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name of fed - DWI


Kurt Angle
Chris Jericho
Chris Benoit
Eddie Gurrero
Chavo Guerrero
Matt Hardy
Rey Mysterio
Jamie Noble
Perry Saturn
Lance Storm
Booker T
Scott Hall
Buh Buh Ray Dudley
D-Von Dudley
Sean O'Haire
Big Boss Man
Molly Holly
Trish Stratus

"lights go out as pyro errupts"

We are welcomed to the premeire brodcast of DWI's 1 hour show Tuesday night Xacution

Jesse Ventura and Mean Gene are your announces, they tell us that tonight a DWI World champ will be crowned for the first time in a 6 man elimination match featuring Angle, Benoit, Jericho, HHH, Booker T, and Kane

Our first match gets underway as Rey Mysterio takes on RVD.

Rey's pyro goes off as he bursts through the stage and makes his way to the ring. Jesse asks Gene is Rey is related to Chico Santana, Gene says he doesn't think so.

The crowd goes crazy as RVD comes out from the curtains. As Van Dam enters the ring the match begins.

Rey wins at 6:13 with a roll up after RVD misses the 5*

We go to a camera outside the building showing Raven talking to someone, telling the mystery person that "Our time will come, We will infest soon, Quote the raven-Nevermore."


We come back, and Mean Gene announces tonight the womans title will also be decided

We go back to ring side were Raven is standing in the ring with a mic.

Raven- "You people have no idea the destruction that will be caused in the comming weeks, a destruction so vile it will make you wish that this putrid sociaty had choosen a different place to harbor the infest that will soon consume you all. All the wrestles in the back will wish fate had choosen a different path for them as their left laying, broken down, shadows of their former selfs. For the Virus that I speak of is slowly growing, growing more deadly by the second. The Infest is waiting, waiting paitently to infect. Soon all that will be left will be the darkness and the Infest. Quote the Raven-Nevermore."

Test comes out for his match with Raven, and enters the ring.

During the match 3 men in black robes come out and start to take Test apart, which causes Raven to get DQed at 4:48. Raven somehow gets the men to stop. The men start to leave as raven get a chair and props it up in the ring and proceeds to DDT Test through the chair. Raven gets the mic and walks back up the ramp.

Raven- "You have just been Infested."


We come Back to ringside as the Dudley's pyro goes off. They make their way to the ring, as we are informed this is a table match.

Latino Heat hits and Eddie and Chavo make it to the ring, and the match begins.

The match has alot of broken tables but they were not broke on offencive moves, The ref gets knocked out and Eddie goes through a table, Chavo attacks Dvon and places him on the broken remains of the table Eddie went through. The ref awakens and see's Dvon though a table with Chavo standing over top of him and awards Los Gurreros the match at 10:02.

We go back stage to see Trish Stretching for her match that is next.


We come back as Victoria's music plays, she is followed by the entrence of Jazz. After Jazz makes it to the ring Molly makes her way to the ring. Trish is next, and finally Lita.

The match ends at 6:34 with Lita pinning Molly for the womans title. After the match Molly starts attacking Lita and is taken away by security. Lita needs assistance to the back after the beating dished out by Molly.

We go backstage to Angle's dressingroom where he is getting ready for the big match. Just then Jericho walks in

Jericho- Kurt I've been looking all over for you
Kurt- Ya what for
Jericho- Lets just say I have a proposition
Kurt- I'm listening
Jericho- The fact is Angle, me and you. We are the stars of this company, the fans will get to see the two best guys in the business tonight for the world heavyweight title.
Angle- Ya, so whats your freakin point.
Jericho- My point is their are 4 others guy in their with us tonight that don't deserve to be there. So tonight I say we work together, and as soon as those assclowns are eliminated. It'll be me and you for the world championship, the way it should be.
Angle- you got yourself a deal pal, oh it's true


We come back as we get set for our main event. Angle, Benoit, Jericho, HHH, Booker T, and Kane all make their way to the ring

The match starts, at 2:39 Benoit puts Angle in the crossface, and instead of helping his newfound buddy Jericho locks on the Walls and Angle is forced to tap. As Angle is leaving Jericho trash talks him and motions that he is smarter than him. Just then Kane hits Jericho with the chokeslam and eliminates him at 3:34. Angle and Jericho fight their way up the ramp as the match continues. HHH pedigree's Book at 6:57 and eliminates him. Benoit makes Kane submit at 8:24. Finally hits his own version of the pedigree eliminating Hunter at 13:03 to win the DWI world title.
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How is that too many wrestlers?? Currently the WWE has around 100... Sure, they might not all be on RAW or Smackdown! right now, but they are in OVW Training to come up, which gives it 100...

Good Job Mojojojo!!

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Mean Gene and Jesse Ventura welcome us to tuesday night Xacution

The first ever DWI world champ Chris Benoit makes his way to the ring and get the mic

Benoit- "I want to start off by thanking everyone who beleived that in me. Its been a long road with alot of bu--"

Motorhead starts playing as HHH comes through the curtains

HHH- "What in the hell is going on here. Everyone knows that I am the only true World champion. I look at you and I just think to myself what the hell kind of world is this were midgets can be world champions."

