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Drew McIntrye to get a face push

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It's the only way I can see why Kelly interfered in the WHC match last sunday.

My scenario:
- Vickie hits a promo on how Edge cheated and forces a rematch tonight. She then brings to everyone's attention about Kelly Kelly interfering.
- Vickie demands Kelly come down to the ring to state why she shouldn't be terminated on the spot.
- Kelly comes out and states she hates Vickie for abusing her power and how she should call things down the middle. Vickie berates Kelly as useless with Dolph chiming in with her.
- Drew arrives and tries to plead with Kelly to take back what she said about Vickie, even going as far as to suck up to Vickie to please her. Kelly can't take the fact that Drew is acting like such a pushover (aka a bitch) just to please the acting GM.
- Vickie demands that Drew take Kelly out of her sight to which Drew obeys. Kelly slaps Drew backstage, telling him how he has no idea how she feels.
- A few matches later, Drew is thinking somewhere and Edge passed by. Edge, seeing Drew, tells him that if he really wants to be a man for Kelly, then he better gets some real balls.
- The rematch takes place. Vickie tries to interfere again, but Kelly stops her. Vickie berates Kelly outside the ring to which Drew comes out and tries to bring Kelly to the back.
- Kelly refuses. Edge is down as Dolph goes outside the ring to berate Kelly. He shoves Kelly.
- Drew can't stand it anymore and gets in Dolph's face. Dolph is freaked out. Vickie tries to strike Drew, but Drew blocks and shoves her down.
- Edge gets back up and spears Dolph outside the ring. Edge wins by countout as Drew carries Kelly to the back.
- Edge gives Drew a nod, and Kelly gives a smirk to a downed Vickie; Drew-style
- Drew/Dolph fued begins.

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Anything's better than the current McIntyre. If turning him face makes him more comfortable with his role, go for it, I wouldn't mind.
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