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Dudley Boyz T-Shirts???

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Hi everyone, new guy here. This probably isn't the most productive post ever but I've been lurking for a couple hours and it seems like there are some real experts here so I've gotta ask. :cool: After searching for Dudley Boyz shirts (vintage or new) in every way I can think of, I've only seen like 3 (giant sized)... on Ebay. Seems weird, as a kid I remember the Dudleys when they had the big matches against the Hardys and Edge and Christian and I know they were big in ECW. Maybe they're not as popular as I thought and I'll have to wait to snag one on Ebay some random day? I can't believe the WWE site doesn't have tons of the tie-dye 3D shirts on hand all the time. Licensing issues? Anyway, I was thinking maybe some of you guys who are big into wrestling merch and memorabilia know of some other less well known sites I should keep an eye on. Thanks guys!
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