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E.C.W. Smackdown part .2

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We start with the footage of last week's E.C.W. Win. A new entrance video airs, along with Purple/Black ring ropes.The new set is the E.C.W. Logo on the top, and preety much like the Thunder entrance.

Cole- Ladies, and Gentlemen, W.W.E. And E.C.W.Smackdown Would like you for tuneing into W.W.E. While were in this great city, of Hartford Connedigcaite. Where in the main event R.V.D. Teams with RHYNO to take on Latino Heat, and Undertaker

Tazz- We also have the Tag Titles on the line tonight as the Champs, Billy Kidman/Paul London take on the Dudleyz.

Paul Heyman is in the ring Ladies and Gentlemen welcome 2 Paul Heyman's Smackdown. Where right here tonight one of the greatest E.C.W. Champions makew their return to the ring. This person hasn't been in a W.W.E. Match in about 2/3 years. Now this person could be anyone, Nova, Justin Credible or hell it could even be Tazz.

How do ya like me now,hits as Hardcore Holly comes out.
He just goes into the ring and starts beating the shit outta Heyman, until Teddy Long's music hits. This stops his attack on Heyman long enough for Heyman to get outta the ring. We shoot to the back and a limo is arriveing, the door opens, and Vince McMahon steps out.


Rise and Fall of E.C.W.
Duracell Batteries
Evolution D.V.D.

And were back in Teddy Long's office, where he announces tonight's Main Event, Undertaker and Eddie Guerrero Vs R.V.D. Rhyno Hardcore Holly comes in and apologizes for helping Heyman last week. Long slaps him in the face, and then London/Kidman/Billy Gunn attack the shit out of him and he gets thrown into a wall.

Mark Jindrek is in the ring, he's calling out Orlando Jordan.
Jordan makes his way out and an impromptu match is started. Jordan starts hitting him in the face, he sends him off to the corner, he goes for a splash he misses. Jirdrak now sets him in the corner for punches to the head. He sends him to the corner to the ropes. Puts his finisher on him 1.2.3. Mark Jindrak wins.

We go to the back as Hardcore Holly is takin to the hospital, we see another limo pull up with the letters E.C.W

Stacker 2., Eve of wrecking ,G-Unit's collector's cd.

And were back, with the W.W.E. Tag Champs on their way out.
The Dudleyz make their way out, as the ref goes to ring the bell.
“ You Look so good to me” hits as Charlie Haas/Rico come out, with Miss Jackie. Haas gets the mic,

Haas- Now me and Rico were supposed to get a rematch the week after we lost the titles, we couldn't, however tonight we are added to this match, which is now a Triple Threat match.

Haas, starts off the match, with D-Von ,they lock, up and it's Haas grabbing D-Von be the legs and taking him down. He retreats to the outside of the ring. He gets on the ring, apron, where his brother is, he makes the blind tag, while he gets in the ring. He goes to lock up, again, however Bubba hits him from behind. He sends Haas into the corner, he goes full head of steam, and misses. Haas gets him in the corner, and starts punching him in the head. He makes the tag to Rico. At this point Dawn Marie makes her way down, from the crowd, and knocks down Miss Jackie.

Rico's in, he starts with his kicks, to the stomach, Bubba catches him and semi Powerbombs him for a 2 count.
He tags in his brother, they set up Rico for a 3-D. 1.2.save by Haas.

Commercile – W.W.E. The music Volume 6,Cena's CD.
E.C.W. Magazine .

And were back , they show footage, of what happened to Miss Jackie. D-Von, hammering, Rico, then sets him up for a bear hug . He sets him up for his D-Von destroyer, but Rico reverses it. He kicks him in the face. Bubba makes the tag to D-Von Rico makes the Tag to, Billy Kidman. Kidman's comes in, dropkick, He knocks, D-Von down,with the kid krusher he tags in London and Paul London goes up to the corner for his London calling. Bubba knocks him down. He seends him to the him up for the 3-D, however Haas comes in and sends D-Von to the outside. He tags,himself in, as Bubba hits his Bubbabomb, on London on the outside. In the ring, Haas has D-Von set up for the Rico kick, he does the kick, and Haas gives him the German suplex for the 3 count. And the winner's of the match, and new W.W.E. Tag Champs, Charlie Haas and Rico.

Afterwerds, The Dudleys get chairs, and attack London/Kidman. They have a table set up, when all of a sudden Rey Mysterio hits the ring. He does his west coast pop onto D-Von, however Bubba powerbombs London threw a table. Rey Jr. goes to do a kick to his face, when Little Guido comes out. They start a brawl, when Teddy Long comes out and makes a match for Little Guido vs Rey Mysterio.

*Commercial*Stacker 2.Good Charlotes new C.D., Seed of Chucky.

