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Extremely Crappy Wrestling is here!!! it is a league where i write and make up all the storlines and matches. i keep some wrestlers from wwe and i sign a bunch of jobbers for crappy but funny story lines.... but some matches will be good and wait because the storyline will end up getting really good.. ill post these soon hope u enjoy....

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Ok here it is the first episode

Vince: ok i called this meeting because i have a genius idea well when have i not have a genius idea
Paul heyman:when u hired me
Shane: when u got married
Steph: when u didnt buy wcw right away and shane bought it and it basically blew up in your face
Vince: ok i get the point so ive made a few mistakes doesnt matter im rich anyways i say we change our name to ECW
Paul: yay vince i knew u would see things my way eventually.. does this mean that i get to run the show
Vince: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (rolling in laughter and you can actually see some tears) oh you were serious paul.. hell no y do you think u dont have a company anymore u suck.. it will be called Extremely Crappy Wrestling because our story lines suck anyways so we might as well just let people know we suck
Shane: does this mean that i get to come back as an authority figure
Vince: no i was thinking that maybe we have u get ur ass kicked by kane a few more times you happy with that
Shane: no,, no im not (shane leaves the room crying and running like a little girl)
Steph: wat about me can i come back and be the general manager again
Vince: no because people like you.. i was thinking about having the janitor be the g.m. and you be the janitor
(janitor Eduardo looks in the door, smiles with 3 teeth showing and leaves)
Vince: why am i married with the children.. hey that was a good show maybe ill have al bundy on my show hes great.. he could be the other g.m. ........ alright so is the undertaker really coming back i mean i read these rumors about my show and i start to wonder if they are true.
Paul: you know vince i heard those same rumors i mean if they are true we could make a storyline
Vince: well ill have to keep going online to get my storylines straight but if he does comeback maybe he could win the royal rumble... anyways thats the end of this meeting the first show will be the next episode..

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lol, that was good dude, bought a smile to my face, needs a bit of punctuation and maybe space it out just a bit more, got lost couple of times. Good job, should be a funny show.


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sorry about the spacing and the grammar i'll make sure i fix that lol.. but thanks for the compliments and i will keep somemore coming.. sorry to tell you guys though that i go back and forth from my moms house and my dads house and the pc at my dads isnt all that great so it might be a while for my next post

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dadddddddddy i always get what i want lol that was great

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ok im glad you guys liked week 1 now im gonna do RAW right after Armageddon. as you can see this is mostly going to be a build up to the Royal Rumble..

Week 2
"Build up to Royal Rumble"

(pyro is going off and everyone can tell that the pyro is just a bunch of sparklers.. hey well what did you expect)

J.R. : hello everyone and welcome to Raw!! this is Jim Ross along with my colliege Jerry "the King" Lawler

King: well last night was great at Armageddon we saw Gillberg that's right Gillberg walk out of the pay-per-view with the world title!! what could happen next

(evolution's music hits)

J.R. : well hear is the former world champ lets see what he has to say

Triple H: last night Gillberg beat me in this ring 1..2..3!! how the hell did that happen. i will tell you how he cheated. roll the clip.

(clip show triple bringing in a sledgehammer ,swinging, missing, and hitting himself in the back of the head)

Triple H: see what i mean he wasnt supposed to duck this isnt fair (he starts to cry and throw a ric flair temper tantrum)

(the married with children theme song hits and out walks the g.m. of Raw Al Bundy)

Al: you know Triple H i understand your problem.. i mean i think i will give you a rematch.

Triple H: (wiping tears from his face) you will

Al: ya sure but you gotta win the royal Rumble

Triple H: NOOO!!!! i want my damn match tonight

Al: i already booked you in a match it will be Triple H v.s. Spanky the winner will go onto to a match next week to fight for the #30 entry in the Roayl Rumble..

