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Alright this is the beginning of the new ECW. First they do a storyline in the WWE where Paul Heyman gets fired, and then a few WWE wrestlers end up missing. Two weeks later, out of nowhere ECW is back on air. It will air on Saturday from 8 to 10. It is held at the old ECW arena.

Show 1

Paul Heyman comes out in front of a sold out show.

Paul Heyman says: "Welcome back home to all the Extreme Championship hardcore Wrestling fans. We have been out of business for almost 4 years now. Most of us went on to work for other promotions, such as that piece of crap hell hole called the WWE. Working there was like working at the devils palace for minimum wage, but see, do you know what the WWE's problem is? They think their shit doesn't stink. They think they can hire former ECW wrestlers, former legends and champions, but they make a promise to make all of us into stars. They promised us to make us into the new generation of wrestling legends. Vince promised to make us champions. But look where I am now! Vince calmly calls me to his office. I thought it was going to be good news. I thought he wanted me to become the new General Manager for Smackdown. So I sit down as I await for what Vince has to say to me. He tells me "Paul Heyman, we appreciate your work, but quite frankly we have no creative idea for what we are going to do to you. So sorry Paul, YOUR FIRED!". That bastard. He doesn't know what he had. Well thats okay because if you know Paul Heyman, the great master mind, I always know what to do. Well I packed my bags and went home that night thinking hard what can I do to get back at Vince. Better yet, what can I do to knock Vince out of business. Then all of the sudden, it came to me. Why not have my best creation come back from the dead? Why not have ECW resurrekted. This will definitly make Vince wish he would have never fired me. So what happened to all of his superstars? They know whats best for them and they are now here at the ECW arena. We have the greatest, please give it up for the new ECW lineup."

As Paul says this, a full size group of wrestlers come down to the ring. They are: Rob Van Dam, Tazz, the Dudley Boyz, Tajiri, Akio, Sakoda, Rhyno, Billy Kidman, Paul London, Tommy Dreamer, Raven, Amazing Red, Sabu, Jerry Lynn, CM Punk, Justin Credible, Nunzio (better known as Little Guido), Al Snow, Stevie Richards, Kane, Test, Mordecai, Kid Kash, Mike Awesome, Spike Dudley, Sean O'Haire, Dallas, 3 Live Crew, Ultimo Dragon, Matt Hardy, Funaki, Shannon Moore and Chris Jericho. Paul has a huge evil smile on his face.

Paul says: "Welcome home guys, welcome to ECW Resurrekted.

Commercial Break

When the show comes back, Paul is in the middle of the ring.

He says: "Tonight we are going to hold the first ever ECW Resurrekted World Heavyweight title. The competitors are, Kane vs. Dallas, Sean O'Haire vs. Test, Mike Awesome vs. Rhyno, Raven vs. Billy Kidman, Chris Jericho vs. Ron Killings, Justin Credible vs. Tazz, Rob Van Dam vs. Sabu and Jerry Lynn vs. CM Punk.

Heyman leaves the ring. The first match is about to start.

Kane vs. Dallas
Two big men. Kane stands there staring down Dallas. Dallas is not intimidated runs after Kane but on his way catching a boot to the face. Kane picks Dallas back up and gives him a huge right hand to the face. Dallas falls flat on his back. Kane starts stomping on him. He uses one hand to pick him up to his feet. Kane kicks Dallas in the stomach, and then throws him against the ropes, but Dallas counters with a huge clothesline, he starts kicking Kane in the gut, Kane slowly gets up to his feet shocked. They start going back and forth exchanging right hands. Kane knees Dallas in his ribs. Then lifts him up and gives him a sidewalk slam. Kane then starts choking him. Kane starts taunting the crowd. Dallas gets back up and charges at Kane who's back is turned. He gives him a hard elbow to the head and knocks him out the ring. Dallas follows him outside the ring. They start brawling to the outside. Kane picks up a chair and throws it at Dallas's head. Dallas seems to be knocked out cold. Kane picks up Dallas and throws him against the side of the turnbuckle. Dallas is comforting his ribs. Kane then chokeslams Dallas through the announce table at ringside. Out of nowhere, Kid Kash flies from the crowd and attacks Kane. Kane is too big for Kash, throws him and flips him behind his back. Then he chokeslams Kash onto the cement floor. Dallas has a barbed wired bat and hits kane across the head with it. Dallas goes for the cover on the outside. The new rules are anywhere falls. 1.....2......3.

