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Drinking Game Thread (If you look under 35 you will be carded)

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Alright, similar to the marijuana thread, come in here to discuss drinking.

As for the game part, give your idea for drinking games. Or if you're a solitary drinker, play a drinking game on here with other users.

So, to get things started, I'm doing a drinking game (all by my lonesome) to tonight's TNA episode (6/14/12). Every time there is a recap/flashback/previously on TNA! you take a shot. Might be dangerous since slammiversary was this weekend.
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Drinking game - "Horse Racing"

What you need?

  • 2 or more people
  • Alcohol of some kind
  • A pack of playing cards
  • A flat surface
  • A chosen character representative.
So first you make sure the deck is sorted into suits, you then take 7 of each suit out and put them to one side.

Then lay down the markers, one of each suit from the remaining deck and place them face up, you could use all Jacks for asthetics.

Then lay 7 markers down the edge of your flat surface to represent the furlongs or 'horse racing track thingy".

Lets say you have 4 players. Each with amchosen character to trepresent them on the track. My last 'character' was a classic 'Berserker' action figure.

This is the best part. You must gamble on your character and also pick a suit. e.g I bet 2 shots that diamonds will win, you place your character on diamonds and your ready to go.

The idea is to pick the suit you think will be dealt out quickest of the cards you put to one side earlier. As the cards are dealt the character/s placed on that suit (the jacks we talked about) then move up one place.

This game can become quite fast paced and also quite addictive. The beauty of it is you can add more rules. For example. You could play till all "characters" are finished and the one that comes in last could be forced to down a pint or a shot or whatever is agreed upon.

It may sound complicated but it's really simple and i'd recommend it.

Any questions?

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Lethal weapon movies.

- any time a jazzy 80's sax-amaphone plays you drink some beer
- every scene in which Mel Gibson is running, you chug until he stops running
- every time someone dies by other means than a bullet, you take a shot
- every time Danny Glover cracks his neck around to line up a shot, you take a shot
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