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This is the Smackdown 2 weeks after Summer slam.

Footage is shown of the Big Show ( Show became G.M.) Announcing Cena vs. Angle in a best of 3 falls at Unforgivin.

The pyro goes off and the Smack down video is shown with the new set ( the sliding doors) . Michael Cole and Tazz welcome us to Smack down.

Cole - Ladies and Gentlemen welcome 2 Smack down here in the great city of Chicago Illinois. Where in the main event it will be R.V.D. vs. Eddie Guerrero .

Tazz Also we will have a rocket buster announcement from the G.M. Big Show tonight regarding the W.W.E. Title Match at Unforgivin.

Cole But first we got great C.W. action at Nunzio will face the C.W. Champ Rey Mysterio Jr.

Rey’s music hits as he makes his way down 2 the ring.
Nunzio’s old E.C.W. theme plays. As he comes down he pound’s Tommy Dreamer’s who as in the audience front row. He grabs a mic saying he’s sick of being called Nunzio, he’s little Guido from now on.

We start with the 2 locking up and Rey takes Little Guido with a trip. Rey gets on the offense , Little Guido goes to the outside to regroup. J.T.B. makes his way down. Rey Jr. does a spring board out onto the 2 taking both down. Rey comes back into the ring and does the slide but Guido moves and Rey goes outside. There J.T.B. grabs him and slams him into the ring post.

Summer slam D.V.D., Gecko , Divas in whatever D.V.D.

Were back as J.T.B. throws Rey back into the ring, Guido is on the attack stomping a mud hold in him as Stone Cold used to do. Billy Kidman and Paul London make their way down and cheer for Rey. Guido goes for a pin but only gets a 2 count. Guido argues with the ref while Rey kicks him into the ropes. The ref gets hit here and is knocked out There he goes for the 619. J.T.B. catches him and slams his knees into the ring apron.

Kidman gets in J.T.B. face as the 2 go at it, but all of a sudden the Dudleyz show up from the crowd and attack London/Kidman with bats . Spike Dudley makes his way down with a chair. At this point Tommy Dreamer is up out of his chair and goes under the ring where his cane is. He gets in the ring as everyone flees. He hits Bubba and Spike gets a chair , Tommy hits D-von and Spike goes after J.T.B. but instead hits Tommy Dreamer. Guido hits his finisher on Rey as J.T.B. holds Spike .

And we have a new C.W. Champ

In show’s office he makes a match for next week. It’s the F.B.I./Dudleyz vs. Rey Jr./Kidman/London/Spike Dudley.
In the locker room J.T.B. and Guido have the Liquor flowing when Dawn Marie comes and congratulates Guido, she kisses him and says now I know what it’s like to be with a real man.

Preview for RAW’s 8 man tag Canadian pride/Eugene vs. Evolution. Duracell we keep going and going, Can Can sale at hellerrrrrrrr my job.

Were back and footage is shown of what just happened with Guido/Dawn Marie.

Cena’s out with his protégée Charlie Haas. He cuts a promo on Kurt Angle saying he’s gonna kick his ass at Unforgivin. Angle n Luther come out saying At Unforgivin Cena will tap out. Big Show appears on the screen saying the winner’s of tonight’s next match will decide the falls for that match. It’s Cena and Haas taking on Angle and Luther.

Cena starts up with Luther, headlock by Luther, sends him to the ropes and Cena comes back and is taken down with a shoulder block by Reigns. Cena comes up and Rolls under Reigns, sleeper hold. He backs him into the corner. Tag 2 Angle . Angle comes in and slaps Cena in the face. Cena gets up is a house on fire delivering chops, lefts n rights chops . He does an arm bar and tag’s in Haas. Haas goes to work on Angle in the corner. He sends him to ropes and slams him down. He goes for his Haas of pain when Luther interferer’s. This brings in Cena, he back body drops Luther out of the ring. Cena and Haas send Angle to the ropes, double cloth line. The ref gets Haas out of the ring, Luther gets a chair and hits Cena when he sets up Angle for the F-U. Cena’s down and Angle sets him up for the Angle Slam.
He connects 1.2.3.

Angle gets the mic and says that at Unforgivin. The First fall is a regular match, the second is Submission, the third is no holds barred.

Were in the back as we see Paul Heyman talking with John H. he says he has failed to take down the Undertaker and that if Angle wants something done he has to do it himself. With that RHYNO comes out of nowhere and gores the hell outta John. Welcome back 2 Smack down RHYNO.

W.M. 20 D.V.D. a preview for Unforgivin.

And were back with the RAW rebound. Ric Flair taking on Chris Beniot and Eugene/Regal taking on Batista/H.H.H.

And were back to Smackdown with Big Show apologizing to Torrie Wilson. And to make it up 2 her he’s going to give her a 2 week vacatition and some money to go get her nails done and shit like that. She kisses him on the cheek and says thanks show. ( B.T.W. I didn’t want to add this I was paid twenty bucks 2 lol)

And were set for the main event as J.B.L. makes his way down to the ring for commentary.

R.V.D. comes out as does Eddie and they start the match. R.V.D. takes down Eddie, he gives him the spin kick for a 2, he goes out for a chair where Eddie kicks the chair to his face. Eddie goes for his sulplexes when all of a sudden the Dudleyz come as they have been being chased by Tommy Dreamer the whole night.

Eddie helps Tommy the F.B.I. Then show up and Spike Dudley comes and hits Eddie with a chair. He does his Dudleyz dog. The lights go out and Undertaker makes his way out. He comes in and the number’s came is just 2 much . Tommy Dreamer gets up and hits Taker with the cane, R.V.D. gets a chair and does his van terminator on Taker. Then all of a sudden Paul Heyman comes out with RHYNO and he has E.C.W. shirts. Tommy grabs the mick and says ladies and Gentleman with Tommy Dreamer and Paul Heyman we present to u . E.C.W.

R.V.D., Little Guido, Johnny the Bull, The Dudley‘s, Spike Dudley ,RHYNO and Dawn Marie comes out with a very short E.C.W. shirt on.

And this is the end of Smack down.

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^^Yeah, use Grendrill's show as an example of bold & italics or even color.
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