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I am starting a new BTB, but I need someone to write the other show, if you're interested, send me some of you're writing using ECW stars, be sure to include promos, interviews, storylines, etc. thanks, I will choose the best one, and then they will be my partner.

P.S. To send me your work, for those of you that don't know, click on my name, then select, send a private message.


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Well to my knowledge nobody here has ever done an ECW show that hasn't died within a show or two, it's something that hasn't really been touched on before, don't get me wrong I've seen a few threads be posted but nothing solid.

Good luck with your show, hopefully you find a partner and manage to do a long show in BTB with ECW.

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Philadelphia, PA

(Paul Heyman comes out to the ring to a huge pop from fans who all start chanting "ECW, ECW, ECW")

Heyman: "Thank You, Thank you." (He pauses for a moment while the crowd erupts into chants of 'ECW! ECW! ECW!) "Ladies and Gentleman, ECW fans all across the world, I would like to thank you for jam-packing this arena to show your support for my once labeled 'too hot for T.V' promotion. Now I know all of you are looking forward to the first show back, and I assure you it will be here soon enough. But tonight is not a night for wrestling matches, however it is a night for wrestling revelations, every ECW star to have ever laced up a pair of boots, except for those who are no longer with us, will be on the active ECW roster. We will, much like back in the early 90's have a tournament for the ECW title, and a fatal-fourway elimination match to determine the ECW Television champion. I will give you the lowdown on the ECW Tag Team championship at a later moment, but for now, I must bid adu, for I have some buisness to attend to."

(Crowd roars with applause as Heyman leaves the building chanting 'ECW! ECW! ECW!')


Well I will post the first episode soon, possibly Wednesday, here is my P.P.V. schedule, though

January - Anarchy Rulz
February - Deep Impact
March - Living Dangerously
April - Barely Legal
May - Hardcore Heaven
June - Heatwave
July - Guilty As Charged
August - Path Of Destruction
September - Clash of the Champions
October - Wrestlepalooza
November - November to Remember
December - Christmas Chaos

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Brooklyn, NY
Wed. 4-6-05
Hardcore T.V.

(A promo runs showing past ECW moments, i.e. Dudleyz flaming table spot, RVD's jump onto Bam Bam in the crows, some of Sabu's insane spots, then the screen goes black, and there is a huge ECW logo on the screen)

Joey Styles: Welcome back everyone, I feel like I was never gone, tonight we have a huge schedule. We will get the complete first round of the ECW championship tournament underway. That tournament will feature: Mike Awesome, The Sandman, Tommy Dreamer, Rhyno, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, Sabu, and Justin Credible. We, also have another huge match tonight to determine who will be the ECW Television champion. It will be a fatal four-way elimination featuring Jerry Lynn, Rob Van Dam, Lance Storm, and The Chair Swinging Freak himself, Balls Mahoney. Here is the tournament bracket for the ECW Championship

Justin Credible

Chris Benoit
Mike Awesome

Tommy Dreamer

Eddie Guerrero

Styles: Without further adu, ladies and gentleman, let's get to our first quarter final match of the night, Chris Benoit vs. Mike Awesome.

(Benoits music hits)

(Awesome's music hits)

