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ECW 2001 and Beyond

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What if ECW never closed? That is what this "Be the Booker" is all about.


Tommy Dreamer
Rob Van Dam
Balls Mahoney
Little Guido
New Jack
Spike Dudley
Simon Diamond
Chris Chetti
Amish Roadkill
Jerry Lynn
Danny Doring
Justin Credible
Sal E. Graziano
Super Crazy
Super Nova
Dawn Marie
Yoshiro Tajiri
Steve Corino
Masato Tanaka
CW Anderson
Bill Whiles
Cyrus the Virus
Joel Gertner
Joey Styles
The Sandman
Mikey Whipwreck
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Lou E. Dangerously
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EZ Money
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Living Dangerously PPV
March 25th, 2001
Live from the ECW Arena


[The scene opens in the backstage area of the ECW Arena. Joey Styles is standing in front of an ECW backdrop. He is wearing a grey suit. He has a microphone in hand. He is looking at the camera and begins to speak to the live audience at home, watching on pay per view.]

Joey Styles: Breaking news! Roadkill and Danny Doring have missed their flight! Paul Heyman has said that tonight in the opening match will be Tajiri and Mikey Whipwreck going for the titles. Their opponents have yet to be named. Paul Heyman said that Cyrus, yes Cyrus will be choosing a team to face Mikey Whipwreck and Tajiri!

[Joey Styles pauses for a moment and then begins to talk again..]

Joey Styles: That's not all. Tonight in the main event, Rhino, the World Heavyweight champion will be defending his title against The Sandman! Right now though we have to go to Justin Credible and Francine.

[The camera cuts to Justin Credible standing with Francine. Justin Credible is wearing a black tee shirt that says "Got Blood" in red lettering. Francine is wearing a purple suit that is very revealing. She has a signapore cane in her hand. Justin Credible stands in front of the camera man and begins to speak to the audience at home.]

Justin Credible: Tommy Dreamer, tonight we face off in the ring. Tonight, we fight to decide who becomes number one contender for the ECW Heavywweight championship. Tonight is the night that Justin Credible gets what he deserves and that is the chance to get the ECW World champion. Just remember, that's not just the best, that's just not the coolest, that's Just in Credible!

[The scene cuts as Francine laughs to herself.]

[The Pre show then goes back to Joey Styles standing in front of the ECW backdrop. He looks at the camera and begins to speak to the live audience watching at home.]

Joey Styles: Another match up has been made. It will Balls Mahoney taking on EZ Money in a Flaming Tables match. That's right, a Flaming tables match.. The pay per view starts in about ten minutes! Order now!

[The screen goes to a Living Dangerously logo shot, with the clock ticking down. Match by match, Joey Styles runs down the card. He starts with Balls Mahoney versus EZ Money in a Flaming tables match. The tag team title match that has Tajiri and Mikey Whipwreck taking on two people to be named by Cyrus. Justin Credible versus Tommy Dreamer, Rhino defending the championship against The Sandman, plus more matches to be announced on the pay per view. The shot then cuts to Joey Styles.]

Joey Styles: We are just minutes away from the pay per view. Will Justin Credible beat Tommy Dreamer, will Rhino successfully beat The Sandman?
Who will win the Flaming Tables match? Plus who will f ace Tajiri and Mikey Whipwreck. Also, just announced, for the ECW TV championship, will
Super Crazy beat Kid Kash? All this and more! Show starts in one minute! Order now!

[The scene then cuts out as the final seconds count down to zero.]

Show Opening
[The show opens with Joey Styles in the ring. He has a microphone in his hand. The camera pans the crowd where fans are cheering, showing off signs that they made and chanting those three little letters that are oh so famous. The camera then goes back on Joey Styles who is in the middle of the ring. The camera focuses on him. He begins to speak into the microphone that he has.]

Joey Styles: Hello and welcome to the ECW Arena in South Philedelphia. I'm Joey Styles and I welcome you all to the Living Dangerously pay per view. I'd like to introduce my commentating partner, here is Joel Gertner!

[The Extreme Championship Wrestling theme begins to play and out walks Joel Gertner. He makes his way down the stairs. As he begins to slap hands with the ringside fans, two masked men come down and attack him. They clobber him from behind and then throw him into the guard rail. Joel Gertner is hurt. The two masked men get in the ring. Cyrus comes to the ring. He gets in and grabs the microphone from Joey Styles and then begins to speak to the audience at the arena and fans watching live at home.]