(cuts to backstage)

J.R. : gillberg has arrived our champion is here

(cuts to commercial)

King: up next will be a qualifying match for the #30 entry match next week.. It will be Goldberg v.s. Ultimate Warrior (oh yeah i brought him back)

Match Goldberg v.s. Ultimate Warrior

the bell sounds and it starts off with a few tie ups with the ultimate warrior shoving goldberg down and doing his gorrila press taunt.. Goldberg then hits a spear out of nowhere goes for the pin but only gets a 2 count. Warrior starts doing that thing where he gets punched but just keeps dancing and hitting the guy. he hits the standing splash pin 1..2.. thh no goldberg kicked out. warrior lifts him up goes for the gorilla press but goldberg slides down warrior's back, pushes him in the ropes and hits a spear. goldberg lifts him up here it comes jackhammer 1..2..3 ding
Winner: goldberg

(suddenly the lights go out)

J.R. : what the hell.. hey look its lex luger

(Luger puts the torture rack on goldberg and leaves him flat in the ring as he leaves with warrior)

(backstage RVD enters Al Bundy's office)

RVD: i want a match against randy orton for the title

Al: ya well i want a hot wife and a lot of money you don't see me complaining hell i made a show about it.. so i'll tell you what if you beat a mystery opponent tonight

RVD: ok

Match RVD v.s. ????

Rvd is in the ring waiting for his opponent and all of a sudden the circus music plays, and out comes doink the clown. RVD starts the match off with his fast paced kicks and doink is down and just about out.. RVD goes up for the 5-star but is kinda slow getting to the top rope and all the time he wasted doink got up had a beer and put a dummy-doink in the ring.. Rvd jumped did the 5-star on the dummy and doink came in hit him with a bulldog, and pinned him. 1..2..3
Winner: Doink

J.R.: rvd can't believe it he was tricked by a clown and doink beat him does this mean that doink gets the intercontinental title match??


Al: tonight you will see a world title match it will be Gillberg v.s. Billy Gunn

(commercial for cialis you know the pill that gives you a four hour erection... thats crazy how do people think of these things)

Match Batista & Kane v.s. Road Dogg & x-pac
winning gets to go to the match for the #30 entry next week

Match starts with kane v.s. X-pac (boy does that bring back memories) kane kicks x-pac's ass until he tags out to road dogg. kane goes for a closeline but misses and gets hit with the pumphandle drop the pin 1..2.. kane kicks out with authority and then tags batista.. batista destroys road dogg. he hits the sit down powerbomb goes for the pin 1..2.. and x-pac breaks it up kane comes in the ring and chokeslams x-pac right out of the ring and then chokeslams road dogg and batista gets the pin and the 3.
winners: batista and kane
(shane comes running down the aisle)

he attacks kane with flying fists but then gets kicked in the junk and is chokeslammed.

Spanky v.s. Triple H

Match starts with triple h kicking ass then spanky pokes him in the eye and runs out of the ring to catch his breath.. when he goes back in he hits a ddt and goes for the pin not even a one count.. spanky still uses the hit and run style and eventually starts to wear down triple h.
spanky goes to sit on the top rope with triple h's head in his arm (dont worry his body is still attached) he jumps off and hits the tornado ddt pin 1..2.. no kick out. out comes flair and gives Triple h a chair.. triple h picks up the chair as flair distracts the ref.. he swings spanky ducks and the hits a rolling wheel kick smacking the chair into triple h's face.. he then knocks flair off the apron and climbs the ropes.. he hits a moonsault 1..2..3 its over spanky beat triple h
winner: spanky

(spanky sprints out of the arena)

(goldberg enters bundy's office)

Goldberg: bundy you better make me win that damn qualifying match i mean i just got my ass kicked by lex luger. please let me win next week it will really do something good for my career..

Al: i'll tell you what i will think about it now leave i got a real bad hangover

Main Event Gillberg v.s. Billy Gunn World title

the match starts with some tie ups and gillberg surprisingly starts to take the upper hand in the match.. he goes for the jackhammer ,which is really just a bad suplex, and he hits it. he goes for the pin thinking he already had it won but gunn kicks out before the ref even got down on the mat.. gunn starts to take the advantage he hits gillberg with some quick jabs and has him setup fame-asser, no gillberg moves and dropkicks gunn in the face.. gillberg starts to take control and hits what looked like a really bad spear.. he goes for that bad jackhammer suplex thingy again and hits it 1..2..3 its over. as he celebrates HBK, Road Dogg, and X-pac come out and they all attack gillberg. gunn gets up and attacks with them. they walk up the entrance way as the D-X music starts to play and they all do the suck-it gesture with the green x pyro going off behind them as Raw goes off the air..