Match #1
Chris Benoit vs. Mike Awesome

The match starts with both men staring each other down, Awesome goes in for Benoit, but Benoit quickly moves out of the way and Awesome hits the turnbuckle. Awesome turns around and gets some stiff chops from Benoit before pushing Benoit down, he then walks over to him and drops a huge elbow on him, makes a quick cover 1.............2, Benoit kicks out right when the referee hits two, Awesome slaps a headlock on Benoit while he's down on the mat, Benoit punches his way out of it. Awesome pulls Benoit up by his head, but Benoit punches Awesome in the mid-section and whips himself to the turnbuckle, but when he comes back he gets Awesome's boot in his face, Awesome taunts the crowd for a sec, then goes outside, as he's digging under the apron, Benoit gets up, he sees Awesome outside the ring, so he bounces himself off the ropes and suicude dives through the ropes taking out Awesome, but also banging up his neck in the process. Benoit is slow to get up, but does, he then goes over to the timekeeper's table and picks up a chair and throws it at Awesome, it bounces off his head, putting him on the ground again. Benoit is holding his neck, as it is clearly bothering him, he picks up Awesome and throws him into the ring, with all the momentum Benoit put into throwing Awesome into the ring, Awesome is able to stand up before Benoit crawls in, Benoit crawls in, only to have Awesome elbow drop his neck. Awesome picks up Benoit and puts his head in between his legs, he hoists him in the air for two to three seconds, then jumps in the air and piledrives Benoit.1..................2.....................Benoit kicks out at 2, Awesome looks frustrated, he picks Benoit up by his neck, puts him in between his legs agin, lifts him up in the air, this time he holds him up there for five to six seconds, jumps in the air, brings Benoit down really hard, covers him 1..............2................. Benoit again manages to kick out at two. Awesome is starting to look extremely frustrated, he slides under the ropes, and grabs a steel chair, he brings it into the ring with him, he taps it on the mat, waiting for Benoit to get up, Benoit stands up and turns around. Awesome swings, the chair Benoit ducks underneath, grabs Awesome's free hand and puts him in the Crippler Crossface, Awesome wriggles around for a few moments, grabs one of the legs on the steel chair he was holding and with all his power swings it up at Benoit, a direct hit, Benoit releases the hold and grabs his neck, he lays there on the mat while Awesome grabs the steel chair and places it on the mat, he lifts up Benoit puts him between his legs, picks him up and Awesome Bomb's him on to the steel chair, he rolls Benoit's limp body to the center of the ring and makes the cover1................2...................3!

Announcer: Here is your winner Mike Awesome! (Official Match Time: 6:23)

Styles: What a fight Chris Benoit put up, but it was not enough to overcome the brute power of Mike Awesome, Awesome will be advancing to the semi-finals.

(Backstage we see RVD and Jerry Lynn talking)

RVD: Well, Jerry, I have to tell you. I know you've been looking forward to being ECW Telvision champion, bbut I gotta tell you the only place where that belt is going is around the waist of Rob...........Van...............Dam!

Jerry Lynn: (laughs) Well Rob, that's an interesting theory, too bad it's only a theory. That belt is coming home with me, whether you like it or not.

RVD: I guess we'll see in that ring.

Jerry Lynn: I guess we will.

(Goes to commercial as RVD and Jerry Lynn are staring each other down)


Styles: We are back on ECW Hardcore T.V., up next we have a match that looks to be extreme to the fullest nature it's Tommy Dreamer vs. Rhyno!

(Rhyno's music hits)

(Dreamer's music hits)

