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Er rit its like every thread is by a new guy I actually miss Grendrill and them folk yuh Kev,Cal and WB have started a show so, so far so good yuh so why wait for mine I have been stalling it for like 2 years anyways

Rit so I have been a major ECW mark for like ever even after it died i downloaded and watched most of the matches that made me a fan my shows half done just the huge ME left i hope to get a few replies before I post it tho

well heres some hints

read my show if you:

1: Arent a spammer with no life

2: If you like Barb Wire

3:If you like blood

4:If you like women

5:If I paid you off...oops
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Re: N00bs taking over calls for this:)

bahhh good enough:)

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Re: N00bs taking over calls for this:)


It was a chant heard around the world, Fans were chanting because they loved it, Here the fans were the owners, they were everything it was all unsanctioned now the name of ECW is being reborn as a WWE Presentation well……that’s not ECW THIS IS ECW!




Look at EC ****in Dubya, The Epitome of Hardcore the home of brutality and not for the weak….

ECW were the true regime in wrestling, they planned on bowing down to nobody and kissing no ass they were the Hardcore Revolution and they always will be.

If you want to see it return……get up on your feet and yell as hard as you mother****ing can because…


The camera zooms in to the ring as we see a familiar figure

The crowd erupt as Paul Heyman walks to the ring.

Heyman: Well we have been living in the shadows for long but I said this would happen! I said it to Todd Gordon back in a dingy office in 1992, Told it to all you fans, Told it to Joey Styles, Told it to Vince Mcmahon and Eric Bischoff I told them the same thing I am telling you again…ECW WILL NEVER BE STOPPED! NEVER EVER! We are alive and kicking and we sure as hell ain’t going down not now….not ever!

“Natural Born KILLERS!”

The crowd went crazy at this point enough EC DUB chants started to blow the roof off.

And then the figure staggered out obviously drunk he had his gangsta hood on as he played to the crowd who responded with the popular “Crazy Mofo” chant the man entered the ring and slipped the hood off to reveal none other than.


Heyman: New Jack? New Jack? OH MY GOD

New Jack: Sup Paul, I expected ya to put out some more respect for ya money boi, for da man who made EC Dubya what it is.

Heyman: Yeah….Well New Jack I don’t recall asking you to work for me…

New Jack: Naw man I had no intention on meeting you I came here to do what I do: Beat the shit out of someone and collect some money boy.

Heyman: Money?

New Jack: Yeh you see Paul you didn’t pay me back in the old days and you owe me dawg so er yeh I am here to collect.

Heyman: But…

New Jack: Yeh you got no money, so I am here to make you cash so you get your fat ass backstage and let New Jack show ya how to get things rolling and-

“Shut The **** Up” by Andrew WK hit and Vic Grimes made his way out, New Jack’s eyes bulged as Grimes charged into the ring.

Grimes and New Jack instantly started trading shots their storied history should be known by hardcore ECW fans, Grimes shoves New Jack back and grabs a mic as New Jack stares him down.

Vic: Shooting on Heyman? Well why don’t I unleash a little info about you to all your fans, the man before me is a MOTHER****ING CRIMINAL! HE COULD HAVE ENDED MY LIFE! You ****ing stabbed me that night and I am sure the fans know what night!


Vic: SHUT UP! You stabbed me you ****ing ****** you stabbed me and threw me off that scaffold and I have been waiting for revenge FOR YEARS! Your going to pay and your gonna ****ing pay to me!

New Jack: Listen Vic you fat ass, shut the **** up and grow some balls I stabbed you? I stabbed you? Yeah I ****ing know I stabbed you and I am dammn proud of it your just a no good whit boy who can’t cope shit!


Vic: You bastard I broke your wrists once and I’ll do it again.

New Jack: Well me and my lil buddy here disagree

New Jack whips out his army knife to a huge pop.

Heyman: NO! JACK NO!

New Jack: Shut the

Crowd: **** UP!

