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Over a decade has passed since ECW operated independantly. After a grueling two year battle with WWE to buy the Extreme Chamoionship Wrestling name there was no end in sight so ECW gave up. However, remembering their roots, the new owner who spent years trying to plan a revival of the company that put him on the map, reopened Eastern Championship Wrestling. That man was Shane Douglas. After regaining the ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Douglas was ready to fill it with the chants of "ECW" once more from the fans. He made phone calls and began refilling the roster. The night finally came that ECW would go live on television. Tuesday, October 8th ECW returned to television on TRUtv with a jam packed house.

Oct. 8th, 2013

The show opens with a sell out crowd chanting ECW inside the famed arena in Philadelphia, PA. Inside the ring stands a man familiar to every ECW fan, Joey Styles.
"Oh my God!" Styles says as the crows becomes even louder than before.

"Welcome to ECW TV!" Styles says as the ECW chants continue.

"It has been a long time but we are home." The crowd continues to cheer.

"Now I would like to take the opportunity to introduce to you the man who made all of this possible, The Franchise Shane Douglas!"

Perfect Strangers hits the PA and the attention of the crowd turns towards the entrance way. Shane Douglas appears out onto the aisle and everyone in the building are on their feet. Douglas is all smiles as he makes his way down to the ring and enters. He and Joey Styles shake hands and he takes the mic.

"Well guys welcome back!" Everyone begins chanting ECW again.

"Just when you thought real wrestling was over here we go again!" The crowd continues to go nuts.

"Now.. first things first. Throughout the month leading up to November to Remember on November 17th I will be setting up a tournament that will take place for the brand new Eastern Championship Wrestling Championship Title!" The crowd continues their cheers.

"The tournament will involve 8 men of my choosing. Later tonight I will announce the first two entries. Until then I..."

The Franchise is cut off by Enter Sandman hitting the PA. As if the crows couldn't get any louder, it just doubled iin volume. A annoyed Shane Douglas and Joey Styles look on towards the entrance way but they see nothing. Suddenly Styles directs Douglas's attentio into the crowd where Sandman is seen pouring a beer into a fan's mouth.. All the fans surrounding Sandman are patting at his shoulders and he has a very happy look on his face. He makes his way down to the ring and enters. The music fades and all that is heard are the fans in attendance. Sandman approaches Douglas who is staring Sandman down.

"Well look what the cat drug in." says Douglas. Sandman snatches the mic from his hand.
"Funny SHane, I could have said the same thing about you." said Sandman
"What do you want?" Asked Douglas

"I thought I heard you say something about a tournament." Sandman replied

"I did, what of it?" Said Douglas.

"I want to put my name in the hat for it." said Sandman

"No..." replies Douglas to loud boos from the crowd.

"Why the hell not?"

"Because I am trying to turn this into a reputable company again and I can't have a drunken lunatic as the ECW Champion." Douglas replies, still recieving boos from the crowd.

"Are you kidding me Shane? Are you being serious right now?"

"I tell you what Sandman, I will put you in a no DQ match later with a mystery opponent and if you win you are in, but if he wins then he is in, sound good?"

"Sounds great, boss." says Sandman as he steps away from Douglas and retreats from the ring. The crowd once again starts chanting ECW. The camera then cuts to the backstage area where Lance Storm is seen walking by wearing street clothes and carrying a gym bag. Justin Credible walks into view as Storm stops and the two huge one another.

"It's great to see you Lance." said Credible.

"You too Justin. So we have a match tonight?"

"Yeah, the Impact Players rise again."

"Against who?" asked Storm.

"I don't know yet, no one told me." said Credible.

"Well whoever they are they are in for a beating."
Justin and Lance high five one another and the camera cuts back to ringside where Super Crazy stands in the ring awaiting his opponent.

"If you are just joining us welcome to the first edition od ECW TV. I am Joey Styles and we are about to get our first match on it's way."

Suddenly the Wolfppac theme fills the arena and a confused audience turns their attention to the entance way where their curiousity is answered and the crowd erupts.

"Ladies and gentlemen this match is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring, The Lightening Kid!" said the ring announcer.

