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The pyro went off in the arena as the camera circled around the rabid EPW fans waving signs of bearing the names of their favorite competitors, we then cut to Larry Johnson and Dan “The Man” Borowski.

Larry: Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to EPW Eclipse!, I am Larry Johnson with Dan Borowski hot off the heels of a fantastic Date With Destiny VI! We have stayed behind in England and we are bringing you a great show from The Manchester Evening News Arena!.

Dan: That’s Dan The Man Borowski to you skidmark! We’re going to see some blood tonight!

Larry: ….Right, either way we have a HUGE Deathmatch tonight! EPW’s longest reigning Deathmatch Champion and the current world champion JM Hardy is in action. The rulebook goes out the window as he tackles the current Deathmatch Champion Tim Feeley!

Dan: The Ultimate Edge Title is on the line! Unknown has crushed every one whose dared to try and take that title from him and tonight I guarantee you folks Nate Cook is going to be just another victim!

Larry: I wouldn’t write him off Dan! Anything can happen inside the cage! The likes of Lost Soul and Izrah will be in action as well…let’s get started!.

The crowd pops as the arena plunges into darkness, Murder Reigns by Ja Rule starting almost immediately.

Luke: Introducing at this time, the number one contender to the EPW Title, from New York City, Murder K!!!

Kalada appears at the top of the ramp, arms in the air in a familiar pose as pyro goes off around him. This time however, he's carrying a brief case. He seems protective of it as he lowers it down to his side and begins to saunter to the ring, grinning.

At the bottom of the ramp, K climbs the stares carefully, rather than vaulting onto the ring apron as usual. He then proceeds to sit on the middle rope – symbolically making space for the case to enter the ring.

Larry: What's in that briefcase?

Dan: It's the number one contendership, dumbass – you know? The one he won at the Pay Per View? Can't you see the smile on his face?

Larry: I don't think we've ever had a briefcase for the number one contendership before, and besides, hasn't Haze got one for winning the Money in the Bank match?

Dan: I don't book this shit...

Kalada beckons a stage hand for a mic, before reaching out and grabbing it, still smiling.

First of all, I'd just like to thank everyone in the back, anyone connected with the decision and all of you fans who have followed my career for my induction into the EPW Hall of Fame. It still hasn't sunk in, and it's such and honour to be one of the first ones in there – me and Danny English – now that takes me back!

But as much as it is an honour, I have to let you know, that this Hall of Famer has absolutely no plans on hanging up his boots just yet!

The crowd pops for K's comment as he continues.

Thank you!

Murder K looks around, soaking up the atmosphere much like he did at Wembley Stadium, before continuing.

I mean look at what I did to you at Date With Destiny, Jake. I guess we put to bed, once and for all, the notion that I'm here to hold you down. Sure, I stopped you in your quest for the title once again, but once again I did it fair and square!

The crowd cheers, small segments breaking out into a “one more match” chant.

Larry: That was one of the most emotional matches we saw at Date With Destiny, Dan, and that's saying something!

Dan: State the obvious why don't you... but these fans don't deserve another match and Jake Steel knows that. That's why he's not here tonight.

K smiles, looking into the main camera before mouthing the words “one day” beneath the cheers.

The result on the biggest stage of them all also served another purpose.

The fans cheer expectantly.

Because you see, as y'all know, in winning that match, I became the number one contender...

And that's why I'm out here.

Larry: Now maybe he'll explain the brief case?

I guess you're wondering why I've got this with me, huh?

K holds the brief case aloft.

Well I'd like to bring out a guy who I've known a long time. A guy who I saw coming up in this business, right the way to the top. And I guy I respect. Let me introduce, the EPW Champion...

The fans cut K off with deafening cheers before he can finish his sentence.

JM Hardy!

Paranoid kicks in, but for a few moments, the champion doesn't appear. Finally, he appears at the top of the ramp, a proud smile on his face and the EPW title draped over his shoulder.

Larry: The champ is here!

Dan: You're on a roll tonight, Larry!

Larry: The man who saved this company from the Apex Syndicate is in the arena and all you've got is sarcasm...

JM clambers into the ring, and is handed a microphone, before he meets K, eye to eye. The pair shake hands.

Dan: The tension of these two having to face each other is already starting to come between them!

The pair in the ring exchange words, unmic'd before Kalada begins again.

Look man, I know you have your match tonight against Tim Feeley, right off the back of Date with Destiny, but I called you out here to give you something.

Larry: So the briefcase is a present?

K removes a piece of tape from the side of the case to reveal a name, emblazoned in thick black text – that of JM Hardy.

Now, Hardy, you know how I get with gifts and stuff...

Kalada trails off.

So how about you let me head to the back first – then you can open it!

Dan: Arguably the two biggest stars in our company exchanging gifts, and life this? If we weren't a laughing stock before, we should be now...

K leaves the ring as cries from the crowd intensify – asking JM to open it.

OK, you can open it!

Kalada shouts excitedly, his back to the arena as he heads through the curtain to the back.

Apprehensively, Hardy opens it, but his apprehension turns to glee as he reveals a bag marked “title”.

It's a little light, but hey, another title!

The crowd cheer as Hardy opens the bag and lets it slip to the canvas, revealing the white title.

Hang on a minute...

K reappears at the top of the ramp to witness the scene. He then motions with his arm and a shower of plain white paper ticker-tape rains from the ceiling.

Some of the crowd are confused, but those further from the action are cheering the parade!

JM stands there, taut, his face now stern.

Dan: I think the rain is calling paaaaaper!!

Just a little token of my appreciation Jeff!

I take it by your facial expression, you get what I'm saying, right?

My name's Jack! You're damn right I g...

Ah ah ah, think of our PG audience. I think it's best I explain it.

What you have there in your hands is what I'd like the call the Paper Championship. And you know why you have it now don't you...

You see, I stood atop this place when we had names like Danny English, Skye Silverhawk, Dynamo. I beat all comers during my reign, but at the time and as history shines its light back upon my reign I was and will always be known as a paper champion.

What should have been the time of my life turned into a nightmare. Every day it was the same, whoever I met, whatever conversations I overheard in the back, “oh sure, he's the world champion, in name at least, but who has he beat?”

I headlined Date with Destiny for god sake.

