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(Ok for regular shows I do not do much for matches but I do alot for PPV's. So enjoy.)

WE come to the ACC in Toronto,Ontario where the fans are buzzing about the new DWE taking place here in Toronto.

JR:Welcome DWE fans to the first DWE.

Lawler:Well I am really looking forward here we have a womens match.

JR:I dont know where you get your taste of women because we have so many other match here tonight that will lead up to DWE VERDICT the first PPV where all the championships should be decided.

Lawler:That would mean that there is another women's match. Yes now I am looking forward to it even more.

The conversation stops and "The Game" by Motorhead plays through the speakers and HHH walks down to the ring with a mic in hand. He gets in the ring to a chorus of boos from the crowd.

HHH:You know I do not know why you cheer for those people in the back because this is a new fed and a better improved Triple H!

Crowd boos even louder.

HHH:Now we are all knowing that at VERDICT I will be the new world heavyweight champ around here and I will once again be THAT DAMN GOOD!

IM Back blasts through the speakers while Bischoff walks down on the entrance ramp with a microphone in hand.

Eric:I am happy you brought that up H because I have big plans for VERDICT! First of all at the end of the show I will make the World Heavyweight Championship match depending on how everyone does.

HHH:Of Course I will be in that match.

Eric:You will see H but right now I would like you to get the hell out of my ring for the first match.

HHH:You will regret this.

Then security takes HHH away from the ring while Eric makes his way backstage.

Match 1:Christian vs. Batista

ONce both men have entered the ring the match starts to Christian slapping Batista in the face while Batista looks like he has just decided to explode. Then he runs off the ropes and runs at Christian but Christian staggers Batista back with a clothesline. Batista has had enough and starts punching Christian and throws him off the ropes and picks him up and gives him a FALLAWAY SLAM to the ground where Christian holds his back in pain. Batista picks him up and drops him for a Spinebuster. He nails him with the spinebuster while he got nailed in the back of the head by Tomko. The ref is talking to Tomko while Christian has got a chair and his about to hit Batista but the big man punches him and gives him the Batista BOmb onto the chair Christian had. With Tomko being ejected Batista hooks the leg for the three count and wins the match.


WE goto a commercial break.

When we come back we see Randy Orton in his locker room talking with Benoit.

Orton:Man at Verdict I will become the DWE Heavyweight champ.

Benoit:What do you mean I have been the heavyweight champ longer than you and I could do it again.

Orton:WEll we have to make sure that HHH doesn't win again. It is getting very annoying listening to him all the time.

Benoit:I know and I will make him tap out you don't even have to worry about being in the match.

Orton:Oh I will be in this match and I will become the champ.

Benoit: So you think the RKO can beat the crippler crossface?

Orton: NO I know so.

Then we go out to the back where Batista walks back with a towel over his shoulder from his match when Ric Flair interrupts him.

Flair:Hey big man you were awesome out there. Christian looked like a fool.

Batista: I would like to take that momentum into a bigger match I am planning for.

Flair:Now what can that be big man?

Batista:You will find out soon enough.

Then we see a promo showing Randy Orton vs. Benoit in the main event tonight.

Commercial break.

Match 2: Trish Stratus&Molly Holly vs. VIctoria&Lita

The match starts off with Lita kicking away at Trish Stratus and then slapping her in the face to get a slap back by Trish. Then Lita has a angry look on her face and picks up Trish by the hair and slams her down. The ref talks to Lita while Trish tags in Molly. But the ref doesn't see it so Trish stays in the match while the ref talks to Trish. Now Lita tags in Vic but the ref doesn't see again so Lita and Trish stay in the match. The both tag there partners and go outside the ring to fight it out themselves. The ref talks to them while Molly tries for a clothesline but Vic ducks and school boy's Molly for the three count.


Then Vic and Lita quickly escape to the back.

WE then see Bischoff make a Fatal Four Way match for the womens title: Lita vs. Victoria vs. Trish Stratus vs. Molly Holly.

WE then go to a commercial break.

When we come back from commercial break we see Gene Snitsky talking to Kane.

Gene: Have you heard about our match.

Kane goes closer to Gene with a angry look.

Kane:Yeah and I will win the match at Verdict despite you being the one who gets to pick the match.

Gene Snitsky:Now that baby I killed back in WWE wasn't the only thing I will kill. In the DWE I will kill you.

Then we see Simon Dean come out to the ring.

Simon Dean:Oh My God these Toronto fans have been feasting up for Massacre because it is getting very fat around here.

The fans boo as ludly as possible.

Simon: Now guys you don't have to admit it I am a good man so I will let you in on a little secret. The Simon System will help you all lose those unnessesary pouns that you have piled up in all of your unworthy lives.

Simon:Now take a look at yourselves you disgusting pigs.

Muhammad Hassan's music hits and he comes up on the stage in his wrestling uniform.

Hassan:Shut the hell up and let me speak. Canada will never live up to Arab or my brothers. This country disgusts me and I want a change. The problem isn't that there fat it is because they are complete and utter idiots.

Dean:Now you shut the hell up. You are looking pretty fat and ugly too you disgusting Arab person. Canada is not stupid they just have good tasting meals that they like to eat so much. Even I have gained a few pounds and I am still looking better than you. As a matter of fact get your ass out here and let's have match.

Hassan slides into the ring but Simon keeps punching him without letting him get up or get air. Hassan now gets to his feet and elbows Simon in the gut and then takes him down with a snap suplex. He takes a look at the crowd and then taunts them and spits into the fans seating area. While Simon puts on his weight belt Hassan turns around and gets superkicked in the face by Simon. Then he picks up Hassan and gives him a snap suplex of his own. Simon picks him up and tries for that STO that Hassan does but then Hassan reverses it into a DDT for a three count.

Winner:Muhammad Hassan

The crowd boos while his music plays and he walks out of the ring disgusted at the fans.

Now we see Randy Orton make his way out to his main event match which is next.

Commercial Break

Benoit's music hits and out comes Benoit to a very respectful crowd and walks into the ring determined to get in the ME at Verdict. Then Randy Orton's music hits and out comes the legend killer and walks into a mixture of cheers and jeers from the crowd. He steps into the ring and looks Benoit in the eye before he gets hit in the stomach from a chop by Benoit. Benoit continue to chop away at the legend killer until Randy fights back with a punch of his own then whips Benoit into the turnbuckle. He goes for a Big Boot on Benoit but Benoit catches the leg and hits an Enzuigiri on Orton. Then Benoit goes for the sharpshooter but Orton rolls through it and hooks Benoit's leg for a 2 count. The fans start to get into it now while both men stand up in the ring where Orton goes for a clothesline only to be met by a german suplex. Benoit gets up and hits another german he gets up again but Orton hops back and goes for an RKO but Benoit pushes Orton into HHH who was on ringside and HHH gives Orton a stun gun. Benoit runs into Orton and knocks him over the rope. From behind HBK comes out of nowhere and takes HHH down. Then Edge comes in and is about to spear Micheals but he moves and spears Orton who was coming out. Then HHH picks up Michaels from behind and drops him with a pedigree. Back in the ring is Orton and Benoit and Benoit locks a dazed Orton in the Crosssface where Orton taps out.


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Only 3 Matches and a couple of promos?
40/100 for that my friend. Improve realistically, Use Bold/Italics/Colours and read other good threads to know what you're doing. THanks.

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^^^^^ Nicely said WordLife00, take pride in your show and add some coulours aswell as a couple more matches and promo's. Just like mentioned above. Also write a heading to the matches because it's hard to know where they start and end.
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