New Jack floors Heyman but Grimes attacks him from behind New Jack fights off and knocks Grimes out of the ring, he takes his knife and chips away at the ring ropes and chops them off before turning to the confused crowd.

New Jack: Well since Mr. Heyman here is out cold looks like da original gangsta is running things now these cut ropes should provide some blood…


New Jack: Fo sho now lets get things rolling.

After the historic segment, Christian York and Joey Matthews charge down to the ring to their old theme.

“CHICKENS!” Amish Roadkill makes his way out to a huge pop and Danny Doring accompanies his partner.

Christian York and Joey Matthews vs Roadkill and Danny Doring

The first match in New ECW and oh it was historic! York and Matthews flew all around the place nailing Flip Dives at their opponents, York and Matthews made a unique strategy not allowing their opponent into the ring using baseball slides and all sorts of tactics until Doring grabbed York and pulled him out of the ring, Matthews leapt out to save his partner but Roadkill greeted him with a steel chair setting of the EC DUB chants, Doring and Roadkill took control battering the youngsters with steel chairs and then Doring whipped York over to the barricade into the crowd and then quickly climbed onto the top rope the crowd went crazy but went even crazier when York jumped onto the barricade and dived into the ring he managed to slide under the ring apron and knocked of Doring, Roadkill entered the ring and connected with his Bionic Elbow sending York down, Matthews came up and charged in with a Singapore Cane he started whipping Roadkill and Doring as both men bent over Matthews then jumped onto the top rope and dived at both Doring and Roadkill knocking them down. Doring and Roadkill are out cold as Matthews helps up York and then the duo lift up Doring, York grabs him and so does Matthews as they nod to each other but before they can hit their move Miss Congeniality(Lita) makes her way out!.

Lita steps into the ring in an evening gown and slowly starts to strip this prompts York and Matthews to let go off Doring, Roadkill gets up to his feet and turns around to get a full blast of tits he freezes and then falls on his knee’s.


Congeniality smirks and quickly signals to York and Matthews who both grab Chairs. CON CHAIR TO! Roadkill slumps to the ground as Lita smiles, York is then attacked from behind by Doring who pulls out a table he shoves Congeniality out of the way and sets it up he kicks Matthews in the gut and looks for his partner but Roadkill is down and out, Doring goes to revive his partner but Matthews and York grab him Doring shows resistance but Congeniality scores with a quick low blow York and Matthews then lift Doring up FULL EFFECT THROUGH THE TABLE OH MY GOD! “EC DUBYA EC DUBYA EC DUBYA” York and Matthews make the pin 1-2-3!.

Winner: York and Matthews : ECW Tag Team Championship Champions

Congeniality smirks and kisses both men who lift her onto their shoulders and carry her backstage.

The camera follows them as they set Congeniality down.

York: “Miss Congeniality why did you help us?”

Miss C.: “Christian we are not in the WWE anymore…break kayfabe”

York: “Oh yeah right Amy what the ****?”

Amy Dumas: “Christian you guys know how I like men? That Edge and Matt Hardy situation was getting too weird so I came over here!”

Joey: “And decided to help your friends right?”

Amy: “If you help me in return”

Joey: “Well we owe this to you so anything you want!”

Joey admires the tag belt as Amy bends down and slides underneath his legs on all fours.

Amy: “Whose the dirtiest bitch alive today?”

York: “Oh….My…God”

York and Matthews stare in amazement as Lita turns and bends over so York and Matthews get a better look.

The camera cuts back to the ring where New Jack is out again.

New Jack : “Well York and Matthews are having fun tonight but I know two men who are not Danny Doring and Roadkill the two o ya are gonna get another shot down the line don’t worry anyway we need a commentary team don’t we?”


New Jack : “Right you are mofos JOEY MOTHER****ING STYLES GET OUT HERE!”

Joey Styles walks out to a huge “YOU ARE GOD” chant and he positions himself in the announce table.

“Joey Styles is back now are you ready for Extreme….Championship…..WRESTLING!!!!”