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Preview for smackdown

Janitor Eduardo takes over as g.m. and he already has some really good plans for smackdown.

Akio And Sakoda will fight Worlds Greatest Tag team and the winning team will fight next week on smackdown in the #29 entry match.

John Cena will defend his U.S. title against a mystery opponet

Vince is going to give Eduardo a real challenge when he resurrects one of the most dominating groups ever to strike the wwe.

Edge will be attempting to get a title shot for the WWE title at Royal Rumble when he takes one Nathan Jones and Matt Morgan in a 2 on 1 match.

Papa Shango and his new best friends the mean street posse will fight in a 6 man tag match against the smelly animals Jaimie knoble Konnan and Shannon Moore

also Matt Hardy will have to deal with a new member to smackdown and we will see how happy he is about Eduardo's decision not only to hire him but to give him a match against matt hardy for the european title (that's right i'm bringing back the europen title, i will also bring back the hardcore title for raw so they can keep up with the titles)

This is the build to royal rumble for smackdown i will post this soon oh ya i forgot to put that there will be a special cruiserweight title match woohoo high flying and exciting.

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Smackdown’s “build up to the Royal Rumble”

Once again there is the sparkler pyro thing but hey look at the g.m.’s

Cole: hello everyone and welcome to Smackdown we are going to have some fantastic matches leading up to the Royal Rumble!! Along side me as always is Tazz

Tazz: well cole tonight is going to be fantastic we have some great matches tonight (lesnar’s music hits) well here comes the pain

(lesnar jumps on the apron and steam comes out of the ring posts)

Lesnar: edge I know that you are trying to get a match against me at the rumble for my title. I’ll tell you what I’m going to do, if you beat morgan and jones tonight then you will fight mmmy friend the Big Show next week.. (crowd boos as lesnar laughs) then if you beat him I will let you fight mmmmmmmyy other friend a-train (once again crowd boos as lesnar laughs) then if you can beat him you can fight me at the Royal Rumble..

(you think you know me echoes through the arena)

Edge: Brock just because you are afraid that I will beat you at the royal Rumble doesn’t mean that you have to put all your friends at risk. Right now I am a dangerous and angry man and there is nothing stopping me from getting to you.. so brock get ready because it will be me against you at royal rumble.

(never gonna stop me starts playing)

Tazz: well maybe they will never stop him

Cole: tazz I think you are right because edge is determined on fighting brock for that title and I hope he makes it

(tajiri’s music hits as akio and sakoda come down for the first match)

Cole: well here is our first match it will be tajiri’s henchmen akio and sakoda against t.w.g.t.t.

(t.w.g.t.t. music hits)

Match The world’s greatest tag team v.s. Akio and Sakoda
Shelton starts off against akio shelton does some real good mat wrestling with head, neck, and leg locks to try to wear akio down. He gets akio in an armlock and tags in haas who climbs the ropes and jumps and hits the arm. Haas takes the same approach as his partner and works mainly on the left leg of akio. Akio goes for a back drop but haas reverses it into a single leg crab and sakoda comes in and hits a hard kick right to the face of Haas to break up the hold. Akio crawls to the corner and makes the tag to sakoda. Sakoda goes to work quickly on Haas.. he then goes for a powerbomb but haas reversed it and the locked in the haas of pain akio ran in and so did benjamin. Benjamin then delivers a huge superkick and knocks akio out cold. Sakoda then has no choice other then to tap and he does
Winners: Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin

(morgan and jones enter brock’s locker room)

Nathan: brock you wanted to see us?