K looks a little agitated.

I came back to this company the day after you won your title. That belt you hold on your shoulder. So what was that, almost a year ago, right?

And in your “nearly a year” as champion, I think to myself, who exactly have you beaten?

Larry: This guy just defeated Apex Syndicate on the biggest stage of them all...

Where are your detractors? Where are the thousands of paper belts sent to your by fans? The disrespectful looks from everyone?

You're the paper champion

But oh no, it's EPW's golden boy, here from the start, worked his way up through the divisions, and now, as Larry put it he's “joined the greats”.

Larry: How is K exactly showing his respect here?

Dan: I think he must be sick, or I'm startin' to come down with something, because from where I'm sitting he's starting to make some valid points!

JM pulls the mic up to his mouth as if about to speak.

Wait a second, let me finish.

Look man, a part of me respects you. All you've done here, consistently over time. In some ways, I with that could have been me.

I was a lot younger when I won the title, I came up so quickly, maybe I didn't appreciate it, and maybe the fans and the boys in the back realised it and that's why what happened, happened.


And that's what I've been fighting to redress since I got here. While you've been riding high, I've been working my way up. Earning my stripes again. First as the Hood, and then as me, and now I'm here, where I want to be.

No, where I need to be.

This is my shot to redress the balance. My opportunity to rewrite history. The chance to give a boy his dream all over again, and this time for it to turn out how it was suppose to.

So with that said, Hardy, while I may respect ya and what you stand for. While I may love these EPW fans. In a month's time at Anniversary Eclipse, I'm gonna be doing everything I can to beat you.


Larry: And I guess that's starting from now!

K drops his mic and turns his back on the arena once again. Murder Reigns hits, and as K heads behind the curtain, he leaves a bewildered looking JM Hardy in the ring, World title on one shoulder, Paper championship in his hands.

Dan: Things heating up! Now that Terehov is gone the unity between the superstars seems to be fading and quick!.

Luke: The following is a tag team match scheduled for one fall!

The pyro goes off and Matt comes out wearing a leather jacket with jean shorts. He extends both arms out and looks down as his hair falls to his face. After about three seconds he flips his head back and his hair goes flying back. The crowd cheers as he makes his way to ringside. As he gets to the ring he uses the steps to make his way up. When he's in the ring he goes to the corner and puts his arms on the ropes waiting for his opponent.

Luke: Introducing first! Hailing from the Boston, Massachusetts. Standing at 6’2 and weighing in at 235 pounds. “The Lone Soldier” Matt Jones!

Larry: Jones had a great showing at Date With Destiny.

Dan: He still lost though.

Larry: It was a great showing nonetheless!

Dan: Whatever, nobody remembers the loser...

Red and Blue lights pulsate to beat of the drums, five seconds in Aaron appears through the entrance way raising his arm to crowd after a few steps, as Carmella can be seen right behind him. The lights calm down to a normal paced switch between red and blue as Aaron and Carmella walk down the ramp talking shit to the fans. Aaron slides under the bottom rope, walks to left side of the ring, stands on the second rope and raises one arm to the crowd. He goes to the opposite side and repeats. Aaron then steps off the apron waiting for the match to begin.

Luke: And his partner, standing at 6’3, weighing 245 pounds. From Colorado Springs, Colorado, Aaron Fitzgerald!!!!!

Dan: And speaking of people nobody remembers…

Larry: Are you kidding me? This man has given not one, BUT TWO amazing displays at Date With Destiny. He’s a human highlight reel!

Dan: Yeah, but who won that match? I don’t care how many flips the can do, the guy didn’t win a damn thing!

Larry: Wow, an you call me a hater?

"I Stand Alone (Instrumental)" by Godsmack hits as red and white fireworks set off on the EPW stage, with "DREW MAVERICK" spelled out in them. After a few moments the fireworks stop as DREW MAVERICK steps out onto the stage with a MMA-style t-shirt, which reads "Maverick" on the back, and a set of custom wrestling trunks. Maverick taunts as the crowd boos before heading down towards the ring, smiling egotistically at his opponent. Maverick heads down the ramp and enters the ring before jumping to the top rope and taunting the crowd before he takes his t-shirt off and pretends to throw it to a person in the crowd but instead throws it to the arena floor as the crowd boos. Maverick taunts once again, showing off his stellar six-pack, before his music comes to an end.

Luke: And now, coming to the ring hailing from Las Vegas Nevada. Standing at 6’3 and weighing in at 241 pounds. Drew Maverick!

Dan: Maverick looks ready to go here tonight.

Larry: Yeah he does, he looks more pissed of than usual...and thats a feat.

Dan: Tell me about...


Jimmy Hendrix’s unmistakable guitar riff takes to the speakers as William Haze and Naima energetically appear from backstage, pausing for a moment atop the stage to bask in the mixed staggeringly loud response of the crowd. Their walk to the ring looks like something out of a Rolling Stones documentary as the two strut down the aisle. Once they make it to the bottom of the ramp they stop. Haze surveys the crowd, patting the MITB Briefcase. as Naima stands besides him with her hands on her hips and after a few moments springs forward onto the apron. She does a quick shimmy for the crowd and then enters the ring (she has the same entrance as Layla). Haze quickly fixes his fro and slides in after her. He then walks over to the middle of the ring ropes and climbs it (one foot on the center rope, one on the bottom like Edge), opens his arms outward as if to embrace the crowd, and begins to sway back and forth, eyes closed, still holding the briefcase. Naima can be seen clapping in the background and waving to the fans in attendance. Haze does the same pose for the opposing side of the ring, then backs away to the same corner as Naima.​

Luke:And now his partner, making his way to the ring accompanied by Naima, weighing in at 226 pounds, hailing from Fresno California! WIIIIIIIILLIIIIIIIAM HAAAAAAAAZE!!!

Dan: Haha! There’s my man! The 2010 Money In The Bank winner!

Larry: …

Dan: What?

Larry: So…just to make sure…Haze is “your man”?

Dan: Oh, shut up.

Larry: Does Naima know?