Match #2
Tommy Dreamer vs. Rhyno

Rhyno is in the ring as Dreamer's music is playing, Dreamer runs into the ring and starts a fist fight with Rhyno, Dreamer gains the advantage after a few moments and knocks Rhyno to his feet with a vicious punch, Dreamer rolls outside, grabs Rhyno by the legs and jerks him outside as well, Dreamer stomps on Rhyno, he goes over to the timekeeper's desk and grabs the ring bell, he clocks Rhyno with it sending him to the ground, Dreamer then picks up Rhyno by his hair and slams his face onto the steel steps, Rhyno looks dazed. Dreamer then steps back a couple of steps and goes to clothesline Rhyno, but Rhyno moves out of the way, and drop toe holds Dreamer into the steel steps. Rhyno bashes Dreamer's head into the steel steps a few times until you can see a gash starting to form on Dreamer's head. Rhyno irish whips him into the steel ringpost, Dreamer is laying on the ground, while Rhyno reaches under the ring and pulls out a ladder, he then charges Dreamer with the ladder, slamming it into his ribs a couple of times. Rhyno then throws the ladder into the ring, then he throws Dreamer into the ring, he reaches under the ring, and grabs a trash can and a stop sign and chucks them both into the ring. He also grabs a chair from the timekeeper's table, he rolls into the ring with the steel chair, and slams it onto Dreamer's back as he is trying to get up, he wedges the chair in between the first and second turnbuckle pads, he then goes over and lifts up Dreamer, he starts to run, as if he's going to bulldog ram Dreamer into the chair, instead Dreamer shoots him forward, and Rhyno takes it in his face instead. Dreamer rolls Rhyno onto his back and attempts a pin 1........................2.........................Rhyno is able to get his left shoulder up, Dreamer pulls him up by his hair so he is standing on his knees, Dreamer then goes and grabs the stop sign and goes over and whacks Rhyno on the head with it, Rhyno remains standing so Dreamer whacks him on the head agin, still Rhyno remains standing, Dreamer drops back a couple steps and takes a huge running swing at Rhyno, WHACK! Rhyno falls flat on his face, Dreamer looks at the sign as it is completely dented, he throws it out of the ring. He makes a quick pin on Rhyno 1...........................2.......................Rhyno pushes Dreamer off, Dreamer lays a chair on the ground and puts Rhyno's head in between his legs, as he attempts to lift Rhyno, Rhnyo back body drops Dreamer onto the steel chair, Dreamer is on the canvas writhing in pain. Rhyno sets up a ladder in one of the ringposts, he then whips Dreamer face-first into the ladder, Dreamer, who by now is bleeding buckets, bounces back and gets a kidney punch from Rhyno. Rhyno then goes over and grabs the trash can he brought into the ring, goes over and puts it onto Dreamer's body, Rhyno then grabs a chair and swings at the can over Dreamer, he connects, and does this a couple more times before Dremer falls over, the can, rolls off of Dreamer. Rhyno goes to the other side of the ring and signals for the gore, Dreamer gets up, and Rhyno runs full speed at Dreamer, Dreamer senses this and moves out of the way, as Rhyno goes shoulder-first into the steel ladder, when Rhyno stands back up, Dreamer spins him around and DDT's him onto the canvas, and hooks Rhyno's leg 1.............................2........................3!

Announcer: Here is your winner Tommy Dreamer! (Official match time: 9:17)

(Dreamer who is a bloody mess, stands up to a huge amount of cheers, raises one hand into the air, then drops on his back and rolls out of the ring)

Styles: I told you that was not going to be pretty folks, Tommy Dreamer may have won that match, but I guarantee you he will be sore as hell in the morning. up next folks is a match that promises to be great it's Eddie Guerrero vs.Sabu, but first let's go backstage where we have Cyrus standing by with the one and only Kid Kash.

Cyrus: Kid Kash, what are your thoughts about not being able to compete in the ECW Television champio-

Kid Kash: Cyrus, why don't you do your job and hold the mic. up like you should. I'll do the talking. So, some moron didn't want me in the fatal four-way, you gonna exclude the notorious K.I.D. I don't think so. I've taken this up with Paul Heyman, and he told me that at Barely Legal, I can have whoever wins the Television title in a one-on-one matchup, so whether it be that fat slob, the Canadian moron, the small fry, or Really bad Venereal Disease (crowd laughs) you can rest assured that I will be walking out the new ECW television champion.

(Kid Kash walks away, as the camera goes to commercial break)


Styles: We are back on Hardcore T.V. and what an announcement made by Kid Kash, whoever is the ECW Television champion at Barely Legal will meet him in a one-on-one match for the title, whoever it is, you know it's gonna be good.