Winner: Dallas

Dallas wins and advances to the next round.

Backstage promo shows Al Snow complaining to Paul. Asking why he didn't get a title shot.

Paul says: "Easy Al, do you want to know why you are not in the tournament?"

Al nods his head.

Paul says: "because I have something much better for you."

Al says: "How can anything be better then a title shot? I want to be the first ECW chapmion since it went out of business."

Paul claims: "Don't worry Al, trust me, I have something much better planned for you."

Commercial Break

When it comes back, the next match is about to start.

Test vs. Sean O'Haire

This is a rather slow paced match with both wreslters going back and forth. Test brings in a chair but O'Haire does a huge spinning wheel kick. Test goes down. O' Haire does a swanton bomb off the ropes and gets the win.

Winner: Sean O'Haire

Commercial Break

Mike Awesome vs. Rhyno

This match gets hardcore. They go at it for about 2 minutes. Mike Awesome sets up a table on the turnbuckle corner. He Irish whips Rhyno but Rhyno counters and runs after Awesome and does a very hard damaging Gore through the table. Rhyno covers Awesome to get the win.

Winner: Rhyno

They show a clip backstage of Paul Heyman celebrating with a few ECW guys. Jericho comes in.

Jericho asks: "I better get something good out of this Paul, because if I don't I will kick and I will literally burn your ass. I will set you on fire. I had something good going on at the WWE. You better do something good with me."

Pauls says: "You really think you had something good going for you at the WWE? You might of been the very first Undisputed champion, but Chris, that was 2 years ago, you lost, and was never again in the title picture. Look at the WWE, you were a mid carder Chris, you were a loser, a has been, a wannabe. But see here Chris you will be a main eventer, a champion, you will be somebody special here. You are the King of the World over here. Don't worry Chris, I promise you nothing but success here. You are the new legend. Legendary status."

Commercial Breaker[/B]

Raven vs. Billy Kidman

This match is everything you would expect out of these two. Both pulling out incredible moves, and Raven using weopons to tear his opponet apart. As Kidman sets Raven up for the shooting star press on two tables stacked together. Kidman climbs the very top of the ladder, he flies and does the shooting star press, but Raven quickly moves away, Kidman goes crashing down through two tables. Raven then picks him up and does the Raven Effect on a chair. Pins him for the 1,2,3.

Winner: Raven

He gets the microphone.

Raven says: "Ever since ECW went out of business, I was the only one who new it was going to live forever. I always knew I was going to be the champion forever. I waited 3 years for this, and it finally came back. Now I am on the road of destiny to become the first champion since ECW closed down."

CM Punk comes from behind and attacks him. Him, Kidman and London beat the hell out of Raven until he is in a bloody mess.

Commericial Break

Justin Credible vs. Tazz
This is an ECW classic. It brings back the old feeling of hardcore wrestling. As Tazz puts Credible in the Tazzmission, Sabu comes in the ring and hits Tazz with the chair. Credible pins Tazz. 1.......2........... kick out! Sabu looks amazed. He comes back in the ring but to get Tazzplexed. Tazz puts Sabu in the Tazzmission. As soon as he lets go Bill Alfonso out of nowhere shows up and distracts Tazz. Credible comes from behind and super kicks Tazz, and covers him for the 1,2,3.

