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1996 was the year that Paul Heyman took control on the then named 'Eastern Championship Wrestling'. Heyman was known for having a brilliant wrestling brain but had no sense when it came down to the business side of running a company. Heyman was quick to change the way that the company did its wrestling, first being a name change to 'Extreme Championship Wrestling'. The new brand of extreme wrestling gained alot of followers in its birthplace of Philadelphia and it wasn't long before it was gaining followers worldwide. ECW was soon being noticed by the big companys WWF and WCW and many had the feeling it could go the distance and take on the bigger companys. Unfortunately that is not how it went for Paul Heyman and ECW, after experiencing the heights of TV and PPV's ECW was soon shot down from the lime light. With no money coming in and too much going out each month ECW and Paul Heyman's time was up .On January 7th 2001 ECW aired there final PPV Living Dangerously after ECW owner Paul Heyman had filed for bankruptcy due to not being able to run the company anymore. It was over.

2 years later in 2003 Vince McMahon and WWE bought the rights to ECW after the famous WCW/ECW invasion. It was 2005 before the ECW name would be used again and it was done by WWE naming one of there events 'ECW One Night Stand' which would be filmed live in Philadelphia in front of the ECW crowd. This featured many of the then WWE stars and a lot of the past ECW wrestlers. WWE did the same event a year later in 2006 and then WWE made ECW a proper wrestling brand and show. June 13, 2006 to February 16, 2010 WWE ECW ran its own show with its own wrestlers and it went for 193 shows before Vince McMahon ended it and replaced it with NXT. All the ECW wrestlers were released, which included many ECW orgininals, and many of them have moved on from the ECW gimmik since then.

Now just under a year later from that moment ECW is back in the hands of Paul Heyman after a local company from Philadelphia managed to buy the rights from Vince McMahon. Many of the orginal ECW superstars, including some that were with them when under WWE, have agreed to come back and have managed to bring many current TNA wrestlers along with them. ECW have been given a Thursday night timeslot on SyFy to air 'Thurday Night ECW' and also a monthly PPV contract. Joey Styles and Taz will be commentators for the show. Can Paul Heyman once again make ECW arise from nothing to something?


AJ Styles
Axl Rotten
Big Daddy V
Bubba Ray Dudley
Chavo Guerrero
Christopher Daniels
D-Von Dudley
Gregory Helms
Jamal Mustafa
Kevin Thorn
New Jack
Paul Burchill
Rob Van Dam
Shane Douglas
Shelton Benjamin
The Sandman
Tommy Dreamer

Tag Teams

Dudley Boys (Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley)
The Gangstas (New Jack and Jamal Mustafa)


ECW World Heavyweight Title
Shane Douglas

ECW Television Title

ECW Tag Team Title
The Gangstas

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My only complaint is that your roster seems really small right now, especially if you have two singles titles and a tag title as well. It wouldn't be that bad of an idea to hire maybe another 3 teams, as well as a few more singles competitors to fill out your roster. But what you have so far definitely shows promise, and I'm looking forward to seeing where you go with this. Definitely subbing.

Peace, Love,
Brandon Brownson

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Thursday Night ECW Preview

Thursday Night ECW
Live from ECW Arena, Philadelphia on SyFy

After the annoucement of the return of ECW, Paul Heyman has today annouced the show card for the first show up comming on Thursday night. It is going to be an extreme return to the world of wrestling for ECW with a full card of extreme style matches. Christopher Daniels makes his ECW debut when he gets into the ring with Shelton Benjamin who worked for ECW when it was part of WWE. Kevin Thorn, Nunzio, Chavo Guerrero and Paul Burchill face off in a fatal four way with the winner getting a shot at the vacant ECW Television Title. The second number one contenders match for the ECW Television Title comes in the shape of a triple threat match involving Axl Rotten, Big Daddy V and Gregory Helms.

The first title match of the night will be a tag team match between The Dudley Boys and The Gangstas with the winners becoming the new ECW Tag Team Champions. The final match and main event of the night is going to be a big one, a 7-man over the top rope battle royal match for the ECW World Heavyweight Title. Raven, Rob Van Dam, Sabu, Shane Douglas, The Sandman, Tommy Dreamer and Rhyno will all take part in the battle royal and the man that is left standing at the end of this extreme and deadly match up will be crownd the new World Heavyweight Champion.