Cyrus: Excuse me, If I can have your attention for one moment, I'd like to introduce to you the next tag team to win the vacant tag team championships, the Full Blooded Italians!

[The two masked me take off their masks and reveal themselves as The Full Blooded Italians of Tony Mamaluke and Little Guido. They raise their arms in the air to a chorus of boos. Cyrus exits the ring as music begins to play. It's not just any music, it's music of Yoshiro Tajiri and Mikey Whipwreck. They make their way to the ring and are accompanied to the ring by the Sinister Minister who is dressed in all red. He gets into the ring and is immediately attacked by The Full Blooded Italians. They beat him down in the corner and send him outside to the floor. Mikey and Tajiri come in the ring to make the save, but it's too late. Sinister Minister is out on the floor. The cameras go onto the entrance way where a large man in a suit wearing a mask comes down to the ring. He goes down to the ring and picks up The Sinister Minister. He puts him over his shoulder and begins to walk to the backstage area.]

Tajiri and Mikey Whipwreck versus The Full Blooded Italians

Joey Styles: Where is he taking him? Who is that masked man?

[As the bell rings, Tajri and Mikey Whipwreck are attacked. Little Guido grabs Mikey and tosses him to the floor. Tajiri is attacked by Tony Mamaluke. They fight to the corner where Tajiri elbows him in the face. He sends him to the floor, on the opposite side of the ring. Tajiri and Little Guido battle it out in the middle of the ring as Mikey and Tony Mamaluke go to their respective corners. Tajiri grabs him and irish whips him into the ropes. Little Guido comes off the ropes and goes for a shoulder tackle, sending Tajiri to the mat. Tajiri gets up as Little Guido runs the ropes, he ducks and bounces off the ropes. Little Guido comes off the ropes again and Tajiri ducks sending Guido threw the air with a big back body drop. Tajiri goes for the cover. 1..2...no! Little Guido kicks out. ]

Joey Styles: What a match by these four!

[Little Guido grabs him and and drags him to the corner where Tony Mamaluke is standing. Suddenly the camera goes on to the entrance way where there is a masked man in a suit. He has Sinister Minister over his shoulder. He standing on the stage. Mikey Whipwreck drops down from the ring apron and goes after the masked man. Before he can get close to him, Sinister Minister is dropped on the the floor through a table! Tajiri gets up and looks at the entrance way. Tony Mamaluke grabs him and hits a reverse ddt. He goes for the cover. 1..2...3! DING DING DING!]

Ring Announcer: The winners of the match and new ECW Tag Team Champions, The Full Blooded Italians!

[The camera goes to where Sinister Minister is standing. Mikey and Tajiri rush over. They are checking on Sinister Miniister. Mean while, The Full Blooded Italians are celebrating their tag team championship victory. The scene then cuts to the back.]

Winners: The Full Blooded Italians

Backstage with The Sandman

[The scene opens backstage where The Sandman is sitting at a table in a locker room. He looks at the camera and begins to speak to the audience at home who are watching live on Pay Per View.]

The Sandman: Tonight I get my shot. Tonight, I get my chance. Tonight is the night that I will win the ECW World Heavyweight championship. Rhino, you are going to lose. It's that fucking simple. I'm going to take a swig of this beer, and a puff of this cigarette during my celebration of winning the ECW Heavyweight championship!

[The scene then cuts to the arena.]

EZ Money versus Balls Mahoney in a Flaming Tables Match

[The scene opens in the arena. "Sharp Dressed Man" begins to hit the arena. The fans start to boo loudly. Soon, E Z Money with Electra comes to the ring. They walk slowly to the ring. EZ Money gets on the apron and holds the ropes open for Electra. They get in the ring. Soon after, Balls Mahoney's music, "Big Balls" hits the arena. The crowd goes crazy at the sound of his music. The camera goes on the entrance way where Balls Mahoney steps out. He has a chair with the ECW Living Dangerously logo. He gets in the ring and starts swinging the chair around. EZ Money and Electra bail to the floor as fast as possible.]