Winner: Justin Credible

Alfonso looks decievely at Tazz, him and Sabu laugh and enjoy watching Tazz look and moan in pain. RVD comes out and attacks Sabu and Alfonso. Tazz and RVD group up and battle Sabu and punish Alfosno. They put Sabu and Alfonso in handcuffs together and take both their clothes off and leave them helplessly naked cuffed together.

Commercial Break

The show comes back. Music hits and it is Joey Styles.

Styles says, with a cocky smile,: "Hello everyone, I bet everyone missed me. I know you ignorant people couldn't withstand the annoying voices of JR and Jerry Lawler everyday. I know I couldn't. They are completely awful. They do not know how to call a match if there life depended on it. Now see, I am back, and now I can give you the best commentary from the best vocals, me Joey Styles. I know I have many fans in this pathetic piece of shit crowd."

The crowd boos.

Styles says: "Now you all have the honors to listen to me every Saturday. As a matter of fact, you can start listening to me now."

He leaves the ring and takes a seat next to the new announcers.

Styles says: "Get the hell out of my seat. You guys are worthless and the only reason you are here is because Paul, couldn't find a real announcer in a short amount of time. I told him I wasn't up for the job, but listening to you made me have to come here and take my position back. Now get the hell out of here. Go!

Commercial Break

Jerry Lynn vs. CM Punk

This is a fast paced match. Raven interfers and costs Punk the match.

Winner: Jerry Lynn

Commercial Break

Due too Sabu and Alfonso being taken out previous before the match, RVD comes out and claims himself to be the winner. But Tazz comes out and Tazzplexes RVD.

Tazz vs. Rob Van Dam
He tells the referee to count. 1,2. Sabu out of nowhere comes out and flies with a drop kick onto Tazz. They start fighting and it leads to the crowd and backstage. Where a car comes flying by and almost hits Tazz.

Result: No Decision

Commercial Break

Now its time for the main event.

Chris Jericho vs. Ron Killings

This is a very fast paced match up. Both competiters pulling out high risk maneavers and pulling out everything in their arsenal. Jericho hits the Lionsalt. 1...........2.......... kick out! Killings shoots back up onto his feet and goes for a spinning heel kick but misses. Jericho puts him into the Walls of Jericho. Heyman comes out and he climbs into the ring. He has a chair and runs full speed at Jericho. Jericho is knocked flat onto the floor. He starts kicking Jericho in the gut. Killings does a big move off the tunrbuckle and pins Jericho 1,2,3.

Winner: Ron Killings

Heyman has a huge smile on his face. He has a lighter and a gallon of gas in his hands. He pours the gas in a circle around Jericho and lights it up. Jericho is surrounded by fire. Heyman laughs while Jericho lays helplessly in a ring of fire. The show goes off the air.

Now I will be holding a weekly show. Every week there will be a new ECW show and there will be PPV's. So tell me what you all think.

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I think this was really bad. There were no interviews and hardly anything backstage. You started out writing the matches in full and then went down to one line recaps, try and stick to the same style of booking. Your lay out was the worst I've ever seen, and your spelling was also bad. Also, use the Caps Lock button. I have edited your post and added capital letters etc. to it. Also chair shots won't knock people out cold. Jericho, RVD and Kane wouldn't go to ECW, and neither would Tazz because he doesn't want to wrestle now. Also the Sabu/Alfonso being naked part and the Jericho in the flame circle is just bad.

To improve you need to:

-Use the Caps Lock button.
-Spell words correctly, instead of: cuz, da etc.
-Think of better things than being left naked and handcuffed.
-Use paragraphs.
-Have interviews.
-Have more happening backstage.
-Have commentators actually speak inbetween backstage happenenings and matches.

Overall Grade: 4/10. I'm sorry, I just really didn't like it.


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This was a really REALLY stupid show. Why would Kane and Paul London and Billy Kidman go to ECW? Tazz is a commentator not a freakin wrestler. Grade for your show---- 1/10

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