Don't miss a massive ECW return this Thursday on SyFy.​

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Thursday Night ECW

Thursday Night ECW
Live from ECW Arena, Philadelphia on SyFy

"This is Extreme!" by Harry Slash & The Slashtones starts playing as the ECW opening titles begin to role. The camera soon fades into the ECW Areana were it shows the packed out crowd on there feet cheering. Pyros then go off at the top of the ECW ramp as the camera goes to Joey Styles and Taz at the annoucers table.

Joey Styles: Ladies and Gentlemen thank you for joining us for Thursday Night ECW. I'm Joey Styles and I'm joined at ringside by my co-commentator Taz. Its the return of ECW and what a show we have lined up for you tonight...

Before Joey Styles can finish what he was going to say Paul Heyman's theme music begins to blast out and the fans begin to cheer loudly as Paul Heyman walks out to the top of the ramp with a mic in his hand. Heyman makes his way to the ring as the music dies down and the fans calm down.

Paul Heyman: Ten years ago I shut the door on ECW and I have regreted that decision ever since. I know that I let a lot of people down when I made that decision and anything to do with ECW since then has only made it worse. Vince McMahon bought ECW and turned it into what I call the worst brand of extreme wrestling of the last decade. In the WWE you did not have the freedom to do what ECW does best and thats why ECW was doomed the minute Vince McMahon brought it back.

Chants of E.C.W begin to fill the arena.

Paul Heyman:
I know what ECW meant to everyone inside this arena and now that the company is back into my hands, I promise that the original ECW is back and its here to stay. I know that last time around the way that this company was run was the main downfall to ECW and I admit that with just me in charge of the company things may, in the end, turn out the same way. Thats why I have thought ahead and have decided that if ECW is going to become the same force that it was ten years ago I have to make sure that the same mistakes are cut out. Thats why this time I have hired a second man to come and help me run this company and I truley believe that this man is this right choice. Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome the Vice President of ECW...

"Running with the Bulls" blasts out of the P.A system and it gains a mixed reaction from the crowd as many know who it is and many don't know who is coming.

Joey Styles:
Thats Eric Bischoff! Paul Heyman has hired the old WCW owner to come help him with ECW this time around.

Well I don't know what to say Joey, is this a good or bad idea reguarding the future of this business.

Eric Bischoff comes to ringside and joins Paul Heyman inside the ring and the pair shake hands both with big smiles on there faces.

Eric Bischoff:
Well, this isn't where I expected to be this far into my career but when the Paul Heyman called me up and gave me this opportunity, I wasn't going to turn it down. I know what its like to lose a company to Vince McMahon and to get another chance to try to take a company to better heights then the WWE is what I've wanted for a long time. Whwn both ECW and WCW were around I believe that both me and Paul had better business brains then McMahon and with us both in charge of this company, I think we can make this better and bigger then it was ten years ago.

Bischoff and Heyman drop there mic's and hug in the ring as the fans continue to give a mixed reaction to the news of Bischoff in ECW. Fade chants of E.C.W can be heard but sound of boo's are also echoing around the arena. Both Heyman and Bischoff leave the ring and make there way backstage.

Joey Styles: Well Taz I did not expect that tonight, Eric Bischoff is part of ECW.

Taz: Well Joey I always thought Bischoff and Heyman hated each other so its wierd to see them in the ring together hugging and smiling. I suppose for a business point of view this is good for ECW because of what Bischoff did with WCW but on a personal level it may not work out between Bischoff and Heyman.

Joey Styles:
One thing is for sure Taz is that ECW's return has been greated by some massive news. Anyway its time for the first match of the night and its the Triple Threat Number One Contenders Match.

Number One Contenders Match for the ECW Televison Title
Axl Rotten vs Big Daddy V vs Gregory Helms

All three men seemed eager to get a win tonight and it was long into the match when Axl and Helms took the opportunity to double team Big Daddy V. Axl and Helms gained a lot of momentum from double teaming and soon enough it was just those two in the ring fighting it out and it was Helms that gained the upper hand between the two. Helms was showing a load of talent in the ring and the crowd seemed to be getting behind him. Helms had Axl on the backfoot and hit Axl with the Nightmare of Helms Street but it wasn't enough to claim victory as the pinfall was broken by Big Daddy V who then used his size and weight against Helms. With Big Daddy V having momentem on his side, he hit Helms with the Ghetto Drop and covered Helms for the three count.