Brock: ya I just wanted to say that even if edge beats you two tonight I want you guys to make sure he doesn’t walk out of here without anyone’s help.. you understand me

Matt: oh yea we understand

Brock: good now get out of here

(cuts to commercial)

(papa shango’s creepy music hits and smoke fills the arena)

(weird animal noises hit as the smelly animals come out)

Match Papa shango Rodney and Joey Abs v.s. Konnan Jamie knoble and Shannon Moore

The match starts with joey abs going right at konnan and actually getting an advantage over konnan. Abs hits a swinging neck breaker and tags in papa shango. Shango starts doing these weird tribal dances as he takes it to konnan. Konnan just does kind of a quick tag to jamie knoble just to get out of the ring. Shango and knoble match up pretty evenly going back and forth until knoble hits a low blow then a DDT. Shango starts taking a serious beating from all three of the other team as they all tag in and out. Shango starts to take a little bit of an upper hand just enough to tag out to rodney. Rodney starts to go to work on shannon moore. Rodney starts to take advantage and goes to the top rope to hit his new finisher the prep boy drop. Konnan shakes the ropes and knocks rodney off that draws papa shango and joey abs into the ring and they attack konnan and knoble. As those four brawl on the outside shannon moore hits a tornado DDT and goes to the top rope and hits a 450 splash for the win
Winners: Konnan Jamie Knoble and Shannon Moore

Cole: up next we have John Cena defending his U.S. title against an opponent who know one knows

Tazz: ya I know how is Cena supposed to prepare for someone who he doesn’t even know??

(Cena comes out and does a freestyle rap and gets a nice pop from the crowd)

(maven’s music hits)

Cole: hey it’s maven he’s back

Match Maven v.s. John Cena United States Title

The match starts with maven doing quick dropkicks and hip tosses. He sends cena into the ropes and hits him with a neckbreaker drop. He then applies a sleeper hold with cena on the mat. Cena starts to fade and the ref lifts Cena’s arm. It hits the mat once,, it hits the mat twice,, and it goes down but he stops it before it hits the mat. He gets out of the move by giving elbows to the mid-section of maven. He sends maven off the ropes and hits him with the back elbow. Maven is about to get up and cena hits the throwback. He runs off the ropes shakes his shoulders and hits maven with the fist.. Cena starts to pump up the shoes and the crowd is going nuts. He lifts maven up for the f-u. Maven reverses it into a crucifix pin 1..2..3 Maven wins he beat cena
Winner: Maven

(cuts to backstage)

Eduardo: Matt you must go to the ring now and you will fight tonight against a mystery opponent and the title will be on the line so get out there and fight

Matt: ug.. but.. what about .. oo man

(Cuts to commercial)

(Matt hardy comes out with his matt fact but who cares he then grabs a mic)

Matt: who ever it is I’m fighting you better be ready to lose because I am very angry and I will take it all out on whoever you are so come out here before I wet my pants!!!!!!!!!!!!

(The old hardy boy music hits and a blacklight goes on)

Cole: look who it is

Tazz: that’s jeff hardy he’s back and he’s fighting matt tonight that’s awesome
Match Jeff Hardy v.s. Matt Hardy European title

The match begins with quick paced offense from both wrestlers. Jeff then hits a drop toe hold and starts to take advantage in the match. He goes for the twist of fate but matt reverses it and throws jeff into the turnbuckle. Matt goes for a pin and he grabs the tights 1..2.. no Jeff kicks out and he is furious. He goes right back to work on Matt hitting him with punches and kicks then he hits a whisper in the wind goes for the cover 1..2.. no matt kicks out but he is a little tired. Jeff then goes for the reverse of fate and he hits it. 1..2.. no another kick out and jeff can’t believe it and he is arguing with the ref and while he argues matt goes for the roll up with the tights but jeff rolls back and gets matt in a pin and grabs his tights 1..2..3
Winner: Jeff hardy

Cole: well Matt got a little bit of his own medicine there and I’m glad Jeff won that match

Tazz: o so now you like cheating what’s up with you I don’t get you at all

Cole: well up next we have a great cruiserweight match for the cruiserweight title

(Rey enters then Kidman enters then Psychosis enters and then Chavo enters with Chavo Sr.)