The referee calls for the bell, with Aaron and Maverick starting the match up. The two circle each other for a bit before tying up in the center of the ring. Aaron, goes straight to work and strikes first with an arm drag. Maverick pops right back up though and gives Aaron an arm drag of his on, which Aaron rolls through with ease and immediately gets back up to his feet. Maverick rushes back over to Fitzgerald and the two lock up once more. Aaron floats over to Mavericks back, latching his left arm him in a collar elbow tie up. Aaron winces a bit, but shows his ring savvy by grabbing a hold of the back of Maverick’s head with his right arm and flipping him forward. Maverick rolls through the reversal and onto his knee. Aaron comes rushing in and tries for a Shining Wizard, but Maverick gets his arms up, deflecting the blow. Both men get back to their feet and go to square up, with Maverick striking first with a standard Irish Whip away from his corner. Aaron goes flying towards the ropes….and right into a cheap forearm shot to his back by William Haze!

Larry: There’s need for that!

Dan: Hey, if the ref don’t see it it’s all legal baby!

Aaron staggers forward a bit, grasping for back, then turns around and blasts Haze with a big right hand! Haze falls down to the apron, holding his face. Naima sorts screeches and yells for the Ref to “Do his damn job!”. Aaron smirks a bit, but even though he got a shot on Haze the distraction proves costly as Maverick rushes from behind and drops him with a German Suplex, then takes to stomping on Aarons chest and gut. Haze rises up from the apron and immediately goes to get in the ring, but is stopped by the ref. Being benefited another distraction Maverick lifts up Aaron to his feet…just to drop him with a blatant low blow, much to the chagrin of the crowd!

Larry: Oh come on! You gonna condone that too?

Dan: You damn right I am! If Aaron can’t stand the heat he should try to cook…or however that saying goes.

Larry: I swear…your ineptitude never ceases to amaze me.

Dan. Wow….thanks man.

Maverick immediate goes for the pin!




Jones comes in and breaks up the attempt!

The ref rushes over to Jones and reprimands him for coming in the ring. Maverick gets up and immediately lifts Fitzgerald to his feet, slinging him into his and Haze’s corner. Maverick rushes in and hits Aaron with a big Corner Clothesline that brings Aaron down to his knee in the corner.¬ Maverick quickly picks Aaron upright. Maverick tries for a chop to Aarons chest, but Aaron ducks the attempt and smashes Maverick with a European Uppercut that sends Maverick staggering away. Aaron goes to deal more damage, but Haze reaches over the ropes and grabs him by the shoulders! Aaron however, throws an elbow his way that free’s him up. Maverick comes rushing back to keep Aaron on their side of the ring, but Aaron sidesteps him, sending him smashing into Haze and throwing him from apron and down to the floor! Maverick tursn around, clutching his face, and then gets blasted with a Springboard Dropkick! Aaron rolls past the carnage nd finally gets a tag into Matt Jones!

Dan: And Aaron gets the tag!

Larry: Jones has go to eager to get his hands on both these men…

Jones hit’s the ring like a wall of fire, taking Maverick off his feet with a Big Spear. Jones doesn’t waste anytime, scooping up Maverick real quick like and dropping him again with a Swinging Neckbreaker. Jones quickly drops down and goes for the quick pin…




Maverick kicks out at two.

Jones doesn’t get flustered, and quickly transitions into a side headlock on Maverick. Haze is on the outside, yelling for Maverick to “get his ass up”. Maverick starts to fight back a bit, but Jones has it locked in pretty good. Maverick continues to fight back though, and manages to get up to a knee. Maverick throws a couple of elbows to Jones’s sternum and finally gets loose! Maverick tries for an Irshi whip, but Jones reverses it, pulls him back in, boots him In the gut, and drops him with a Spike DDT!

Jones again goes for the pin!




Maverick again kicks out!

Larry: Maverick needs a tag bad.

Dan: yeah he does.

Jones begins to work over Maverick with kicks before lifting him up. Maverick is up on wobbly legs and Jones is feeling it. Jones goes to bounce off the ropes…but is tripped up by Naima! The crowd begins to but something fierce, but the ref didn’t see it…

Larry: Yeah!

Dan: Oh come on! She has no business even out here!

Larry: hey, shut your mouth. As long as she keeps wearing them clothes that shows off that ass she can be out here all night if she wants!

Maverick shakes the cobwebs out of his head and finally gets a tag into Haze. Haze jumps in and immediately mounts Jones, unloading with shot after elbow shot until the referee has to physically remove him from on top of Jones. Haze argues with the ref a bit before going back to taking on Jones. He sits him straight up and gives him a stick kick to his back that echoes throughout the arena. Jones winces, and Haze gives him another kick. Haze goes for another kick, and expecting it Jones tenses his back up. Seeing this, Haze switches and kicks Jones square in the chest, laying him out flat! Jones begins to gasp for air as Haze goes for the pin!




Jones gets a shoulder up at Two…

Haze aggressively picks Jones up from the matt, slapping him in the back off the head while he does. He glances over to Aaron before hitting Jones down with a STO backbreaker. Haze doesn’t let Jones fall though, and transitions the move into Russian Leg sweep.

Haze goes for the pin once more.





Jones powers out at Two and a half.

Dan: Haze is going to work right now!

Larry: I may not like him, but you can’t argue with results…

Haze, a bit frustrated, picks Jones up from the mat and nods over to Naima, who jumps on the apron! The referee runs over and begins arguing with her to get off, but she’s not having it. With the ref distracted, Maverick sneaks back in the ring! Haze has Jones held up by the hands, and calls for Drew to come and blast him with a Lariat! Maverick winds up and goes to blast him…but at the last second the ref glances over and catches him. He immediately jumps in front of Maverick and yells for him to exit the ring.

Larry: Ha! They got caught up!

With the ref distracted with Maverick, Aaron takes the opportunity to slip in the ring and low blow Haze, a little payback from earlier! The blow causes Haze to let go of Jones, who immediately whips around and plants Haze with his trademark Double Arm DDT! Aaron exit’s the ring just in time as the ref turns around. Jones then makes the tag to Aaron, who immediately climbs up to the top rope. Naima is on the outside screaming for haze to get up, but Aaron launches in the air, hitting Haze with a beautiful Shooting Star Press!
Maverick comes bundling into the ring again and swings at Jones who ducks and spears him to the ground.

Aaron and Matt make stereo pinfalls!




Larry: Aaron did it! He got his payback!