Winner: Big Daddy V

Joey Styles: A huge win tonight for Big Daddy V, I think its fair to say that he is a force that shouldn't be taken to lightly by the superstars on the ECW roster.

Big Daddy V is a man mountain and I don't think there are many people backstage that would want to go at him one on one Joey. If it wasn't for Helms and Axl double teaming him at the start I think this match would have been over a lot quicker.

Joey Styles:
I know Taz, we may be seeing the new ECW Televison Champion right now.

Big Daddy V receives a good reaction from the crowd as he get back onto his feet and celebrates inside the ring.

*Commercial Break*

Joey Styles: Welcome back to ECW and next up is a man that I am looking forward to watching in the ring.

Taz: Christopher Daniels, this man is good and I think that the fans of ECW will enjoy seeing him around here Joey but he has got a tough opponent in Shelton Benjamin.

Joey Styles: It should be a decent match between two great athletes.

Christopher Daniels vs Shelton Benjamin

Both men got a good reception from the ECW crowd as they came down to the ring. The match was all even for the opening stages with neither man able to break the other down. It was a great show of techinical wrestling and the fans were getting behind both of the superstars. But it was when the referee was accidentally hit by Shelton Benjamin's elbow, the match swung in Benjamin's favour. Benjamin began to hit a lot of moves onto Daniels and Daniels was begining to run out of steam. Benjamin picked up Daniels in the center of the ring and got him in position for the T-Bone Suplex but Benjamin was unaware of what was behind him. A hooded man had made his way through the crowd and into the ring with a lead pipe in his hands. The man struck Benjamin in the back of the head with the lead pipe and both Benjamin and Daniels fel to the mat. The hooded man put Daniels body on the top of Benjamin's and fled outside the ring as the referee started to get back to his feet. The referee saw Daniels making the cover and pinned to the 3 count and declared Daniels the winner.

Winner: Christopher Daniels

Joey Styles: I don't beleive it Taz, thats cheating on the highest scale. Benjamin did not deserve to lose a match in that way. Who is that guy anyway?

The hooded man gets back into the ring and helps Daniels get to his feet. Daniels looks at him and smiles showing that Daniels knew that this was going to happen. Daniels goes outside and gets a couple of mic's and gives on to the hooded man.

Christopher Daniels:
I didn't think you was going to show up, but boy you came in at the right time.

Daniels looks over at the hooded man who puts his hand onto the top of the hod and drags it down to reveal who it was.

Joey Styles: Oh my god thats AJ Styles! What he doing inside the ECW arena, he doesn't belong in this company.

AJ Styles receives a lot of boos from the ECW fans as he looks around the arena smirking.

AJ Styles: Look at you all getting a bit aggressive just because I helped my man Daniels in a match. Thats the way this company goes, ECW doesn't have many rules and if you want to get by in this company, you have to do it in a cheaters style.

Christopher Daniels:
Surely you guys didn't expect me to come to this company alone? This company isn't what a normal person would call wrestling, its just a bunch of mad and psychopathic guys inside a ring together. I am only here because its the only choice I had left in my career and I thought I may aswell help the needy. This company is nothing, most of the guys backstage are has-beens and the owners have nothing but previous company failure behind them.

AJ Styles:
Thats why we are here, this company needs us if it wants to being something in wrestling. Me and Daniels single handedly carried TNA for years and we are here to do exactly the same. You can forget Sabu, Rob Van Dam and Tommy Dreamer because its not those guys that this company needs, its us!

AJ Styles chucks his mic to the floor and goes to the turnbuckle to celebrate. Both men are getting a very bad reception from the fans after the comments that have just made and they leave the ring to a chorus of boos.

Joey Styles: What idiots Taz, why would you come out to the birthplace of ECW and in front of the die-hard ECW fans and slate the company like that?

Taz: I don't know Joey but am guessing those guys have made a lot of enemies backstage after those words. They need to be careful because those guys will not take something like that to lightly.

Joey Styles: Oh they are definately now in for a rough time. Next up its the Fatal Four Way to find out who Big Daddy V's opponent will be for the ECW Television Title.