"The Lightening Kid of course The 123 Kid, Syxx Pac and of course X-Pac. Sean Waltman looking on top of his game here tonight in the ECW Arena." said Styles.
The Lightening Kid makes his way to the ring and the music stops and the bell rings. The two men waste no time locking up and SC gets the upper hand first by delivering an armdrag takedown. SC capitalizes by following up with a wristlock. TLK quickly breaks free and leaps to his feet and connects a spinning heal kick to SC that meets its mark. SC is dazed and TLK executes a hurricanrana. When SC lands on the mat TLK begins delivering fists to the face. The crowd begins chanting 1-2-3 1-2-3. TLK gets back to his feet and so does SC who is whipped to the ropes. TLK lowers his head and SC flips over him and immedietly delivers a rolling German suplex. SC goes for the pin, 1... 2... TLK kicks out.

"These two men are really determined here tonight!" said Styles.
SC grabs TLK's head to pull him to his feet but TLK begins delivering fists to SC's mid section. SC quickly cuts him off and begins delivering fists of his own. He whips TLK to the corner. SC charges TLK moves out of the way and SC rams his shoulder into the ring post. SC bounces back with wobbly feet. TLK delivers a drop kick that knocks SC back into thecorner and causing him to fall to the ground. TLK backs up and the crowd goes nuts knowing what is coming next. He charges at SC and delivers the Bronco Buster. He drags SC to the middle of the ring and ascends to the top rope.

"WHat the hell is he doing here?" says Joey
Within an instance TLK launches and delivers a moonasault like he did when he was The 123 Kid. He goes for the cover, 1... 2... 3.!!! The crowd goes crazy as TLK rises to his feet in victory.

"Here is your winner... The Lightening Kid!!!" said the ring announcer.
Suddenly Shane Douglas is seen standing in the entrance way with mic in hand.

"Great job Sean! I knew there was a reason to hire you." said Douglas as the crowd continues to cheer.

"I came out here Sean to tell you that at November To Remember I am holding a special 1 on 1 ladder match for the new ECW Television Championship and I want you to be in it." said Douglas as the crowd erupts more. TLK looks very pleased.

"Your opponent will be none other than Jerry Lynn!" The crowd volume mmajorly increases.

"Jerry Lynn is coming back to ECW!" said Styles. TLK still looks satisfied with the news.

The camera cuts backstage again. A man can be seen sitting in a chair with his back to the camera. Around the corner comes Shane Douglas who stops in his tracks when he sees the man. The man sees him and stands up. It is Tommy Dreamer.

"Great to see you again Tommy." said Douglas as the men shake hands.

"You too Shane. It feels good to be back." Dreamer replied.

"I am glad I ran into you because I wanted to offer you a spot in the tournament for the ECW championship at November To Remember. You want in?"

"Are you kidding me Franchise? Of course I want in!" said Dreamer.

"Great, I will add your name to the list then." said Douglas. He turns and walks away as Dreamer looks on.

"Tommy Dreamer, The Innovator of Violence himself is the first participant in the tournament for the championship at November To Remember. What else is going to happen tonight? We will be right back!" said Styles as the show goes to commercial. When it returns Lance Storm and Justin Credible are in the ring waiting for their opponents. Total Elmination hits the PA and in disbeleif everyone looks to the entrance way.

"Can it be?..." says Styles

Out from behind the curtain appears Perry Saturn and John Kronus.

"It's The Eliminators!" said Styles.

The crowd is going crazy as The Eliminators make their way to the ring. Inside the ring Storm and Credible are beside themselves.

"Making their way to the ring the team of John Kronus and Perry Saturn, The Eliminatora!" said the ring announcer.

"Saturn and Kronus together again. This is what the ECW universe has been waiting for." said Styles.

Saturn and Kronus enter the ring and go to seperate corners to raise their arms to the crowd. The music stops and the bell rings. Kronus and Storm both exit to the outside and the match gets underway. Saturn and Credible waste no time locking up. With no effort Saturn delivers a strong suplex and immedietly goes for a headlock.