Match Rey Mysterio v.s. Billy Kidman v.s. Psychosis v.s. Chavo Guerrero cruiserweight title

All three men go right after Chavo and beat the living hell out of him. They basically completely eliminate chavo from the match. They all hit their finishers and then throw him out of the ring. Then all three men fight each other until Kidman and Rey team up on Psychosis who basically receives the same fate as Chavo and is destroyed until he is thrown out of the ring. Rey and Billy both fight a high flying match and billy hits a powerbomb and sets him up for the shooting star press. He jumps but rey moves. Kidman tries to get up using the ropes but Rey hits the 619 on him. He is about to do the west coast pop but as he jumps Chavo gets up and and trips rey and the Psychosis climbs the ropes and hits a corkscrew body press and pins billy 1..2..3 it’s over
Winner: Psychosis

(cuts to backstage where we see Edge on his way to the ring. Cuts to commercial)

(Jones and Morgan wait in the ring.. Edge’s music hits and he comes out of the crowd)

Match Edge v.s. Nathan Jones & Matt Morgan
Edge starts off by attacking both men from behind then he dropkicks Matt Morgan out of the ring. He goes right to work on jones with mounted punches. He lifts him up and hits a rolling wheel kick on jones. He climbs the ropes and jumps down to the outside and hits a cross body on Matt Morgan. Edge gets up a little slowly and then goes back in the ring but nathan got back up and hits a few clubs to the back of the head. He sets up edge for a piledriver and he hits it. Matt climbs back up onto the apron. Jones hits edge with a DDT before tagging out to Matt Morgan. Morgan starts stomping away on Edge and then gets him in a bear hug. He turns the bear hug into a spine buster and then tags out. Jones goes to pick him up but is met with a few right hands and Edge started to build up some momentum and went to run off of the ropes but Morgan kicked him in the back. Jones and Morgan started to lift him up into a double chokeslam but edge dropkicked them both. Edge got up and speared Jones right out of the ring. Morgan got up and got met with an Edgecution and is out cold 1..2..3 it’s over Edge won
Winner: Edge

Cole: wait a minute it’s Scott Hall Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash it’s.. it’s..

Tazz: the nWo

The n W o are attacking Edge and they are hitting him with chairs and they all hit their finishers. They leave Edge lying in a pool of his own blood. Edge is being helped out of the arena on a stretcher and Brock Lesnar is standing on the entrance ramp laughing as Smackdown goes off the air.

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Preview for Raw WEEK 2 "The Reactions"

- How will Triple H react to losing not only to Gillberg at Armageddon but to losing to Spanky las week in a qualifying match for this weeks #30 entry match

- What are D-X's plans for this week and what was their purpose for attacking Gillberg.

- also will Doink get his Intercontinental title match that he deserves or will Al just put him in some random match

- the hardcore title will be brought back and Steven Richards and Shawn Stasiak will fight in a match for it

- the main event will feature Goldberg v.s. Kane v.s. Batista v.s. Spanky <---- (how the hell did he make it in this match the world may never know) in a #30 entry match for the royal rumble

- and what will Gillberg's response be to that total ass kicking he received last week..

Find out the answers to these questions, the results to these matches, and more on this upcoming Raw read and find out. o ya and reply with how you thought the show was

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RAW Week 2 “The Rocky Rumble Road”

Sparkler pyro goes off again and you can tell the people are really mesmerized by it.

JR: well folks tonight we got a slobber knocker tonight as Kane, Batista, Goldberg, and Spanky go at it in a 4-way elimination match for the #30 entry in the royal rumble.

King: you talk about a slobber knocker what about our main event last week I mean even though Gillberg won he still got his ass kicked by the return of D-X

(Are you ready bounces off the walls of the arena)

King: hey speak of the devil

(D-X makes their way to the ring)

HBK: last week I know all of you people were shocked to see the return of D-X but we came back for a good reason. We came back to ensure that no names like Gillberg receive nonstop ass kickings if they win matches. I mean lets face it Gillberg is no champion. He is a…

(Gillberg’s music hits)

Gillberg: D-X you guys did a sneak attack on me right in front of my face.. hold on let me rephrase that. We beat me up from behind and gave me a few boo boos. So tonight I want to fight Road Dogg and Billy Gunn in a tag match.