Number One Contenders Match for the ECW Televison Title
Kevin Thorn vs Nunzio vs Chavo Guerrero vs Paul Burchill

A whole load of talent was inside the ring at this moment and the ECW fans showed that they appreciated three of the men inside the ring. Paul Burchill had come back in his old pirate gimmik that he had used for some time in the WWE and the fans seemed to be a bit off putted by it and they soon turned on him by making chants reguarding his pirate clothing. All the men were of a similar height and weight catergory so it was hard for any of them to get a great advantage. It was not long before weapons began to get involved and it was Nunzio who took advantage of that and started giving out a lot of chair shots to th other three men. When Nunzio hit the Sicilian Drop onto Kevin Thron most of the arena thought the match was over but the pinfall was halted at the 2 count as Chavo hit Nunzio in the back with a chair to break the pin. Chavo then continued to deliver chair shots to Nunzio and then got him in the positsion for a frog splash but when Chavo climbed up to the top of the turnbuckle Paul Burchill ran up and pushed Chavo to the outside. Burchill then took advantage of a just standing up Kevin Thorn and hit the C4 and covered him for the three count.

Winner: Paul Burchill

Joey Styles: That is a massive win for Paul Burchill, Taz.

Taz: Yeah its always good to get your first win in your first match but you still gotta look at the other men in that match. A lot of them showed a lot of talent and charisma and have proved that they mean business in ECW.

Joey Styles: Now its time for the Tag Team Titles match between the Dudley Boys and the Gangstas.

ECW Tag Team Championship
The Dudley Boys vs The Gangstas

All four men got a fine reception from the crowd and were showered in chant's of E.C.W. Both these teams are former ECW Tag Team Champions and they are both classed as ECW Orginals. It was a fiesty affair inside the ring but it was D-Von who was on the end of a beatdown as New Jack and Jamal Mustafa kept tagging each other in to stop D-Von from being able to make a tag. D-Von then started to get a bit of momentum going and managed to stop New Jack from making the tag and made the tag to Bubba Ray. Bubba Ray charged into the ring with a lot of momentum and began to work down New Jack but Bubba Ray was un aware of what was happening outside the ring. Jamal Mustafa had gone to the other side of the ring and began to brutaley attack D-Von and ended it by throwing him into the steel steps. When Bubba Ray noticed it was to late and New Jack hit a distracted Bubba Ray with the Death Valley driver and pinned him 1,2,3.

Winners: The Gangstas

Joey Styles: The Gangstas are the new ECW Tag Team Champions, they maybe didn't in them in the cleanest of styles but I don't think they care.

Taz: When your in the wrestling business you need to think on your feet Joey and it must have been a split second decision by Jamal to do that to D-Von but I don't blame him, if it wins you the gold then thats it.

The Gangstas get given there belts by the referees and then celebrate in the middle of the ring to a mixed crowd reaction. The pair leave the ring with there belts in the air as a video promo cuts advertising the next match.

Joey Styles: Every single man in this next match is an ECW Original. These are the men that made this company into a big name. All of them have held the gold before and now they each have another chance to hold it again. Ladies and Gentle it is tonight main event, for the ECW World Heavyweight Championship, its time for the 7-man battle royal.

7-Man Over the Top Rope Battle Royal for the ECW World Heavyweight Championship
Raven vs Rhyno vs Rob Van Dam vs Sabu vs Shane Douglas vs The Sandman vs Tommy Dreamer

Chants of E.C.W filled the ECW arena as the 7 men made there way to the ring and each man got a standing ovation from the crowd. Sandman brought his singapore cain down with him and Raven brought down a bag of weapons which he chucked into the ring with him. Once all 7 men were in the ring the bell rang and all of them rushed into action and it wasn't long before an old rivalrey was brought back. Raven and The Sandman faced of in the center of the ring exchanging punches trying to wear each other down. Sandman soon used his cain to his advantage and hit Raven right on top of the head which dazed Raven and made him lean onto the ropes. Tommy Dreamer took advantage of this and hit Raven with a clothesline and knocked him over the top rope and out of the match. This was the last we would see of Raven as just a couple of seconds later Raven picked a chair up and ran back into the ring and struck the Sandman in the back of the head knocking over the top rope and crashing down onto the mat. Raven then followed Sandman outside the ring and continued with the beat down all the way to the backstage area.

Rob Van Dam and Sabu had began to double team on Rhyno, stomping him down in a corner but Sabu soon turned on RVD and tried to get a cheap shot on RVD to try and knock him out the ring. This backfired and Sabu and RVD started to exchange blows in the center of the ring. Rhyno then used the opportunity to hit the gore onto an unexpectant Sabu. Unfortunately this then backfired on Rhyno who stood back up from the gore and was greeting to a chair shot from Shane Douglas who then hit the Final Exam on Rhyno and chucked him over the top rope.