"He's still got it!" said Joey Styles.
Storm rushes into the ring to break up the hold. The ref gets in his face and tells him to get out of the ring. Saturn goes to pick up Credible but whole the ref's back is still turned, Credible delivers a low blow. Credible jumps to his feet and does a ddt. He goes for the cover, 1... 2.. Saturn kicks out. Credible tags in Storm who immedietly begins stomping Saturn. Kronus is on the outside getting the crowd worked up by clapping. The crowd begin to chant "Let's go Saturn". Storm bounces off the ropes and drops an elbow. He goes for a cover, 1.. 2.. kickout! Storm gets to his feet and picks up Saturn and whips him to the ropes. On return Storms goes for a clothesline but Saturn ducks. He goes off the ropes again and this times hit Storm with a flying clothesline. Saturn then tags in Kronus who charges at a now standing Lance Storm. Kronus goes for a clothesline but Storm ducks and when Kronus turns around Storm delivers a superkick knocking Kronus through the ropes and to the outside. Credible is quick to attack as Kronus tries to get to his feet but Storm quickly shows up and helps Credible deliver a double suplex. Saturn then appears and Storm rushes back into the ring as he and Credible trade blows. Kronus rolls back in the ring and Storm begins stomping him. The ref is yelling out of the ring for Saturn and Credible to go bac to their corners.

"Its a madhouse at ringside!" said Styles
Suddenly some of the audience starts looking towards the entrance way which attracts the attention of the camera. It is Dawn Marie and she is carrying a Singapore cane.

"What the hell is Dawn Marie doing here?" said Styles

She continues to the ring as Storm applies the Boston Crab to Kronus. By now Justin Credible sees Dawn Marie and steps down from the ring asking her what she is doing. In a split second Dawn Marie cracks the cane over his head. Everyone goes nuts and starts chanting ECW. Credible is down and Dawn Marie hits him again. She then steps up on the apron and attracts the attention of Lance Storm who breaks the hold and approaches her. She raises the cane and breaks it over his head. Storm hits the mat and is busted open. The ref calls for the bell.

"Dawn Marie just layed out Lance Storm. What is the meaning of this?" said Styles.
Storm looks up at Dawn Marie who kisses her hand and smacks her bottom at him. She then walks away leaiing all four men in the ring wondering what happened.

"The winners by disqualification Lance Storm and Justin Credible, The Impact Players!" said the ring announcer.

The crowd boos as the camera cuts backstage once again where Shane Douglas is talking on a cellphone.

"Yeah I promise I will have a spot for you in the tournament. Why wouldn't I? I wouldn't be surprised if you won it. Okay I will talk to you soon."

"I wonder who he was talking to." Said Styles. The show cuts to another commercial.
When the show returns the ring announcer is standing in the ring. with a mic.

"Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is set for one fall. Introducing first..."
Enter Sandman hits the PA and the crowd goes wild. Sandman is seen in the crowd with beer in hand as he makes his way to the ring.

"The Sandman!" said the ring announcer as Sandman climbs the rails and enters the ring. The music stops as Sandman paces around the ring.

"And his opponent..."

Come Out and Play hits the PA and once again the crowd erupts.

"Its Raven!!!" said Styles

"From the Bowery, Raven!!!"
Raven makes hos way down the aisle and as he enters the ring Sandman is all over him before his music even stops. The bell rings as the men trade blows back and forth. Sandman goes for a headlock but Raven pushes him to the ropes. Sandman bounces back and slides between Raven's legs and punches him in the gut. He rises to his feet and delivers a Russian leg sweep. He picks Raven up and gives him a body slam. He bounces off the ropes and and delivers a leg drop. He picks up Raven again and whips him to the corner but Raven reverses it and whips Sandman to the corner. Raven climbs to the middle turnbuckle and gives Sandman 10 blows to the head. Sandman falls to the mat. Raven exits the ring and grabs a chair. He goes back into the ring as Sandman is getting up. Raven drops the chair on the ground and puts Sandman in the ddt position and drops him onto the chair. He goes for the pin. 1... 2... Sandman kicks out. Raven stands and picks up Sandman. He delivers a suplex and picks the chair up. He places the chair between the middle and top turnbuckle in the corner. He picks up Sandman and whips him into the corner. Raven charges Sandma but Sandman moves and Raven runs into the chair. He bounces back and Sandman grabs him from behind and goes for the pin. 1... 2.. kickout. Sandman picks up Raven and drags him over to the ropes and drapes him over the top rope. He takes the chair and smacks it across Raven's back. Raven falls over the ropes and down to the floor. Sandman exits the ring with the chair and hits Raven with the chair again. He drops the chair and and picks up Raven who suddenly throws a handful of powder in Sandman's face. Sandman puts his hands over his eyes and starts screaming. Raven drags Sandman to the corner and delivers another ddt this time onto the steel steps. Sandman appears to be out cold. Raven picks up Sandman and rolls him back into the ring and slides in. He goes for the pin, 1... 2... 3.. he bell rings and the crowd begins to boo. Raven rises to his feet and the ref raises his hand in victory.

