up, he takes a baseball swing with it blasting Sandman in the head! Sabu grabs a chair from the outside and puts it in the ring, he puts it on Sandmans head and goes to the top rope he looks around at the crowd as they cheer him on and he nails a spinning leg drop off the top rope onto the chair and Sandmas head!

Styles: Sabu has................... Sabu has................ Oh my god is all I can say!

Sabu slowly crawls toward The Sandman and covers him 1...........................................2....................................3!

Styles: Sabu wins it, oh man what a match, both of these guys have got to be in pain! Lets take a look back at what just went down!

Clips of the match are shown, Sabus spinning legdrop onto Sandman with the chair over his head as well as Sabus beating with the lead pipe and Singapore Cane.

Styles: How are these guys moving, all I can say is there are concussions to go around Man what a match........

Backstage Raven is in a dark room

Raven: Sabu, you think that your hardcore, you think that your extreme, you think that your homicidal. You went out and you beat the sandman, but I have a question for you? Do you think that you can beat me? Do you think you can go to hell and back just to score that victory because I don’t think so, I think your nothing, you will die out just like all before you that thught that they were the most extreme, well now im challenging you Sabu, im challenging you to the most brutal match ever created, a japanese death match, now thats extreme, you, me,November to Remember....................quothe the Raven, nevermore........nevermore.......................nevermore.................................................

Styles: Oh my god a japanese death match!? Thats never been done in the states before, it’s the one match that some claim is to extreme even for Extreme Championship Wrestling!, wow is all I can say if this goes down, oh man!...........................

End of Show

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ECW Preview- Yoshiro Tajiri debuts next week!

This week on another hardcore addition of ECW, japanese extreme martial artist Yoshiro Tajiri debuts, what will the japanese buzzsaw do in his first night in the company? Find out Wedsday, also Sabu answers Ravens hardcore challenge of the century, will he take on Raven in the career ending, most hardcore match of all time, a Japanese death match?! Find out this week on Extreme Championship Wrestling.......................

Confirmed matches:

Public Enemy and Rhyno vs The BWO(Blue Meanie, Stevie Richards and Nova)

Tommy Dreamers open challenge............................

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ECW Preview- Yoshiro Tajiri debuts next week!

This week on another hardcore addition of ECW, japanese extreme martial artist Yoshiro Tajiri debuts, what will the japanese buzzsaw do in his first night in the company? Find out Wedsday, also Sabu answers Ravens hardcore challenge of the century, will he take on Raven in the career ending, most hardcore match of all time, a Japanese death match?! Find out this week on Extreme Championship Wrestling.......................

Confirmed matches:

Public Enemy and Rhyno vs The BWO(Blue Meanie, Stevie Richards and Nova)

Tommy Dreamers open challenge............................

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For those of you that dont know what a jappanese death match is, its a match where the ropes are replaced with barbed wire and explosivez are put on the turnbuckles, everything is legal and its considered the most brutal match of all time
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