[The referee tries to get Balls Mahoney to settle down, but he will have none of that. Balls Mahoney exits the ring and runs after EZ Money. He chances him around the ring and is then stopped in his tracks by Electra. Electra looks scared of Balls Mahoney. He is then nailed with a steel chair by EZ Money. Balls Mahoney falls to the ground, dropping his custom made chair. He is down and out. EZ Money climbs into the ring.]

[Balls finally gets to his feet. He is busted wide open. He gets in the ring and immediately goes after EZ Money. They fight to the corner where Balls Mahoney gives him shoulder rams to the bread basket. Balls then pulls him in for a power bomb. EZ Money fights out of it. EZ Money is tossed into the ropes and is clotheslined by Balls. Balls then grabs him and chokeslams him hard to the mat. EZ Money is out of it. Balls then takes this opportunity to go out of the ring and looks under the ring for a table. He grabs a table and starts to pull it out when suddenly Electra jumps on his back. Balls gets up with her on his back and flips her over hard on the floor. He then goes back to looking underneath the ring for a table. He pulls one out and slides it under neath the bottom rope. He gets in the ring and sets it up. After that, he pours lighter fluid on it. He lights it on fire! The table is on fire! He then grabs EZ Money and power bombs him through the table! ECW Personel pour water on EZ Money and extiguish the fire! The bell rings and Balls Mahoney's theme music begins to play as he begins to celebrate his victory!

Winner: Balls Mahoney

Kid Kash Backstage Promo

[Kid Kash is standing backstage. He is in a locker room with red lockers. He runs his hands through his hair and then begins to speak to the camera. This is being brodcasted live on Pay Per View to the people watching all over the world. Kid Kash starts.]

Kid Kash: You know, I've been around this business for a long time. I've won matches and I've lost matches, but no match has been as important as the one coming up tonight. To insure my victory over Super Crazy, I hired a second pair of eyes to watch my back. Yeah that's right, I have a new valet, her name? Francine!

[As soon as he finishes saying Francine, the camera goes onto her standing there holding a singapore cane. She looks at the camera and begins to speak to the camera.]

Francine: Tonight, I am adding someone to my group, Kid Kash, the next Extreme Championship Wrestling's Television champion, Kid Kash. Tonight, he is going to win the title. Super Crazy, you'll be sent back to Mexico. See you in the ring Crazy.

[The scene cuts to the ring.]

Kid Kash versus Super Crazy for the ECW Television Championship

[Super Crazy's music hits and he makes his way down the aisle. He gets into the ring with cheers coming from the fans. He jumps on the second turnbuckle and poses to the crowd. He gets off the turnbuckle and stands in the corner as he waits for Kid Kash's music to hit. Bawitaba hits the arena and out walks Kid Kash with Francine following him down the steps. They get into the ring with Francine following him inside.]

Joey Styles: This is quite the pairing, Kid Kash and Francine!

[He grabs the singapore cane from Francine and begins to swing it at Super Crazy. Crazy ducks and dodges and then bounces off the ropes and gives him a drop kick sending him outside the ring and onto the arena floor. The signapore cane ends up falling on the mat in the ring. As Francine helps Kid Kash to get up, Super Crazy bounces off the ropes and hits a suicide dive to the floor. Kid Kash is down and out. Super Crazy raises his arms in victory and then hops into the ring again. He waits for Kid Kash to get to his feet and then nails him a perfect Asai moonsault to the floor. The fans go crazy chanting "ECW! ECW! ECW!" Super Crazy gets up and gets into the ring again. He poses to the crowd and then waits for Kid Kash to get up. As Kid Kash gets up, Super Crazy comes at him with a baseball slide. Kid Kash moves out of the way, lifts him up and hot shots him on the guard rail. Super Crazy is hurt.]

Joey Styles: Well that changed the course of the match in a hurry! Super Crazy is hurt and hurt badly. Kid Kash raises his arms in victory. The fans boo him loudly as he just turned heel. He flips them off. He then goes after Super Crazy. He goes out of the ring and tosses him into the ring. He grabs Kid Kash slams him in the center of the ring. He then begins to climb the top rope. Francine gets on the apron and shoves Super Crazy off the top rope to the floor. He hits his chin on the guard rail. Kid Kash follows him up and tosses him into the ring. He lifts him up and gives him a spike brainbuster. He goes for the pin. 1...2...3!]

Joey Styles: Kid Kash is the new Television Champion!