Dan; Whatever total fluke!

Larry: Oh come off it!

Dan: What? Haze is still the Mr. Money In the Bank!

Larry: Yeah, but Fitzgerald just got a win over Mr. Money In The Bank!
Dan: And Matt Jones just fluked and got some revenge over Maverick…disgusting!

Luke: Your Winners Matt Jones and Aaron Fitzgerald

We go backstage where JM Hardy is pacing back and forth, his long time cohort Amy Varon sits on top of a cargo box watching disturbed as Hardy yells out.

Did you see that out there? I respect that man, I fight for what he built and he treats me like a joke! Like I am still apart of the bloody JOB Squad that this title is meaningless!.

Hardy hoists up the paper championship by mistake as Varon chuckles.

You know what I fucking mean!

He tosses the paper championship across the room and it’s caught by..Tim Feeley!.

Our distinguished champion! Looking a bit rattled aren’t you?

This doesn’t concern you Tim, I respect your talent bu

Respect. You toss that word out a lot JM cause you respect everyone! But see no one and I mean NO ONE respects you. Kalada was right man you’re just a face, you’re not a superstar and you never ever will be!. Tonight when we face off I am going to make sure even the morons who live for the Deathmatch Division and worship you end up seeing you for what you are!. You are not greatness. You are not the future. You are not the past. You’re just someone who was at the right place at the right time..the future is Tim Feeley!..I believe this is yours

Feeley shoves the paper championship into Hardy’s hands and scoffs at him before walking away.

Larry: That kid might have just bitten off more then he can chew

Dan: He’s just telling the truth!

Larry: None the less there is no doubting this man’s ability here comes the beast!

Luke: The following match is scheduled for one fall introducing first from Providence,Rhode Island at 7’3 and 475 pounds…LOST SOUL!

The lights dim and one large crimson red spotlight flashes on and off, while being focused at the entrance. "Haunted" by Evanescence begins to play...

"Long lost words whisper slowly to me
Still can't find what keeps me here
When all this time I've been so hollow inside
I know you're still there..."

Pyros start to go off at each beep sound, in the song, starting at opposite ends and meeting at the sides of the entrance. When the guitar hits, the final pyros go off, forming an X over the entrance as Lost Soul comes out with a black trench coat on, wearing jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt underneath, carrying his black bat. He pauses for a second as the song continues...

"Watching me, wanting me
I can feel you pull me down
Fearing you loving you
I won't let you pull me down..."

He surveys the crowd, as they try to boo him over the blaring music, before walking to the ring and stepping over the top rope. He stands in the middle of the ring for a few more seconds, head down, then raises the bat in his hand and more pyros go off. When they finish, the lights turn back on and he throws the bat and trench coat out of the ring.

Larry: This one is going to be ugly!, the two biggest men in terms of size do battle.

Dan: Lost Soul was defeated for the first time last Sunday and I would not want to be in a ring with a pissed off Soul!.

The annoying loop of a doorbell rings throughout the arena as the crowd erupts, Pizza Delivery Guy appears from behind the curtain his bizarre cult members hand out pizza slices to the crowd as a beaming PDG heads for the ring.

Larry: …Eccentric

Dan: The word you’re looking for is fucking goofball.

Luke: And his opponent from Newark,New Jersey…Pizza Delivery Guy!

Pizza Delivery Guy vs Lost Soul
PDG and Soul square up to each other and a cult member slides into the ring offering Lost Soul a pizza slice. The behemoth isn’t amused and grabs the cult member by his throat and chokeslams him down to the mat!. PDG tends to his fallen comrade as the other cult members drag him out of the ring, Lost Soul wastes zero amount of time as PDG is caught off guard by the on rushing Lost Soul. He catches PDG from begind, gets him on his shoulders and hits The Pitch Black.

The crowd chant holy shit at the awkward angle PDG landed after the 7 feet tall giant’s finishing move, Soul then made the pin for the quick win.

Winner: Lost Soul

More members of the cult started to drag Pizza Delivery Guy out of the ring but Soul charged and floored one with a big boot, the remaining two were flattened by a double clothesline before he lifted up the remaining cult member and bringing him down with The Pitch Black.

Larry: Soul is going out of control!

Dan: Well what do you expect? He’s Lost friggin Soul and here he is facing a pizza guy!

Soul turns to Pizza Delivery Again and with tremendous strength lifts up the 375 pounder yet again

Larry: He’s going to break his neck!

Dan: Look on the bright side Dominos have a special offer for the handicapped these days!.

Larry: Hey wait a minute is tha-?


Cage slides into the ring and he has a steel chair in hand he strikes Soul from behind and PDG crumples to the ground as Soul falls to his knees. Cage blasts him across the back again. The crowd roars happy to see someone taking the fight to Lost Soul as Cage places a chair under Soul’s head.

Dan: What the hell is he doing? Who the hell decides to jump Lost friggin Soul?

Larry: He’s gone after the biggest and baddest right away! Deacon Cage is no rookie he wants to make an impact

The crowd roars as Cage rolls out of the ring and grabs another chair.


Dan: The Jesters Kurse! He just laid Lost Soul out!.

Lost Soul is out cold as Deacon Cage chuckles before raising his hands in triumph.

Larry: Deacon Cage just jumped Lost Soul and took out the giant! Keep your eye on this one folks..Soul is going to want revenge!

Cage departs from the ring as Lost Soul slowly tries to peel himself off the mat.

We go backstage where two men in suits are grilling the sweaty Archibald Henville!.

As you can see from the numbers Archie these fans love to see new talent but you haven't promoted enough. Your attempt at bringing in Andres Terehov backfired and lead to nothing but wrestlers having their careers cut short. Just William Haze isn't enough we're going to need to see more- you promised to freshen up EPW Archie you have failed...you have a month to introduce some new talent or we are going to be making drastic changes

With those cold words the men begin to leave but Henville stops them.

As a matter of fact I have signed a European Superstar! and he's in action next. And once you see him I can assure you that you will realize that putting me in charge was the best thing to do!

Larry: Looks like Henville's in trouble

Dan: Izrah vs Henville's handpicked opponent coming up next!

Luke: The following match is scheduled for one fall introducing first at 6’3 and 246 pounds…from New York City this is IZRAH!