New Jack : “Hey Joey a match already finished your kinda late there”

Joey : “Bring on the next one then”

“Gangstanators” Mustafa Saed and John Kronus hit the ring to a huge ECW chant as New Jack smiles sickly at his old tag team partner and his old nemesis.

Perry Saturn’s music hits next to another huge ovation as he makes his way out.

Saturn: “Kronus you bastard we are supposed to be teaming tonight!”

Kronus: “The Eliminators have been eliminated so **** the hell off”


Saturn: “Shut up all of you morons I don’t need you I’ll “gangstanate” the two of you and send you to hell payback is a bitch”

Mustafa: “Hey Hey Dawg come on bring it here! The Hardcore Cracka is on some good dope and is too high to fly so bring it on!”

Saturn dashes to the ring and fires off lefts and rights at Mustafa then throws him out of the ring he shoves Kronus and yells at him when New Jack steps into the ring with a Barbed Wire Bat.

New Jack : “Yo Saturn dawg cool off eat something like this shit right here?”

New Jack scores with a shot to Saturn’s balls as he falls and rolls in agony, Mustafa gets into the ring as Kronus starts celebrating.

New Jack: “Nahhh dawg tonight we ain’t here only for an ECW reunion we go another reunion anybody remember that old team? Mustafa Saed and ME!”

Kronus gulps as New Jack hits him straight in the face. Mustafa grabs the Barbed Wire Bat and blasts Kronus in the face as well.

The Gangstas stare down at Kronus and Saturn and walk off leaving The Eliminators high and dry.

Joey : “OH MY GOD! You’ll never see that on Monday Nights!”

“BANG BANG!” CACTUS JACK! The crowd goes wild as Cactus Jack charges down to the ring.

Cactus: “BANG BANG! Cactus Jack has arrived the Outlaw never gets caught I am Wanted Dead or Alive by many I have decided to come back! Come back to where it all began where I committed those crimes, where I smashed a lightube over Johnny Smith where I elbow dropped Gary Wolfe and where Anthony Durante god bless his soul Powerbombed me through 5 tables and I have come to experience it again! I am here to die! Die baby! DIE DIE DIE!” COME ON GIVE ME AN OPPONENT! I’ll take on a Dorito eating Mikey Whipwreck and I will take on a Cane slinging Sandman COME ON NEW JACK! Who have you got?”

Natural Born Killers!

New Jack walks down to the ring and smirks.

New Jack: Hey Cactus ya know you made a good choice with New Jack running this and mr. Bouncy checks knocked out I have got the perfect recipe for brutality cause at Guilty As Charged we are going to have Cactus Jack vs ….Stone Cold Steve Austin vs…Terry Funk.

The crowd erupts as Jack smiles his sick smile.

“Glass Breaks” Stone Cold runs out in his old **** Fear ECW attire he charges at Jack and the two beat the crap out of each other until Funk comes down with a Chainsaw he sets it off and Jack dives at him knocking him down the trio brawl through the arena until Funk sets up Jack on a table and climbs to the top rope but Austin knocks him off, STUNNER! Austin then celebrates but Jack picks up Barbie and clubs him in the back he pulls the Barbwire back leaving a reel of Barb Wire on Austin. Jack then splashes Austin catching the BarbWire all 3 men are laid out as New Jack laughs.

New Jack: Welcome to the Massacre!

“Exit Light”


A familiar figure strides out to a thunderous ovation swinging his Singapore Cane smoking a cigar and sipping from a beer can ladies and gentlemen please welcome THE SANDMAN!.

Sandman gets a huge EC DUB chant as he enters the ring he throws his beer can at the crowd to a nice pop and then grabs the microphone.

Sandman: “Well the Sandman has done it all in E….C…..W hasn’t he? I have been hung, crucified had my son and wife stolen from me tables, lighttubes you know all that? Now that I think of it maybe my time has come….maybe the time for me to quit has come but I made an oath an oath back in 1998 stating if I went down I would take a certain someone with me and that certain someone is the sickest most sadistic bastard I could think off, RAVEN! Come on Raven Tyler’s blood is in your hands my wife is still afraid to go out in the open alone because of you! You and the torture you threw upon me and my family, I am going to end it all Scott yeah I called you Scott you son of a bitch get out here FIGHT ME!”