(Eddie Guerrero's music hits)

(Sabu's music hits)

Match #3
Eddie Guerrero vs. Sabu

This match starts off at an extremely fast pace, they tie up, Eddie whips Sabu to the ropes, Eddie drops to the canvas, Sabu jumps over him, Eddie stands up, Sabu knocks him down with his shoulder, Sabu tries to drop the elbow, misses, Eddie tries to drop the elbow, misses. Sabu tries to drop the leg, misses, Eddie tries to standing moonsault, misses. Both men get up holding their fists at each other, (crowd goes nuts). Eddie and Sabu each pace around the ring for a while, they tie up, Eddie puts Sabu in a headlock, Sabu back suplexes Eddie then standing moonsaults him goes for the cover 1.........................2......................Eddie moves his shoulder off the canvas, Sabu stands up and leg drops Eddie across the neck, makes the cover 1.......................2.........................Eddie manages to kick out, Eddie seizes the moment and rolls out of the ring, regaining his composure, Eddie starts up the steps, walks across the outside, then goes to step inside the ring, as he does Sabu comes over to try and pull Eddie in. Eddie headbutts Sabu in the gut, then slingshots himself into the ring landing to the left of Sabu, he catches his head on the way down, and DDT's him to the canvas (crowd chants 'Holy S***'), covers 1.................................2................................Sabu puts his leg on the rope, Eddie starts punching Sabu in the head, Sabu reaches around Eddie's head and puts his head in a leglock, Eddie rolls to his stomach, clutches Sabu's legs and rolls through with a pin attempt 1.......................2......................... Sabu clutches Eddie's legs and does the same 1..............................2.............................Eddie snaps his legs shut on Sabu's head, so Sabu lets go of the attempt, both men get to their feet and ensue in a fistfight, when Eddie starts to lose he pokes Sabu in the eye, he positions himself in a waistlock at Sabu's back, Sabu elbows Eddie, and puts on his own waistlock, Eddie goes to elbow Sabu, but he misses which spins him around facing Sabu, Sabu throws him over his shoulders in a belly-to-belly, Sabu run towards the ropes and springboards himself off the middle rope, he tries to moonsault Eddie, who sticks his knees up, Sabu catches Eddie's knnes to the gut, taking the wind out of himself, Eddie then stands up and goes to Sabu's legs and puts him in a mexican surfboard stretch, when Eddie's shoulders start to get counted 1................................2.............................Eddie kicks Sabu in the air, while rolling out of the way, forcing Sabu to come down on the back of his head, Eddie makes a cover 1........................................2..................................Sabu kicks out. Eddie is getting frustrated so he goes and grabs a chair Sabu rolls out on the opposite side of the ring at the same time , then goes over and punches Eddie who drops the chair he was holding, Sabu moves the guardrail closer to the ring, and drapes Eddie over it, Sabu punches Eddie a couple of times to make sure he stays in place, Sabu grabs the chair and rolls into the ring with it, he positions the chair about four feet from the ring ropes, he bounces himself off the ropes on the opposite side of the ring, then runs full speed at the chair, he uses the chair for leverage and bounces to the top rope he then jumps over the ring guardrail, coming down on Eddie's neck, as he guillotines him, (crowd starts chanting Holy S***) Sabu clutches his leg and rolls Eddie into the ring, he is able to crawl through the bottom rope, he puts his arm over Eddie 1.............................2............................Eddie puts his leg on the rope, Sabu stands up and points at the rafters, he then grabs a chair and starts climbing the top rope, he then goes for his Tomigharamean facebuster, but when he flips and tries to put the chair under his leg, Eddie moves out of the way, Sabu comes down really hard onto the chair, he grabs his leg when he hits the canvas, Eddie pulls Sabu up, and suplexes him once, rolls through, suplexes him twice, rolls through, suplexes him a third time, Eddie then goes to the top rope he signals for the Frog Splash, he jumps in the air and hits a Frog Splash onto Sabu 1..................................2.............................. Sabu kicks out and Eddie is livid, he goes over and starts to argue with the referee, Eddie shows the ref the number three sign, then slaps his hand three times, but the ref yells out "no Eddie, you only got two". Sabu stands up and grabs the chair, he goes over ans stands behind Eddie, when Eddie turns around Sabu clocks him with the chair, Sabu then drags Eddie over towards the turnbuckle, Sabu still clutching the chair, climbs to the top and this time is spot on with the Tomigharamean face buster, Sabu rolls his arm onto Eddie's as the ref counts 1..................................2..................................3!