[Kid Kash's music begins to play. He raises the championship in victory! Francine comes into the ring and poses with him. They get booed loudly as they pose to the crowd.]

Winner: Kid Kash

Steve Corino versus Lance Storm

[Old School Style begins to play. Fog from the fog machine begins to fill up the entrance. Steve Corino makes his way out to the way followed by Jack Victory. He gets into the ring and poses to the crowd. He stands in the right hand top corner of the ring. Soon Lance Storm's music begins to hit the arena. First person that comes out from the brick entrannce is Dawn Marie. She walks to the ring and gets in. Lance Storm was following her to the ring. He gets in the ring and poses to the crowd. The fans in attendance boo him loudly. The bell rings and the match is on.]

[They lock up. Lance Storm puts on a side headlock. Steve Corino pushes him off and into the ropes. Storm comes off with a shoulder tackle knocking him to the mat. Lance Storm bounces off the ropes, goes for a clothesline but Corino ducks and Storm bounces off the ropes again. Corino hits a cross body block. The referee counts. 1...2...no! Lance Storm kicks out. Corino lifts him to his feet and then slams him to the mat. He bounces off the ropes and goes for a leg drop. Lance Storm moves out of the way. Steve Corino is sitting on the canvas. Storm bounces off and gives him a double kick to the face.]

Joey Styles: What a move by Lance Storm!
[Lance Storm goes for the cover.. 1..2...no! Steve Corino kicks out. Lance Storm grabs him and gives him a german suplex. He then applies the Canadian Maple Leaf. Steve Corino taps out!]

Joey Styles: Lance Storm wins!

Winner: Lance Storm

Paul E. Dangerously promo

[The scene opens backstage. Paul E. Dangerously is standing in a locker room. He has backstage passes around his neck. He has a pair of head phones around his neck. He looks at the camera and begins to speak.]

Paul E. Dangerously: Ladies and Gentlemen, I have news for you. Extreme Championship Wrestling will continue to air on TNN every Friday. Also look forward to the debut of a new wrestler next Friday on ECW on TNN. We will be coming live from the Hammerstein Ball Room in New York. Watch the fallout of Living Dangerously PPV. It will all go down on Friday night!

[The scene cuts to Joey Styles and Cyrus at the commentator booth. ]

Joey Styles and Cyrus Talk

Joey Styles: What's going to happen next? Who is that masked man Cyrus?

Cyrus: You'll find out when I'm good and ready to tell you.

Joey Styles: Whatever, let's go to the ring for our next match.

Cyrus: Wait a second Joey, I'll be right back.

Joey Styles: This can't be good.

Jerry Lynn versus Rob Van Dam

[Cyrus walks to the entrance way. He has a microphone in hand. He walks down the steps at begins to speak in the microphone.]

Cyrus: Excuse me! Excuse me! May I have your attention!

[The crowd begins to boo.]

Cyrus: Thank you. Thank you. You are a kind audience. Now then, I'd like to introduce you to a new faction. They are three wrestlers that will join the tag team champions, Full Blooded Italians in a quest to take over Extreme Championship Wrestling. May I introduce you to Masked Man 1, 2 and 3, please come down here.]

[The camera goes on the entrance way. Three men in suits come down to the ringside area and get in the ring. They have their masks on. Cyrus then begins to speak again.]

Cyrus: Now then, the show is being taken over. Now, we do have time for one last match. I'd like to ask.. no demand that Rhino come out here and defend his championship against one of these masked men. If you do beat the masked man, you will find out who is under the mask. Now since I work for The Network, Rhino, get your ass out here and it's time for you to defend your championship. Sandman, if you come down here during the match you will be fired!

[Debonaire by Dope hits the arena and out comes Rhino. He has the strap around his waist. He gets in the ring and is immediately attacked by the three masked men. Cyrus calls two of them to stop beating on Rhino. They hop out of the ring and only one masked man remains. He then beats him down in the corner. One of the masked men grabs a steel chair from around ringside. He nails Rhino with it in the back of the head. The referee counts the pin. 1...2...3! Cyrus masked man is the new champion.]

[The show goes off the air with all three masked men posing with Cyrus and the ECW Heavyweight Championship.]
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ECW on TNN Preview

March 30th, 2001

* Recap of what happened at Living Dangerously
* Kid Kash versus Nova
* Lance Storm retirement Speech
* + More
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