“This Fire Burns" starts blasting on the PA System. The crowd instanstly starts booing the man about to come out. Some throw rolled up toilet paper, beer cans, etc. Forty Five seconds into the song, Izrah steps out of the curtains, and stops at the top of the ramp. Smoke fills the ground, and the arena is dark, with the spotlights blinking around the arena, as if people are taking a lot of pictures from the crowd. He raises his arms to a nice set of pyro tech. He looks at the crowd with his purple shades, before pumping his shoulders and continuing onwards. He walks down the ramp with a medium pace. He runs into the ring, under the bottom rope, and jumping up. He steps onto the middle turnbuckle, and just stares at the crowd. He raises his arms once more, to the crowd's dismay. He steps off the turnbuckle. He takes off his shades, holds them in his hands, and takes off his very own, "Izrah" t-shirt. He puts his shirt and his shades in the corner and waits for the match to begin.
Larry: The man who took Brendan Black to the limit!

Dan: It was an amazing match and this young man nearly pulled it off.

Larry: Well he’s got to face another young man hoping to be a rising star in EP

Luke: And his opponent from Manchester,England…Deano McGoldrick!

The crowd erupts for the hometown hero as McGoldrick appears from behind the curtain he rolls into the ring as Izrah runs and greets him with a series of punches!.

Larry: The New Yorker taking it to the Manc right from the get go!

Izrah vs Deano McGoldrick
McGoldrick tries to fight back and throws Izrah off before charging forward only to get hit with a Roundhouse Kick, McGoldrick staggers forward only to be met with a Thrust Kick that sends him hurtling into the corner he staggers out and into a Belly To Belly Suplex, McGoldrick gets up swinging wildly and Izrah ducks and takes him down with a German Suplex. The crowd boo as Izrah rips into the Manchester native with a series of stomps he plucks McGoldrick off the mat and floors him with a Double Underhook Driver, his neck bounces awkwardly off the mat as Izrah drags him up and bounces him off the ropes before nearly taking his head off with the Maladroit Bolt! The pinfall was barely a formality as Izrah picked up the duke.

Winner: Izrah

Not satisfied he positions McGoldrick against the ring post before a Maladroit Bolt sends Deano’s head bouncing off the ring post and down!.

Larry: Izrah is not happy! This can’t be about his loss to Brendan Black what’s got him so on edge?

Dan: Looks like we are about to find out.

Excuse me? May I please have some quiet?

The crowd starts booing him.


The crowd starts chanting “Epic Failure!” over and over again, remarking at how he couldn’t defeat Brendan Black in his final match in EPW.

Alright, I tried asking…

At this point, Izrah stands up.

…now I’m telling ya’ SHUT UP!!!!

The crowd doesn’t stop. This man is clearly receiving the biggest heat of the night.


The crowd is dead silent now; clearly they didn’t expect him to be that pissed off.

You know, I try and I try and it’s never good enough. I know I’m not the most popular superstar in the world, but I am a human being. I don’t care that you boo me. I can’t help it that you all just realized how much better I am than you all…but at the end of the day…I go to my home and I sleep at night and I eat three meals a day, and I do everything anybody else does. But none of ya care, do ya? You’re all selfish pricks who don’t give two shits about anybody or anything. Whatever’s good for y’all, right? Of course. I mean, yeah, I didn’t beat Brendan Black. I gave it my all and it was still not enough.

The crowd cheers for his failure at the pay per view.

Keep laughing…is anything I say matter anymore?!

In unison, the crowd chants “NO!”



Maybe I should just quit! Would you all like that?!


Well you know what?!


That’s what HE wants me to do!.

Yeah, “He.”

He wants me gone.

Well guess what, I’m not going anywhere.

I’m not going anywhere you son of a bitch!

Izrah collapses onto his knees, and he starts punching himself in the hard.

Gone! He wants me gone! No!




No! No! No! No! No! No!











The microphone slips out of Izrah’s hand and he just stares down at it.

Dan: Who is “he?”

Larry: Your guess is as good as mine.

Dan: Quite frankly, I’m a little nervous for him. He doesn’t seem to be the same Izrah we see every week.

Izrah slowly starts to walk back up the ramp as a perplexed crowd looks on.

The camera cuts backstage again where the two men shake their heads in disgust as a perplexed Henville buries his head in his hands.

Dan: That European Superstar thing didn't turn out so well did it?

There will be more next week...I assure you and of better standard!

EPW comes back from commercial and it's time for Hardy vs Feeley!.

Lights slowly fade and the arena becomes completely silent. Fans rise on their feet and anticipate the entrance of Tim Feeley with boos. The lights flicker on and off and the camera focuses on the stage. The screen is black and a light shines down where Tim will be walking out. Suddenly....

"Fumbling his confidence and wondering why the world has passed him by...."

Two pyro's blast off from the stage and shoot toward the ceiling. The music goes off and the pyro's keep shooting off. The only light in the arena is from the pyro's. The boo's quickly come from the crowd again and the music goes off again as the fireworks continue to shoot.

"Hoping that he's meant for more than argument's and failed attempts to fly...."

Larry: There he is, the Deathmatch champion in our Champion vs. Champion main event.

Dan: Looking resplendent as ever.

Suddenly, the pyro's go off as fireworks come down from the ceiling to the stage. "Sparkler-like" fireworks come from the floor on the stage as Tim Feeley stands tall, soaking up the boos.

Larry: In your own time then...

Feeley saunters to the ring, Deathmatch title wrapped securely around his waist.

Larry: Feeley has made no secret of his desire to scale the heights of EPW. Tonight gives him the opportunity to test himself against the best we've got and her certainly looks focused on the task in hand.

Feeley stretches off on the ropes as the legendary riffs of Paranoid kicks in. JM Hardy wastes no time as he bursts out of the curtains and makes a bee line for the ring. He pauses at the top of the ramp taking in the loud chants of EPW and raises the title high above his head before entering the ring.

Dan: I think I should point out that this is a non title match – someone needs to tell our champion!

Larry: Look at the shape this guy is in, he certainly went through the wars at Date with Destiny, but the condition he got himself into for that match has carried over to tonight.

The timekeeper tolls the bell as Luke announces the competitors.