Announcer: here is your winner Sabu! (Official match time: 13:02)

(Sabu points at the rafters as the fans start chanting "ECW! ECW! ECW!")

Styles: What an awesome match that was, it was an amazing performance by both men, but Sabu was the one who finally got the 3. Up next we have the final first round match featuring Sandman taking on Justin Credible, but for now let's go backstage to Paul Heyman, who is going to make a special announcement about the ECW Tag Team titles

Paul Heyman: What a historic night this has been, already huh? Well at our next Pay-Per-View Barely Legal on the 24th of April, we will have a triple threat tables match for the ECW Tag Team championship featuring..............................The Dudleyz..............................The Eliminators....................................and New Jack and Mustafa!
(Crowd goes insane) Thank you for your time.

(Camera goes black)


Styles: Let's get to action, it's going to be Justin Credible vs. The Sandman.

(Justin Credible's music hits)

(Sandman's music hits)

Match #4
Justin Credible vs. The Sandman

As The Sandman is walking to the ring, Lance Storm comes up behind him and drills him in the back of the head with a kendo stick, snapping it over his head, Storm picks up Sandman and tosses him into the ring (bell dings) Credible has a chair he tosses to Lance Storm, Credible picks up the Sandman, and has Storm hold the chair in front of his face, Credible super kicks the chair into Sandman's face, then makes the cover 1..........................2.............................3!

Announcer: Here is your winner Justin Credible (Official match time: 0:32)

(After the match Storm punches the Sandman over, and over, and over again in the face, then has Credible hold the Sandman up and he smacks him with a chair. Credible and Storm celebrate in the middle of the ring)

Styles: What the hell was that, that was a load of crap, Lance Storm still has a match tonight, so what the hell is he doing out here

(Storm and Credible celebrate in the middle of the ring as the camera goes black)


Styles: We are back, after that viscious two-on-one assault that took place before commercial, I don't even know what the hell Lance Storm was doing out here, well, on a lighter note, here's what the bracket looks like going into next week, where we will have the two semi final matches, the finals will happen at Barely Legal on April 24th.


Justin Credible -------------------------------------

Chris Benoit

Mike Awesome -----------------------------------------

Tommy Dreamer --------------------------------------------


Sabu ------------------------------------------------------

Eddie Guerrero

Styles: We will now go to our main event of the night

(Rob Van Dam's music hits)

(Balls Mahoney's music hits)

(Jerry Lynn's music hits)

(Lance Storm's music hits)

(Kid Kash's music hits)

Styles:What the hell is Kid Kash doing here, he's not supposed to be here.

(Kid Kash grabs a microphone)

Kash: Since I will be facing one of these nimrods at Barely Legal, I thought I'd come out here and do a little talent scouting, so boys I don't want to hold you up any longer, let's get on with the match.

Match #5
Lance Storm vs. Balls Mahoney vs. Jerry Lynn vs. Rob Van Dam - Fatal Four-Way Elimination match for the ECW Television championship

The match starts with RVD and Storm brawling as Lynn and Balls, brawl as well, RVD gives Balls some kicks to the mid-section, Lynn is pummeling Storm, in the corner, when Storm powerbombs Lynn off the turnbuckle and goes for the cover 1.......................2......................Lynn powers out of it, RVD is really taking it to Balls, kicking him in the gut, the legs, and the head, when Balls blocks one of RVD's kicks and spins him around, he then back suplexes him, he gets up and does RVD's thumb pointing as the crowd boos, Lynn is getting up from the powerbomb as Storm irish whips Lynn into Balls, who catches him, and gives him a huge sidewalk slam, Balls pins Jerry Lynn 1.....................2....................Lynn kicks out RVD sensing that Balls is distracted runs behind him, and gives him a huge bulldog, RVD tries for the cover 1......................2....................Balls throws RVD off of him, Balls gets up looking pretty pissed off, he gives RVD a huge clothesline, spinning RVD around, like RVD just did a backflip, Lynn is in a modified armbar right now, and is yelling in pain, as Storm applies more pressure, Lynn is scooching his body towards the side of the ring and grabs the ropes, Balls goes outside and yells at Kid Kash to get up, Kash happily obliges, Balls grabs the chair he was sitting on, Balls goes into the ring with the chair, he smacks Lynn with it, he smacks Storm with it, he goes to hit RVD with it, but RVD ducks, Balls turns around and RVD gives Balls the Van Daminator, he hooks Balls' leg for the cover 1.............................2.............................3!