Only 4 men remained in the ring and once again Sabu and RVD joined together to beat Dreamer and Douglas but again Sabu turned on RVD. Sabu ran behind RVD with a chair and hit him with the Arabian Skullcrusher which knocked RVD over the top rope leaving just three men left in the match. Sabu then turned his attention onto Tommy Dreamer who was laid out in the middle of the ring. Sabu started to hit him Dreamer in the back with a lot of chair shots but Shane Douglas came to the aid of Tommy Dreamer and clotheslined Sabu. Douglas then got Sabu up and attempted to try and get him over the top rope. Sabu was doing well to hold on until Dreamer came up with a singapore cain and struck Sabu in the back with it, with that Sabu flopped to the outside and there was just 2 men left inside the ring.

Tommy Dreamer and Shane Douglas had a bit of a stare down in the middle of the ring before they both started to exchange punches with each other. Dreamer gained the upper hand and clotheslined Douglas to the mat and used the cain to strike Douglas repeatedly into the chest. Dreamer then brought Douglas to his feet and was about to hit Douglas with the Dreamer Driver to the outside but Douglas reversed it and stayed on his feet on the outside of the apron. Dreamer then charged at Douglas but as Dreamer got near to the rope Douglas pulled the top one down and Dreamer went crashing to the outside.

Winner: Shane Douglas

Douglas then entered back into the ring and the referee give him his belt. Douglas then celebrated in the middle of the ring with the ECW World Heavyweight Championship, with the fans cheering and chanting his name.

Joey Styles: Shane Douglas is the new ECW World Heavyweight Champion. What a match that...

Before Joey Styles can finish the lights in the ECW arena cut out apart from on single light that is focused on Shane Douglas in the ring. Then words come up on the titantron aimed towards Shane Douglas:

Enough is enough...

It's time ECW learns what its like to be a proper wrestling organisation...

Prepare to meet your fate...

Next Thursday you will see what a true champion looks like...

With that the lights in the ECW arena come back on and Douglas looks shocked inside the ring. Douglas leave ring side and rushes up the ramp backstage.

Joey Styles: What the hell was that Taz? It seems someone has got it in for Shane Douglas and the ECW.

Taz: Whoever it is seems like the mean business and I wouldn't like to be in there way. Shane Douglas has a right to be scared, he doesn't know what man or beast could come and get him.

Joey Styles:
One thing we know for though Taz is that, whoever it is will be on next Thursday ECW so its surely not one to be missed. Goodbye and thanks for watching!


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Thursday Night ECW Preview

Thursday Night ECW
Live from ECW Arena, Philadelphia on SyFy

ECW made a massive return to television after a jam packed show last Thursday and this weeks is proving to be just as big. Chavo Guerrero was unlucky in defeat last week and he will face of with someone who was also unlucky in there match, Shelton Benjamin. This will definately be a great match between two very talented athletes. After last weeks verbal attack on ECW both AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels will be in action this week. They will partner together and go toe-to-toe with ECW Originals The Dudley Boys. Will the Dudleys be able to stand up for ECW or will Daniels and Styles get one over the ECW?

Big Daddy V and Paul Burchill will have to wait til ECW's pay per view 'Massacre on 34th Street' to face off for the ECW Television Championship but they will both be in action this week. Big Daddy V will team with Kevin Thorn to face Paul Burchill and Gregory Helms. Which person will be able to get one over the other before the PPV?

Last week rivalrys were renewed between Raven and Sandman after they went for each other during last weeks battle royal. This week they will go against each other in a tables match with both men looking out for revenge. Who will be able to get a massive win over there opponent and get one up on this long standing rivalry?

The main event of the night will be a triple threat match between Sabu, Rob Van Dam and Rhyno. Each man has a point to prove after losing out in the battle royal last week. Which one will be able to pick up a vital win and put themselves firmly in with a chance of the title?

Last week Shane Douglas was interupted while celebrating his title win. This week Shane Douglas will go face-to-face with the man who sent out that strange message. It has been annouced that Douglas will not be in a match this week and neither will the man behind the messages but whether it will be a physical confruntation is unknown.

The only way to find out will be to tune into ECW on Syfy this week.​
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