Luke: Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your Thursday Night Eclipse Main Event! Introducing first, in the corner to my right, he is the current reigning EPW Deathmatch Champion. He hails from Chicago, Illinois, TIM FEELEY!!!

The crowd boo as one, but Feeley seems unfazed, rather he just stands there, warming himself up.

Luke: And his opponent, from Albemarle, North Carolina, he is your EPW Heavyweight Champion of the Woooorrrrld, JM HARDY!!!

JM Hardy raises his arms as the fans cheer, allowing Feeley to blindside him.

The Deathmatch Champion mounts Hardy and starts delivering strikes with his forearms. Hardy gets his hands up, but some of the blows get through the guard as Feeley continues methodically.

Hardy seems to wriggle on the mat, and then in an instant, he slides through Feeley's legs, and flips to his feet. In a flash, he turns the tables on his kneeling opponent, coming off the ropes and hitting a running swinging neckbreaker.

The speed of the move, and Feeley's proximity to the mat adds to the impact. Both men however are quick to their feet, eager to seize the advantage. Hardy charges at Feeley, who ducks down to the mat allowing the EPW champion to run over him.

Hardy returns from the ropes, Feeley swings an arm, but Hardy ducks, stops his momentum and hits a school boy.


Larry: Early pinfall attempt from Hardy!

Feeley gets the shoulder up, but Hardy is quickly back to work, stomping on his opponent, before raising him to his feet. He locks in a frontface headlock on the ex-baseball star.

Larry: Brainbuster!

Hardy pops the hips and raises Feeley up, but he kicks his legs and lands on his feet behind the Heavyweight Champion.

Dan: Sleeperhold, locked in tight!

Hardy's throws his arms around, trying to loosen the hold, but Feeley stands up tall, one arm around the neck, the other wrapped tightly around the forehead. The World Champion's movement starts to slow, his face turning red before his starts to slump back against his opponent.

Dan: Check 'im ref, check 'im!

The referee moves in, and can be seen visably trying to talk to Hardy, with no response. The referee then has no alternative but to raise his hand.

He lets go, and Hardy's arm slumps down by his side. Feeley grins as the referee performs the same action and Hardy's arm droops down for a second time.

Larry: This would be unprecedented on paper, but just look at the punishment Hardy underwent to save all of us back at Date with Destiny! Feeley's fighting him at the right time, and I think he knows it.

Feeley smirks, knowingly, as the referee raises Hardy's arm in the air for a third time. It drops as it did before.

Larry: Oh no!

Dan: YES!

Just before it reaches his side however, Hardy clenches his fist, sending the fans into rapturous applause. The world champion starts to get the blood pumping again in his body, shaking his arm before driving his elbow back repeatedly into Feeley's gut.

Feeley's expression is now one of shock, as Hardy finally powers out of the hold, doubling his opponent over before delivering a snappy DDT. Both men are down.

Feeley holds his head and tries to gather himself as he slowly clambers to his feet. Hardy meets him from the ropes nailing Feeley straight in the head with a hesitation dropkick. The Deathmatch Champion staggers back against the ropes, where Hardy meets him again with a clothesline that takes both men out onto the floor.

Larry: Hardy is looking so fast, just as he did at Date with Destiny! He's really giving Feeley no chance.

Even having taken the fall to the outside, Hardy it up to his feet relatively quickly. He picks up his opponent and locks him into a frontface headlock.

Dan: Not a brainbuster on the outside?!

Before he can execute the brainbuster however, Feeley counters by forcing Hardy back first into the ring apron – the Heavyweight Champion crumples to the floor in agony.

Larry: He's still not 100% after disposing of the Estonian Dream at Date With Destiny!

Dan: Or Feeley just nailed his kidneys hard into the ring structure! Hardy is not going to like the Bat Breaker!

Larry: Where's Feeley going?

The Deathmatch Champ climbs back into the ring, breaking the referee's count. He then proceeds to climb further, to the top rope!

Leaping into the air, the crowd are shocked into silence as Feeley delivers a stunning elbow drop from the top onto Hardy!

Dan: What a move!!!

Larry: I'll admit it, that was impressive. Feeley really is going out on a limb to show he deserves to be wrestling these matches week in week out!

Both men are down, Feeley having taken some of the impact as he landed, but he is easily first to his feet. Leaning against his former weapon of choice, the ring apron, he catches his breath – the fans still caught up with replays of his previous exploits – before he picks Hardy up to his feet and grabs his arm.

Feeley whips Hardy towards the steel steps and ring post, but with all of his remaining strength and awareness, Hardy reverses the move, throwing the Deathmatch champ towards the steel and slipping over in the process, such is the force he uses.

Feeley manages to avoid the Steel Steps, but slaps them with his hands before ducking down behind the other side of the ring, Hardy laid out of the floor and none the wiser.

Dan: This man is the Deathmatch champion, the is his playground.

Larry: Some would say that Hardy was our greatest Deathmatch champ ever!

Dan: But you tell me, who this match has swung in favour of since it headed to the outside...

Hardy struggles to his feet, holding his lower back. He slides in and out of the ring, breaking the referee's count at 5. He then looks around, not quite sure what's happened to Feeley.

The crowd all seem to shout something to Hardy, but he is unaware of what is in store as he turns the corner, straight into a clothesline that turns him inside out.

Dan: What a shot!

Feeley drags Hardy up and rolls him into the ring. He follows and hooks the leg.

Dan: Goodnight!


Hardy gets the shoulder out to a mixture of “ooo”s and cheers!

Feeley looks at the referee, and hooks the leg again.


The crowd cheers again as Hardy kicks out a little more definitively this time. Feeley cuts a frustrated figure as he gets to his feet and starts to raise Hardy up.

The crowd erupts as Hardy fights out of his opponent's clutches, standing up straight and starting to slug it out with the Deathmatch Champion.

Hardy wins the battle and throws Feeley into the ropes. On Feeley's return, Hardy hits a lariat, before raising his foe up, locking in a frontface headlock and hitting a brainbuster. Feeley lands on his head.

Larry: He got it! Finally!

Hardy hooks the leg.


Feeley gets the shoulder up at two, but Hardy, his usual quick self, is back on him, raising him up before locking in a hammerlock, coming around the front and popping the hips.