HBK: that’s very nice but in a tag match it’s supposed to be 2 v.s.2 not 2 v.s. 1 so who would be your tag partner? I mean lets face it you don’t have any friends

Gillberg: I have a partner don’t worry, actually maybe you should worry muuhahahaha

(cuts to commercial)

Match Shawn Stasiak v.s. Steven Richards Hardcore title

Richards hits stasiak with with a sneak attack with a foam bat (it’s a shame that stasiak has to sell that weak attack). Stasiak then fights back with a kickball that says planet stasiak written on it with marker. Then the match finally starts getting good when they bust out some chairs, cans, and kendo sticks. Stasiak starts smacking richards in the chest and back with the kendo sticks and richards starts to welt up and he is in some serious pain. It looks like stasiak has the match over but then he just starts to do some tribal dance which I guess is the native dance on planet stasiak (whatever that is. Wait is that even a planet). Then out of the crowd comes Tommy Dreamer and hits stasiak with a kendo stick then hits him with a DDT and he has a ref with him. He pins him 1..2..3 Tommy Dreamer won the match and he wasn’t even in it well it is the hardcore title
Winner: Tommy Dreamer


(backstage in bundy’s office)

Doink: hey al do you like circus acts and tricks

Al: no now what do you want

Doink: I was wondering if I get the intercontinental title shot tonight

Al: ya but I wanted to make It a good match so it is gonna be you v.s. RVD v.s. Randy Orton in a triple threat ladder match for the title.

Doink: hahahaha

Al: why are you laughing

(Doink laughs his way out of the office)

JR: next we have a world tag title match which will have the tag champs Jindrak and Cade fight Ultimate Warrior and Lex Luger

Match Jindrak& Cade v.s. Warrior & Luger

The match begins with jindrak going after luger and luger is basically kicking the crap out of the young one. He goes for the torture rack but jindrak runs out of the ring and when he gets back in he quickly tags cade. Cade starts going right after luger’s knees and luger is in some pain. He then tags out to the ultimate warrior who goes nuts and kicks the crap out of cade and it looks like he could pin him and get a three count but then he starts to look up at the ceiling and do that talking to the “gods” thing and wastes a whole mess of time. and in that time cade and jindrak double teamed luger and eliminated him from the match and when warrior came back in they double teamed him and cade pinned him for the win.
Winers: Jindrak and Cade

(Al comes out)

Al: tonight we will have a match between Triple H and Chris Benoit and the winner will either get a late entry in the rumble or they will just come out whenever they are supposed to come out it all depends on how drunk I am

Match Doink v.s. RVD v.s. Randy Orton Ladder intercontinental title match

The match starts with Rvd going right after Doink after doink beat him last week and rvd knocks doink out of the ring. Then orton goes after RVD and goes for the overdrive (his old finisher) but Rvd spins out of it and hits him with a rolling wheel kick. Orton looks a little woozy and RVD sets up the ladder but as he gets to the top doink comes back in and yanks RVD off the ladder. Randy Orton gets up and he hits the RKO on Doink but doink doesn’t sell the move at all and Orton is pissed. He goes right in doinks face who then squirts water from a flower right in ortons face then hits him with a DDT. Doink climbs the ladder and everyone knows that he can easily get the belt and win but then he climbs down and says to the crowd : hahaha I tricked all of you hahaha. While he is acting like a complete idiot Orton gets up RKO’s RVD and Doink and climbs the ladder and grabs the belt for the win.
Winner: Randy Orton

(cuts to a commercial)

Backstage you see Triple H walking to the ring for the match and he doesn’t look happy at all (well I mean would you be happy if you lost two weeks in a row to no name losers)

(benoits music hits and he comes down to the ring)

JR: hey look behind benoit it’s triple h and he’s got a sledgehammer oh he just smacked benoit in the back of the head with that hammer

Match Benoit v.s. Triple H

Triple H hits benoit a few more times with that hammer and then throws him in the ring to start the match. He then throws him back outside where he hits the pedigree on him and he rolls back in the ring. Benoit is completely out cold and the ref starts to count and he gets to 10 and Benoit is counted out
Winner: Triple H

(Trips then grabs a mic)

Triple H: I know all you no good fans out here thought that was a cheap win well I have been beat two times in a row on cheap wins. So I have got a lot of anger building up and I just unleashed it on benoit and that’s exactly what I am going to do in the Royal Rumble.