"Here is your winner, Raven!!!" said the ring announcer.

"Well there you have it folks, the second man has been named to be in the tournament at November to remember, Raven. Join us next week as we will have more memorable returns as well as a 6 man tag match. I am Joey Styles for ECW TV. Good night folks and than you for joining us!"

The show fades out and goes off the air.

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I understand you're new so please don't take this as discouragement:

1. I guess the first major issue is that the name you're using is owned by WWE. Since the early 2000's any type of name related to ECW including Eastern, Extreme etc is trademarked by WWE. If this were reality WWE would of sued you but moving on.

2. There is very little back story. An explanation as to how ECW got on TV, Why Shane Douglas returned to an ECW reunion after the failure of Extreme Rising. A struggle to get on TV would be nice and an explanation of how the roster came about also.

3. The match writing is okay but the promos are not written very well. I have this same issue writing promos for guys so I use a recap format. Maybe that'd be better suited for you?

4. No seperation makes it tough to read. What I mean by seperation is you can't see when a match starts or a match ends. Most people use colours for this although I personally bold the match and the match result which is basic but works well

5. Another major issue is the roster for example:

Joey Styles: Joey Styles is signed to a WWE deal, how is he out of that deal and working for Shane Douglas?

Kronus: Kronus has been dead for 6 years.

Lance Storm: Almost completely retired. Has wrestled like 10 times since his WWE deal in 2004

Sandman: Completely retired.

My idea isn't to discourage you but to help you. I saw you asking for advice in the general section and I'm sure you could make this great if you take the advice from myself (And hopefully others)

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TLK = The Lightening Kid aka X-Pac

Besides the Kronus mes up this is FICTION. Do I really need to go into detailed backstories for everyone on how they got out of their contracts? Again this is fictional so I don't see why I would have to.

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TLK = The Lightening Kid aka X-Pac

Besides the Kronus mes up this is FICTION. Do I really need to go into detailed backstories for everyone on how they got out of their contracts? Again this is fictional so I don't see why I would have to.
It's just to add realism and ultimately make it better for people to read. It is a work of fiction but you should be trying to write it to draw a reader in and hopefully have them think "Wow, How awesome would it be if this happened?"

It'd kinda be like someone doing a TNA diary and bringing in John Cena, Undertaker and CM Punk. Definitely don't stop writing though. Write for YOU not your audience.

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Joey Styles: Joey Styles is signed to a WWE deal, how is he out of that deal and working for Shane Douglas?

Kronus: Kronus has been dead for 6 years.
Kronus is dead?
Guys, can't tell you how hard I laughed when I first saw this. WHAT A HORRIBLE WAY TO FIND OUT SOMEONE DIED.

The earnestness in Darren's reply is simultaneously heartbreaking and hilarious.

I like this thread so far. i can't really get into a lot of be the bookers because I'm not interested in all the details about the match and the writing out of all the commentary.

But if you are going to keep this up, I recommend Stephan King's book "On Writing." He gives you a "Toolbox" which gives you all the tools you need to put the reader into the scene you're creating.

Very good book, and writing's a fun hobby.

Liked the first show mostly because I'm an ECW guy. I miss it. All the posts here give you some good advice in my opinon about how to improve it.

The biggest thing that bothered me is that there's a TV title being introduced already? And Jerry Lynn is gonna be okay going for that instead of the World title?

I also hate tournaments with a passion, if you're going to do them, I'd do them quick, one night only. Because most of the time, even if you don't know who's gonna win, you already know who isn't. Makes for a handful of worthless matches.

But like I said, I'm into it. Keep it coming.
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