Larry: Northern lights suplex, into a bridge!

The referee gets into position and starts the count.


The fans boo as Feeley gets the shoulder up once again after a slightly longer two count.

Hardy is quickly to his feet, picks Feeley up, and then runs off the ropes. As he comes back however Feeley nails him!

Dan: You're outta here!

Hardy slumps down to the mat as Feeley stands over him, looking down menacingly.

Larry: Where's he going?

Dan: To finish him off!

Feeley drops to the mat, but rather than make the pin, he rolls out of the ring. He shoves the timekeeper from his chair, and picks it up. He re-enters the ring, the folded steel chair in his arms.

Larry: What's he gonna do with the chair???

Dan: Oh boy...

Feeley makes his way towards Hardy, who is stirring on the mat. The referee intercepts, and the pair struggle over the chair.

Hardy climbs to his feet, and almost instinctively charges at the Deathmatch Champion.

At the last minute, Feeley pulls the referee in front him, and Hardy crashes into the official at full force.

Larry: Referee down!

Dan: Wow, are we going to be able to have a JM Hardy match where referees don't get hurt? Something needs to be done about this guy...

Feeley smirks, but then looks a little confused.

Hardy steps up and backs away from the referee who is laid out on the canvas, out cold.

Feeley's expression starts to make sense as we see William Haze make his way to the ring, briefcase in hand.

Dan: Haha! It's Mr. Money in the Bank!

Larry: Can he... can he do that? Mid-match?

Hardy and Haze lock eyes as Haze stops his movement just before he gets to the ring.

Larry: Are these two going to get it on, tonight?!

Dan: Larry, think about what you're saying – preferably before you say it!

The fans are into the confrontation as Hardy, one hand holding his head, points at Haze and beckons him on.

Larry: This is what I love about this guy. He will fan anyone, anytime. He never runs, and he always gets back up!

Haze looks on smugly, infuriating the fans.

Feeley turns Hardy around, grabs him by the neck.

Dan: Bat Breaker! Bat Breaker!

Hardy's back spasms and arches up as it bounces off of Feeley's knee and then the mat. Feeley grabs the referee and drags him over, before dropping and hooking the leg.


Dan: Feeley does it! He's pinned the World Champion!

Luke: And your winner, TIM FEELEY!

Haze smiles and raises his briefcase, as the shocked fans start to boo.

Larry: So soon? History is about to be made!

Haze then shakes his head and lowers the case, backing up the ramp!

Dan: Or not!

Larry: Haze reminding an already jaded JM Hardy that he has time on his side!

We cut to a vignette highlighting Unknown's win over Lost Soul it goes further back to his dominant 10 second win over Matt Ford and continues to clips of Unknown standing tall over William Haze, Kieran O'Shea and Brendan Black amongst other greats.

We then cut to shots of Nate Cook's EPW debut followed by his win over The Oracle and his moments in the Money In The Bank ladder match.

The greatest Ultimate Edge Champion of all time against a hungry young superstar...NEXT!

The crowd roars at the announcement as we cut back to ringside

Luke: The following match is for the ULTIMATE EDGE CHAMPIONSHIP! Introducing first, the challenger: NATE COOK!

Larry: It’s time for some Ultimate Edge action folks!

Dan: Unknown has wrecked everything and everyone that’s dared to try and take that title away, and I expect Nate Cook will just be another victim tonight!

Larry: I wouldn’t write him off so quickly, he’s earned this title shot!

It’s horrid to see you again
Now that you’re back from the dead
It’s horrid to see you again
So bored of being you
It’s horrid to see you again
Now that you’re back from the dead

Nick Cook steps from the back in his plain black trunks and white kickpads with his right index and middle finger pointed at his temple.

It’s horrid to see you again
So bored of being alive

Alive (x2)

At the second Alive, Cook begins to walk to the ring, taking time to point out to the crowd that he is more like them than anyone in the lockerroom.

It’s horrid to see you again
Acting like you’re on some kind of cross
It’s horrid to see you again
An emotional retard
It’s horrid to see you again
Unaware that all may not be lost
It’s horrid to see you again
So bored of being alive

Alive (x6)

During the previous verse, Cook slides in the ring, kneels in the center of the ring and sings along with the song. His voice reaches a desperate pitch.

It’s horrid to see you again
Walking around with that egg on your face
It’s horrid to see you again
So full of apathy
It’s horrid to see you again
Caught in a trap that you cannot escape
It’s horrid to see you again
So bored of being alive

Alive (x6)

As the song ends, Cook enters his corner of the ring and begins to stretch, his eyes having become peircing and his mood having become workmanlike.

Dan: He doesn’t look scared I’ll give him that

Larry: He’s toiled in the independent scene for a long time, this is his crack at the big time however I have a feeling reality’s about to sink in.

Luke: And his opponent the current reigning Ultimate Edge Champion, UNKNOWN!

“The Difference” by Circa Survive hits and the crowd erupts, the cheers get louder as Unknown appears from behind the curtain. The Ultmate Edge title strapped firmly around his waist his gaze is fixated on the cage as he heads for the ring.

Larry: EPW’s most dominant champion!

Dan: On the surface he maybe a lightweight but inside that ring and especially that cage Unknown can destroy everything in sight!.

Round 1

The crowd roar as the bell rings immediately bursting into chants of “Unknown!’ eager to see their hero in action, Nate Cook seems disappointed that they have thrown their support behind the champion as Unknown strikes first with a hard left hook he follows up with a series of blows to the mid section of Nate Cook and has the rookie keeling over, Unknown reclines and unloads with a stiff kick rocketing Cook upwards before going for the Relentless Spiral but Cook ducks under his leg and strikes Unknown with a knife edge chop, Unknown goes for the Relentless Spiral in retaliation but Cook ducks again and unloads with a series of elbow smashes before a double leg takedown on the champion!, he mounts Unknown and continues to punch away as Unknown covers up.

Larry: What a start from Nate Cook! For once someone’s got Unknown on the defensive!.
Dan: Uh last name Soul first name Lost?
Larry: He won that one too!