“It seems that you have forgotten your ways Sandman…A true devil never comes out to strike he leads an attack from the shadows, The Prince Of Darkness will have engulfed your world by now Sandman you made a poor choice coming out here seeking revenge only the poorest of souls are driven by revenge your soul Sandman your soul shall not ascend because your soul is mine!, I took it from you! Sandman…..The beasts from beneath are satisfied with your choice still because now I can bring back what I always wanted I will bring back MY WIFE and MY SON Tyler and your precious little wife will come back to me the bird has stretched it’s wings in acceptance.

The arena darkens and a video shows up on the titantron it shows Sandman’s house with the furniture knocked over a dark figure strides in and knocks something off the mantle piece it turns out to be a picture of Sandman and his family.

“Welcome To The Terror Dome, Quote The Raven NEVERMORE”

An enraged Sandman gets out of the ring and charges backstage but he is stopped by Raven himself.

“You wanted a fight? You’ll get a fight!”

Raven vanishes again as Sandman looks around suddenly Steve Richards shows up and attacks Sandman.

Sandman and Steven Richards

Sandman swings his cane at Richards putting the hurt on him early, Richards comes back with an armdrag and the crowd starts a “**** EM UP SANDMAN **** EM UP”chant Sandman comes back with right hands and blasts Richards in the ribs with the Cane he throws him into the ring corner and charges but Richards rolls out of the way and flips Sandman out of the ring straight through a table, Richards grabs a chair and sets it up before going off the ropes he leaps at Sandman who catches him and throws him back straight into the announce table.


Sandman takes a beer can and busts himself open, he points the cane at the crowd and yells when THE MUSKEETEER SHOWS UP!.

“Ravens Flock! RAVENS FLOCK!”

Sandman lashes out at Musketeer with the cane as Musketeer draws his sword, Sandman just laughs him off and smashes him in the head knocking Musketeer down, he picks up Stevie one last time WHITE RUSSIAN LEGSWEEP INTO THE RING BARRICADE! ONE TWO THREE!.

Winner: Sandman


New Jack is walking backstage and as he continues down the road he is hit from behind by a singapore cane as New Jack bends over a lighttube crashes over his head as well and he falls down, He is then lifted of the ground and the camera catches.


New Jack is suddenly swept into the air, 3-D! D-Von and Bubba have laid out New Jack.

Heyman: “Excellent work BOYS!”


New Jack’s prone body lies on the ground as Heyman smirks and heads towards the ring with the Dudleys in tow.

Heyman: “New Jack thought he was smart…..taking down Paul Heyman well no one takes down Paul E.! whether you love me or hate me you got to admit that! New Jack you foul mouthed bastard it took 2 seconds(holds up two fingers)for the Dudleys to take you down, You and Mustafa whatshisname thought you were all that? Well listen your nothing! In fact I have two men here Bubba and D-Von who are going to take you down and make you wish you were never born *****(OOO!)Your just like the rest of your society taking drugs,shooting people getting into gang fights well you want to get involved in “Gang Warfare” well the Dudleys are here Jack bring all your homies, bring your groupies, bring your girls Bubba and D-Von will decimate you!”

Heyman now smiles and laughs.

Heyman: “Now onto more pressing matters such as the ECW World Title because tonight Mr. PPV ROB VAN DAM, Old School Steve Corino and The Suicidal SABU will face off in a match for the World Title but it won’t be any match no no it will be a Stairway to Death match! Yes you see Xtreme Pro Wrestling another little hardcore knock off, decided to make this match and now since Rob Black is getting drunk somewhere I have decided to rub it in his face you see there will be three scaffolds will be placed in the ring and a ladder will be placed on each one, the first one will have weapons scattered once you climb to the second one gentlemen you will be surrounded by Barbed Wire and if you somehow escape that the third scaffold will have nothing, but tables will be stacked underneath and you will have a SCAFFOLD MATCH.