And were back,, Guido, looks like he is going to lock up with Rey, but instead kicks him in the stomache.He sends him to the corner, Rey comes fighting back,with lefts,and rightsHe sends him to the ropes, back body drop.Rey sends ropes for the 619. He misses, and Guido grabs his legs, and slams them to the outside. While he's out there, he goes for a steel chair,goes back into the ring, and prepares to hit Rey with the chair,when Paul London makes his way out. He grabs the chair, from Guido, this gives Rey Jr. the perfect chanse to go for a 619, on Guido. Although he doesn't notice, Spike Dudley comes out and hits his Dudley Dog, then Guido goes for his finisher.1.2.3.and your winner and still C.W. Champ Little Guido,J.T.B. Comes out,so Billy Kidman, then comes out, it's a grousome 6 way until from out of nowhere Big Vito comes out with his stick ball bat.He hits, Guido, Spike, and eventually J.T.B.

Michael Jackson's greatest hits CD,
Preview for tonight's news.
Jaws,3 Saturday 1:00.

And were back, as they go over the No Mercy Card
Fatal Four Way Elimination match
J.B.L. Vs R.V.D. Vs Eddie Guerrero vs Undertaker

Kurt Angle vs John Cena
, and just announced tonight

C.W. Six Way
Little Guido vs Rey Mysterio vs Billy Kidman vs Spike Dudley Vs Paul London Vs A Mystery 6'Th. person, chosen by Paul Heyman

Cena's music hits, as he comes, down to do a rap dissing Luthor Reigns. However before he can do the RHYME, Reigns as well as Angle come out and attack the U.S. Champ. Just before they can do more damage, Booker T's music hits and we have an impromptu match, that just gets too wild, so there isn't even a match. Long comes out and says all four of you are done for tonight, next week it's Booker T. teaming with the DR. of Thuganomics, John Cena taking on Luthor Reigns and Kurt Angle.
And with that we head, to the back where we see Paul Heyman talking to somebody,

Paul- Are you ready to do this.
Voice- Lets go, W.W.E. Is dead.
And with this we take out last

*Commercial *
No Mercy P.P.V.,
Rise and Fall of E.C.W. D.V.D.
Eddie Guerrero D.V.D.

And were back, Team E.C.W. Has made their way out, as the lights go out. Taker comes to the ring, then Viva La Raza hits, as Eddie Guerrero makes his way out driving, in a low rider.

Eddie Guerrero and RHYNO start it off. They lock up, and it's RHYNO putting Eddie in the armbar, Eddie gets a break to the ropes. He fakes, locking up with RHYNO, instead he just grabs his arm and puts him in the armbar. Tag to Taker, who climbs the ropes, double axehandle onto RHYNO's arm. He stands RHYNO up in the corner, where he just gives him fist after fist, after fist. Finally R.V.D. Gets a kick in there to stager the big man. As Taker is stagering, Rhyno gets a ghore out of nowhere. He makes the tag to R.V.D. Who goes to the topr for his 5 star frog spleas, just before he jumps off Taker sits, up. R.V.D. Goes for a drop kick, but just jumps off as Taker is about to make the tag 2 Eddie.

Rhyno trips Eddie, so taker cant make the tag. Rhyno then gets in the ring, and goes for a ghore, but misses, and just about hits the ringpost, however before he hits it he puts on the brakes. R.V.D. Is starting to get up Taker sets up RHYNO for a chokeslam R.V.D. Then gets up and hits a kick to Taker's face, when the big man finally goes down. Finally Taker has enough strenght to make the Tag to Eddie Guerrero. Eddie comes in like a house of fire. He knocks RVD, down with clothesline, after clothesline. He even knocks down Rhyno on the outside. He hits his trifacter suplexes , and then goes to the outside to go for his frogsplash. When he's out side, Rhyno, stops him, he sends him to the ring. He finally hits a gore on someone, 1,2,save by Taker. He sends him to the ropes, choke slam.no 5 star from R.V.D. 1.2. no Eddie Guerrero makes the save,Taker goes Th.o the outside, he hits his own frogsplash. 1.2. and we finally have a winner.

As their celebrating Tajari comes out, through the fans he spits the green mist in Taker's eyes. He goes in to the ring, where it looks like it's about to be a 3 on 1, until Show's music hits. He comes out and clears house. Then we see the rest of E.C.W. Coming out. But wait, here comes Paul London,Billy Kidman, Rey Mysterio, Haas/Rico. Big Show has a choke slam on RHYNO, when from out of no where Mike Awsome comes. He attacks Show, so that RHYNO hits the gore on him. He Awesome bombs, Undertaker. And as the Dudleyz set Eddie Guerrero on a table R.V.D. Comes off with the 5 star frog splash. As this ends the show.
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