Announcer: Balls Mahoney has been eliminated (4:47)

Balls gets back up looking pissed he goes over and chokes RVD, then he picks him up and gives him a huge samoan drop, Lynn seeing the opporotunity picks RVD up and gives him a Cradle Piledriver, pins him 1.......................2.......................3!

Announcer: Rob Van Dam has been eliminated (5:27)

Kid Kash looks on at all of this with a smile, RVD realizing what has just happened goes outside and starts brawling with Balls, back in the ring Storm has been laying in wait for Lynn, as he clotheslines the back of Lynn's head, Storm starts posing for the crowd, Sandman starts running towards the ring, but Storm does not see him, Storm runs at the ropes, Sandman hits him in the back of the head Storm, stumbles towards Lynn, who small packages him the ref counts 1...........................2..........................3!

Announcer: Here is your winner, and new ECW Television Champion Jerry Lynn. (Official match time: 7:21)

Styles: We have a new Television champion, it's Jerry Lynn! Oh my god this is incredible! See you next week on Hardcore Television

(Camera shows Kid Kash jumping on Jerry Lynn from behind and start fighting with him, it also shows RVD fighting with Balls Mahoney, and Storm fighting with Sandman, as the cameras go off the air.

Match Results

Mike Awesome def. Chris Benoit
Tommy Dreamer def. Rhyno
Sabu def. Eddie Guerrero
Justin Credible def. The Sandman
Jerry Lynn def. Lance Storm, Rob Van Dam, and Balls Mahoney to become the new ECW Television champion


Could I get some reviews for the show, thanks.

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Good show Congratulations on your debut!!!! Tis show was great with adequate promos, length and matches. The length of the main event was awesome!!!! Promos were good but you can have a bit more. The R.V.D. Jerry Lynn promo was good. The interview with Kid Kash was also great. The show seemed real and that's what counts. Some of the matches were great to read like the Hardcore match between Rhyyno/Dreamer, Sabu/Guerrero. Keep up the god work. 9/10 for this show

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Paul Heyman has announced two new matches for Barely Legal, they will be Lance Storm vs. The Sandman, and Balls Mahoney vs. Rob Van Dam, the card now looks like this.

Kid Kash vs. Jerry Lynn - ECW Television championship
Rob Van Dam vs. Balls Mahoney
Lance Storm vs. The Sandman
The Eliminators vs. The Dudleyz vs. New Jack and Mustafa - Triple Threat Tables match for the ECW Tag Team Championship


Thanks for the review Chemical Monster

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Good show. It had a real ECW buzz and feel around the matches, the Barley Legal Card looks Good, with some good matches already announced.

Mike Awesome vs Chris Benoit: Good match, with the big man winning, nice opening match.

Rhyno vs Tommy Dreamer: Great match, with great weapon spots.

Eddie Guerrero vs Sabu: Another Great match, end to end match.

Justin Credible vs Sandman: Squash Match, though set up Sandman and Lance Storm nicely.

Jerry Lynn vs RVD vs Lance Storm vs Balls Mahoney: Match of the Night, nicely written, with the brawl at the end set up rivarly nicely.

Keep up the good work.

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ECW Preview:

Three matches have been scheduled for this weeks ECW Hardcore T.V. 2 ECW Championship tournament matches (Mike Awesome vs. Justin Credible) and (Sabu vs. Tommy Dreamer) and a big main event has been signed, it will be Raven vs. Shane Douglas, and with only two weeks 'til Barely Legal, will any new matches be scheduled. Tune in next Wednesday to ECW Hardcore T.V. to find out
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