The crowd goes wild as RHYNO’s music hits and he makes his way out, then “War Machine” hits and it’s TAZ.

Taz vs Rhyno for the TV Title

The crowd went wild as Taz kicked away at Rhyno, Taz grabbed Rhyno by the throat but the Man Beast flung him off then charged but Taz grabbed him in a Belly To Belly sending Rhyno down!, Taz grabbed Rhyno by the arm and wrapped his legs around his waist going for the Keylock Suplex but Rhyno somehow wriggles out and Taz grabs him in a Full Nelson trying to break his neck but Rhyno with a kick to the groin he goes off the ropes GORE GORE GORE no Taz leaps out of the way and Rhyno dives into the mat, Taz slaps on the KAMATI HAJ TIME!(Taz Mission) and Rhyno yells and gulps in pain but manages to roll Taz onto the apron he then pounds his chest as the crowd cheer for the familiar spot Rhyno grabs Taz and lifts him up, “ECCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC!!!!!!!!!!” Rhyno leaps off and Taz hits the concrete PILEDRIVER OF THE APRON! “DUBYAAAAAAAAAA!” Rhyno yells maniacally as Taz lies on the ground. Rhyno takes a table from underneath the ring and sets it up before lifting Taz up and places him on the table before entering the ring and pounds his chest before bending down. He charges and dives through the middle rope and connects with a DIVE THROUGH THE TABLE! And Taz lies on the crumpled heap, Rhyno lifts up Taz again and takes out another table this time he places him on the table once more he enters the ring and flicks off the crowd, he charges again but Taz somehow rolls off and Rhyno crashes through the table!!!, Taz puts one hand on the ring apron and hoists himself up he looks at Rhyno laying through the table and pulls out a table of his own he places it and then takes out another table but Rhyno is up and he yells like a psycho and he charges GORE GORE GORE! NO! Taz turned him around and locked on the Kamati Haj Time he flung him backwards and Rhyno crashes through the table and then Taz takes out a singapore cane and smashes it into Rhyno’s balls who howls then Taz turns Rhyno around and smashes his knee into Rhyno’s back he locks on a waist lock on Rhyno and takes a step back and it looks like he is going for a German Suplex but Rhyno scores with a field goal kick and Taz keels over as Rhyno charges GORE TAZ HITS THE RING POST! A dazed Taz lies on the ground as Rhyno pounds his chest like an animal and drags Taz towards the ring barricade and charges knocking him straight into the crowd and Taz lies between the crowd as Rhyno enters he yells at the crowd and Rhyno takes a chair and smacks it into the barricade warming it up as Taz gets up Rhyno swings only to get lifted up and taken down hard with a back suplex straight into the concrete the crowd goes wild as Taz takes a chair and places it on Rhyno he takes another and then places another on Rhyno he places a third and then goes back to get the singapore cane he warms it up and sends it crashing down onto the pile of chairs and Rhyno gives a violent jump and then Taz locks in the Kamati Haj Time once more and Rhyno is about to pass out and then TOMMY DREAMER ENTERS from the back and walks into the melee with his Singapore Cane a swift shot to Taz’s back and then he locks on a face lock, DREAMER DDT as Taz lies on the ground, Dreamer stands up and goes shot after shot after shot to the balls of Taz who yells in pain and then Dreamer takes out a CHEESE GRATER(ECW!)he digs into Taz as blood spills everywhere Dreamer yells as he leaves.

Joey: “What the hell whose the Television Champion??? Why did Tommy Dreamer just ****ing nail Taz with that Singapore Cane and why did he just cut him up with that Cheese Grater!!!”

The fans are rioting as Dreamer laughs and leaves.