(wow what a great promo woo hoo cuts to commercial)

(D-X’s music hits and out come Road Dogg and Billy Gunn)

(Gillberg’s music hits and he then grabs a mic)

Gillberg: well I know that you two have been waiting all night to see who my mystery partner is well here he is

(OOO yeah dig it hits and out walks macho man randy savage)

King: hey JR look it’s Macho man I can’t believe it he’s back

Match Road Dogg & Gunn v.s. Gillberg & Savage

The match starts with all four of them going right after each other and and the ref just lets them go at it so it looks like this will be a tornado tag match. Savage then throws RD out of the ring and Savage and Gillberg double team Gunn. Gillberg is about to hit his really bad spear but gunn rolls out of the ring. Savage goes back after gunn while gillberg goes after RD. RD hits a low blow on gillberg and throws him into the ring post and busts him open. Then RD and gunn double team Savage. They throw him in the ring where Gunn hits a fame-asser and the RD hits the shake rattle n’ roll knee drop. Gunn goes for the pin 1..2.. no gillberg broke it up. Gillberg lifts himself up with the ropes and RD charges at him but Gillberg pulls the ropes down and RD goes flying to the outside. Gillberg then hits a spear and a jackhammer on Gunn. Savage then climbs the ropes and its his huge elbow drop and lets Gillberg cover gunn 1..2..3 it’s over
Winners: Savage & Gillberg

(after the match the rest of D-X comes out but Savage and Gillberg get out of the ring HBK grabs a mic)

HBK: ok so you may have won tonight but Gillberg I’ve got a challenge for you. How about this Gillberg versus HBK at the Royal Rumble in a 2/3 falls match for the World Heavyweight title.

Gillberg: ok you’re on. Oh yeah HBK you’re ne.. (coughing) next!!!!!!

(cuts to the final commercial woo hoo no more commercials aren’t you all happy)

Kane comes out then Batista, then Goldberg, then finally Spanky and the crowd goes nuts for spanky

Match Kane v.s. Batista v.s. Goldberg v.s. Spanky #30 entry for the Royal Rumble Match.

The match begins with spanky just going to the outside and watching and no one even notices he’s gone. Kane and Batista team up on Goldberg. They both hit their finishers but then they start to fight each other. They match up evenly in strength and then batista goes for the sit out powerbomb but kane gets out of it and hits the chokeslam. Then the lights go out. This is the way we was our hands starts to play, and then you hear a guys voice say oops and then, the gong sounds and there is a video playing on the titan tron. It show quick images of the old undertaker and images of kane in matches. Then it starts to get really weird when it starts to show images of kane putting on makeup, asleep on the toilet, and the weirdest one kane doing a tap dance. While kane is watching this video you can see him go what the hell, and goldberg is behind him ready to spear him. Kane turns around and receives a spear and a pin 1..2..3 Kane is gone. Goldberg and Batista start to destroy each other in a very powerful encounter. Goldberg goes for the spear but all he spears is ring post and then batista hits that big spinebuster. 1..2..3 Goldberg is gone. Then spanky comes in hits a low blow on Batista then goes to the top rope and hits a moonsault pin 1..2..3 it’s over Spanky wins again and now he is the #30 entry in the Rumble.
Winner: Spanky

(out comes Triple H)

Triple H attacks Spanky with a sledgehammer and kicks the crap out of spanky. He hits him in the junk with the hammer then hits a pedigree on spanky. The camera zooms in on Triple H standing over a bloody spanky as Raw goes off the air.
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