Cook isn’t stopping he continues to hammer away at Unknown from every angle, frustrated at his steady defense he leaps up and brings his knees crashing down on the champion’s sternum. Unknown tries to get back to his feet but Cook locks him in by his waist before trying to reel him into a submission hold but Unknown wriggles out, Cook tries to meet him with a high kick but Unknown grabs him by the foot and turns him around before bringing him down with a modified neckbreaker! He keeps the hold locked in as Cook screams in agony!.

Dan: The Orton Neckbreaker and he hasn’t let go!
Larry: Cook is in a world of pain could we see a tap out?

The crowd watch in anticipation as Cook tries to break out of the hold, the referee asks him if he’s going to tap but he waves his hands wildly to show signs of life before reaching round with his leg to try and bring Unknown down. This doesn’t amuse Unknown who shoves Cook towards the corner and charges going for the Clanging Discord but Cook leaps out of the way he turns expecting Unknown to have crashed into the steel but Unknown has athletically latched onto the cage and he soars through the air with the Calamity From The Sky!

Dan: What a move!

The referee tends to both men who are down and starts to count





Both men slowly climb to their feet as Unknown throws a jab at Cook who responds with an uppercut of his own, Unknown kicks out and Cook responds with one of his own!. They continue to exchange blows as the bell rings and the referee pulls them apart to end round 1.

Larry: These two want to fight! Cook wants that title, Unknown is eager to continue being unbeaten!

Dan: Cook started brightly but the champion reminding everybody just how he got that title!

Both men continue to stare down at each other as the break finishes and round 2 starts up. Cook rushes Unknown smothering him with blows to the back but Unknown uses his momentum to send him flipping, Cook’s legs strike the ring ropes as he lands awkwardly on his head.

Dan: He just scrambled his brains!.

The referee checks on Cook and calls for a medic but Cook shrugs him off and swipes at Unknown desperately, surprised by the plucky newcomer Unknown responds with some of his own before tying Cook up against the ropes. The referee demands Unknown to release him but the rulebooks don’t prevent this in the cage as Unknown backs up.

Larry: He’s gonna go for that Clanging Discord! After what’s already happened to Cook’s neck!

Dan: Nice knowing you Nate!

Cook desperately tries to pull himself free as Unknown charges he jumps up just as Cook pulls himself down and Unknown crashes against the steel before staggering back but Cook is still in pain and doesn’t react quickly enough as Unknown’s free elbow strikes him in the face. Unknown gets up, blood trickling down his forehead but he still has enough in him to prepare for the Fate Sealer. Cook elbows his way out however and pulls Unknown down with The Great Depression!


The crowd rise to their feet in disbelief at the unfamiliar sight of Unknown screaming in pain, Cook yells at him to tap but Unknown reaches the ropes. Cook can’t believe it as he gets to his feet and goes for a double stomp but Unknown rolls out of the way, Cook grimaces as he turns Unknown takes him down with a Reverse Russian Legsweep. Cook lands hard on his face as Unknown gets up clutching his throat.

The referee bends over Cook as he starts to count





Cook slowly lifts himself up, Unknown can’t believe it!.

Larry: Nate Cook isn’t going down so easy!

The crowd applauds Cook’s heart as Unknown quickly tries to end things with the Relentless Spiral but Nate ducks before being caught out by the champion who pummels Cook bringing him to his knees he backs up and tries to kick his head in but Nate grabs him by the leg he lifts himself up and tries to kick Unknown himself but Unknown grabs his leg and tries to bring him down with the Destiny Bond.

Dan: Destiny Bond! This is over!

Cook however smashes Unknown with an enziguri as Unknown sinks to the mat!.






Unknown pulls himself up as the bell for round 2 rings.

Dan: When was the last time someone knocked out Unknown even if it was for 4 seconds!

Larry: I really do hope I meet the guy who put a bet on Nate Cook the kid is giving it his all!

Dan: Please! 100-1 odds!

The bell for round 3 starts as a flustered Unknown mouths off at Cook promising to finish this. Cook doesn’t back down as the two trade rights and lefts. Cook catches Unknown by the leg and flips him hoping to use the same move Unknown did a while ago but the champion in mid-air brings him down with a DDT!.


Dan: A Shooting Star DDT! How the hell did he think of that one?
Larry: It’s why he’s champion!

Unknown backs up as the referee starts to count.








Cook shoots his arm up! The crowd roar in surprise as he slowly gets up. Unknown leaps forward shoving him down and going for a Standing Shooting Star but Cook has his knees up and Unknown holds his rib cage in pain as Cook lifts him into a Firemans Carry before sending him crashing into Cook’s knee!.

Larry: Shades of KENTA as Nate Cook tries to end this!








Unknown is up, the crowd applaud both men as they stare daggers into each other before again starting to trade blows. Unknown catches him with a European Uppercut but Cook strikes with one of his own, He misses and Unknown tries to bring down with the Orton Neckbreaker again but Cook wriggles out and smacks Unknown with a kick only to get knocked down.

Dan: He’s scaling the cage!

Larry: He knows he has to do the extraordinary to end this!

Unknown climbs up the cage as the crowd rise to their feet.

Dan: There is no coming back from this! Rest in peace Nate!

Unknown takes flight with a spectacular Corkscrew Shooting Star Press!.

Cook moves out of the way!


Unknown lands horribly against the mat and his body rebounds upwards into the arms of Nate Cook who reels him into The Great Depression!.

Dan: No!


Unknown is knocked out after his failed high risk move, The referee checks on Unknown whose unconscious in the submission hold. He doesn’t respond to the referee who counts up to 1


Larry: He’s got up to 5 this is technically a submission hold and not a plain knockout!


Dan: This can’t be happening he’s going to break out any second!


The crowd can’t believe it, Nate Cook holds on for dear life




The crowd erupt, they can’t believe Unknown has been beaten as Nate Cook releases Unknown and looks around in disbelief.

Larry: I can’t believe this! Undefeated in EPW! A year long title reign!

Dan: I am firing my bookie!.


Confetti falls from the ceiling as the cage is raised upwards. Cook can’t believe it as he’s handed the title he holds it up high for everyone to see as Eclipse comes to a close.

Larry: What a night! What a moment!

The EPW logo flashes across the screen as an emotional Cook scales to the top rope holding up the title.

Dan: Unbelievable! I never thought I’d see an Ultimate Edge Champion who isn’t Unknown!.​
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