*Advertisement for Guilty as Charged*

We go back to ringside where we see the set up for the Stairway to Death the crew is applying the touches to the first scaffold making sure it is bounded together good, a pair of crew members then take the chairs and place them there a single table and a singapore cane joins the fray at that the crowd throws in Dreamer’s Cheese Grater the crew places it there as well then a ladder is placed above the first is another crew of workers wrapping the ropes in barb wire up in the third scaffold we see workers making sure it is bound together tightly.

“Walk” by Pantera hits as Rob Van Dam makes his way out, Bill Alfonso whistling behind him, Van Dam smiles and grabs the microphone.

RVD: “Well..Well who would have thunk it? ECW is back and Rob….Van Dam Is main eventing like he should cause you see even though ECW wasn’t around nothing changed I am still Mr. PPV, I am still The Whole ****ing Show and I am still high and Corino? Sabu? Don’t feel bad after tonight because you have one comforting thought: RVD 420 just smoked your ass”


Corino: “Rob…Rob your right nothing has changed your still a cocky young snot nosed punk, after ECW’s fall I went to Japan and owned it I came to America and I took over all those indy promotions I am the best dammn technical wrestler there is today Rob and you think your all that because you have the crowd eating out of your hand due to your high flying ability well listen you spot monkey, Corino is here and now things are about to turn OLD SCHOOL!”

RVD just grins when all of a sudden SABU runs out of the crowd with the chair he enters the ring and points up to the sky as RVD turns CRACK!.

Main Event Scaffold Match Note:Once pinned you are eliminated

RVD and Sabu are up in the first scaffold as Sabu stomps away at Van Dam, Corino enters and picks up the Cheese Grater and dives at Sabu who moves and then Corino eats steel, Sabu goes for the Arabian Facebuster on Van Dam and nails it he goes over to Corino and does the same and then poses before climbing onto the second scaffold carefully crawling in so he doesn’t get the barb wire meanwhile RVD and Corino slug it out as RVD scores with a Spin Kick to the ribs then flips over Corino’s back and goes for a Feint Wheel Kick but Corino ducks and smashes RVD over the head with the chair and then grabs him for the Old School Expulsion but the crowd is buzzing as Sabu charges and leaps over the Barb Wire with a Flip Dive right into Corino knocking him straight down the crowd erupt, as all three men lie on the first scaffold, RVD shows signs of movement and crawls onto his feet he looks at Sabu then picks up the Cheese Grater he moves over to Sabu and raises it before digging in blood spills as Sabu howls in pain and is out cold, RVD picks up Corino and smashes a Singapore Cane over his head and then picks up the ladder but instead of climbing he places it on Sabu and then flips ROLLING THUNDER! Sabu is crushed and flops about as RVD goes for Corino when JASON comes running out and gets into the first scaffold only to take the ladder to the face Jason goes flying out of the ring as Van Dam goes back but this time Justin Credible comes out and RVD greets him with a kick, Credible comes back with a kick to the gut and then picks up the Steel Chair only for RVD to hit the Van Daminator knocking Credible out. Corino’s army has been decimated! As RVD turns around he is grabbed in a Face Lock OLD SCHOOL EXPULSION! And RVD is out cold, Corino looks around at his surroundings and smiles Sabu is bloodied and out and RVD is down, he signals to Jason who gets a baseball bat and hands it to him Corino then goes to the second scaffold and wraps it in Barb Wire just then a bloodied Sabu pushes the ladder over and Corino goes flying into the ring ropes and falls into the ring apron, Sabu grabs the Barbed Wire Bat and dives at Van Dam connecting straight with his throat some of the Barbed Wire also catches Sabu in the ribs as RVD rolls around in pain, Sabu catches Jason going for him but greets him with a Dropkick and Jason falls again, Sabu throws a chair at Credible before turning around he goes for RVD again but Corino surprises him from behind with a Superkick sending Sabu down, Corino quickly climbs to the top and rolls he dares Sabu to enter and an enraged Sabu climbs up but Corino smiles and signals to Credible who intercepts Sabu but Sabu starts punching him this allows Corino to signal to Jason who tips the ladder over and Sabu flies into the Barbed Wire Ropes he gets caught up as Corino pulls him into the ring, The Bloody Sabu lies motionless as Corino lifts him up once more and points towards the Barbed Wire he throws Sabu in and Sabu gets caught up once more, this time an angry Corino hits him with a Superkick knocking him right out to the first scaffold below, a barbed wire wrapped RVD gets up and removes the Barb Wire he slowly climbs up as Corino smiles and signals to his boys but Bill Alfonso has a baseball bat and he charges Jason and Credible but misses but with Corino’s army busy Van Dam manages to strike out at Corino knocking him into the barbed wire and emitting a huge roar from the crowd, as Corino closes his eyes in pain as Van Dam spears him back into more Barbed Wire, Corino falls and rolls around as Van Dam holds him up but Justin Credible starts climbing up as Jason restrains Alfonso, Credible meets RVD and rocks him with some right hands and scores with a brutal Superkick he picks up RVD and goes to whip him into the Barbed Wire but RVD counters as Credible’s stomach greets the Barbed Wire right after that we see Sabu climbing up to a huge roar RVD sees this and climbs down the ladder and the two both trade rights on the ladder it ends with Sabu hitting many right hands eventually grabbing RVD by the head and slamming him into the Barbed Wire, Sabu pulls him off then climbs in himself he wipes the blood of his face and smears it across Corino’s chest before lifting Corino onto his shoulders and charging towards the Barbed Wire Ropes but Corino falls back and twists Sabu Old School Expulsion NO! Sabu shoves Corino into the ropes and Corino catches the Barbed Wire head on, Sabu rolls him up as the crowd erupts.