Benoit- "Do you have something important to say or did you just come out here to see what a real champion looks like."

HHH- "Real champion huh, thats funny. You see Benoit, you have something that I want, and when I want something I take it. I take it by force, so unfortunatly for you you are the one in possesion of my property. What that means is I am going to beat you within an inch of your life."

Benoit- "You sure talk a big game, but after beating you last week I think I proved that you can't back it up."

HHH- "Listen to me carefully Chris, what happened last week was a fluke. Something that will never happen again."

Benoit- "Well if you have the guts why dont I prove you wrong once again, Tonight."

HHH- "I accept, but not tonight. I already have other business to attend to namely Edge. So why dont we settle this at the Destruction Pay Per Veiw."

Benoit- "You have yourself a deal."

HHH- "Oh and one more thing. Make sure you shine that belt up real nice for me."


we come back as we get set for our first match

Match 1

Molly Holly vs Jazz - for #1 contendership of the womans title

Winner- Molly - Lita comes in and attacks Molly causing a DQ giving Molly the victory

We go to the parking lot were Kurt Angle is waiting, Coach catchs up with him and asks him what he's doing

Angle- What am I doing, I'm waiting for Chris Jericho, thats what I'm freaking doing. And when he gets here I am going to make him wish he was never born. Last week Chris Jericho made me an offer, to which he later on broke, Jericho showed everyone that he lacked integrity. But to give Jericho credit he has the other 2 I's, tonight I am going to give him another I to replace the one his obviously lacks and that I is injury.


We come back to the parking lot with Angle still waiting, a car pulls in and Angle grabs a lead pipe and begins to yell at the car. The car stops and opens the door, but out comes Raven.

Raven- "Sometimes in life there are surpises, Some we enjoy and some we don't. Imagine if there were no surprises if life was just the way we pictured, soon the infestation will begin and you will all wish life was like it was. Quote the Raven"

Raven leaves for the arena as Angle looks in disbelief

Angle- What a freakin nut job, Oh It's true.

We come back to ring side for our next match

Match 2

Tajiri vs. Rey Mysterio

Winner- Tajiri with the the poisin mist into a powerbomb as Rey was going for the west coast pop

We go to the parkinglot again as another car is arriving. Angle gets ready as Matt Hardy comes out of the vehicle.

Matt- Well what do you know, It's Kurt Angle the man who lacks Mattitude. Just imagine Kurt, if you were an MF'er you could've avoided imbarresing yourself last week."

Kurt- Is that so

Kurt attackes Hardy throwing through a plate glass window

Kurt- Who do you think you are, calling me an embarresement

Kurt picks Matt up and Angle slams through stacked wooden palets

Kurts- By the way If you see Chris Jericho tell him I'll be waiting in the ring.


We come Back with Kurt standing in the middle of the ring

Kurt- I can wait here all day Jericho, If you have any guts you'll get down here right now and face me like a man.

The countdown starts and the lights go out as Jericho's music starts. The pyro's go off and lights come and Christian is standing on the ramp.

Christian- I'm sorry to inform everyone here tonight that the King of the World will not be here tonight, I know your all disappointed but he has better things to do then entertain a bunch of chumpstains like you. As far as you go you super Dorkizoid I wnat you right here right now.

Kurt- You want a match with me, You vs. Kurt freakin Angle. Ok just so I didn't misunderstand, You wants a match with an olympic champion.

Christian- You heard me right

Kurt- Are you sure, You do know that I'm Kurt Angle, right.

Christian- Quit stalling, I want you and me right now

Christian runs to the ring and the match officially begins

Match 3- Kurt Angle vs Christian

Winner- Angle with an ankle lock

After the match Jericho jumps Angle from behind and he and Christian attack Angle. Angle gets busted open after a conchairto. Jericho and Christian are escorted away by security.


We come back with Coach backstage talking to Edge

Coach- Edge tonight you face of one on one with the game HHH

Edge- HHH is aparently the number one contender for world title. If I were to beat him here tonight I would prove that I have what it takes to be in that title picture. If HHH thinks he's just going to walk though me and go into Destruction without any problems, he is going to be very disappointed because tonight I show every one I have what it takes.

HHH's music plays as we get set for the main event, he is followed by Edge who gets a huge ovation.

Match 4

Edge vs. HHH

Winner- Edge with a schoolboy after Benoit comes down and distracts Hunter

After the match Hunter and Benoit start brawling and HHH nails benoit with a sledge hammer. The show ends with Hunter standing over Benoit, holding the title over his head.

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I though you paired together people quite well. I am wishing you would have put a little more description into how the wrestler won instead of a short paragraph; and written less about what all the wrestlers say, you do do a good job with it but their is four times more talking than us actually learning what really happened in the match.

On other notes, you have perked my interest in Raven and those three men in black garments. Its a bit Ministry of Darkness-ish, and when Raven comments on having his first target, Test, and others to come being 'Infested' made me smile.

Good job, keep up the good work!
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