Corino is dragged out of the ring as Sabu grabs the weak Van Dam and goes for a Slam straight to the ring below but RVD hops down behind him and sends his foot crashing into Sabu’s face RVD climbs up to the third scaffold as Sabu follows both try to knock each other off but end up safely on top just then yells go around the arena as the second and first scaffold collapse and the crew work hard to clear the ring eventually many tables are stacked as we have a full Scaffold match on now!.

RVD spits at Sabu who nails him with a right hand and then a Hurracanrana sending RVD over but RVD grabs on and scales through the bottom, Sabu thinks he has the match won but looks down below to see no RVD, RVD comes up from behind and scores with a tackle and then flips back and nails a hard Feint Wheel Kick sending Sabu flying but the High Flier grabs onto the Scaffold and climbs up this allows RVD to stomp on his hand and Sabu is hanging struggling to free himself, Van Dam then stomps on his face and attempts to thrust him down but Sabu does things the old fashioned way and headbutts RVD right in the ballsack Sabu climbs into the scaffold but RVD musters enough strength to knock him right back off but Sabu drags RVD down with him both hold onto the scaffold as RVD kicks Sabu both hold onto the scaffold as Sabu kicks back both trade kicks until Sabu finally grabs RVD in a Face Lock using one hand to support him Sabu tries to DDT RVD down but instead Rob uses gravity to swing behind Sabu and wrap his legs around him Van Dam holds onto the Scaffold as Sabu keels over and is let go, the fans leap as Sabu free falls and then crashes straight through the tables, Van Dam climbs back into the top Scaffold and raises his hands in victory he is lowered as Todd Gordon, Bob Ortiz and Paul Heyman walk out Gordon hands over the title as RVD raises it over his head, Alfonso comes in and celebrates as well. Heyman nods at RVD as the fans go crazy

Joey: “RVD has done it! ROB VAN DAM! RVD 420 just smoked your ass! Corino was taken down, Sabu was taken down RVD prevailed he survived the Arabian Facebuster! He survived the Old School Expulsion a new era has begun the Rob Van Dam era!”

Well there ya go longest mother****ing show I have ever done 16 pages long not to shabby I think might be a little graphic contains flashing ya but its been done before in ECW language is just like ECW its all ECW like in my opinion rate away

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Re: N00bs taking over calls for this:)

Your right New Jack overkill well how about this I gurantee the next show will contain: Blue....World....Order
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