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Dream WM21 Card

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What is your dream matches for WM 21 and please reply to New NWA:TNA

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Show starts from the bottom to the top

Main Event
WWE title in a elimination match
Eddie vs Angle (C) vs Rey vs Jericho
1st fall street fight
2nd fall cage
3rd fall ladder

Video hyping WWE title match

Hart's good bye speech

Submission I Quit Match
Benoit vs Bret Hart (final match)

Video Hyping Benoit vs Hart Match

US Title
Benjamin vs Haas(c)

World Heavyweight title
Kane(c) vs Rock

Video Hyping World Title match

women's title
Lita(c) vs Trish

Mini Royal Rumble Winners decision to face World Heavyweight Champion or WWE Champion

world tag team titles
Orton and HBK vs HHH, Flair and Batista (HHH and Flair are the champions)

Orton and HBK angle talking about the fued they are having with evolution

Cruiser weight open for the title
Shane Helms (c) vs Chavo vs Moore vs Ultimo vs Tajiri vs Noble vs Kidman vs London vs Rico vs Scotty 2 Hotty

IC title
Christain(c) vs Matt Hardy

Trish and Christain talk trash at Matt and Lita and explain the feud they have been having

Sylivan Grenier (face) vs Rene Dupree (heel)

Video Hyping Grenier and Rene feud

wwe tag team titles tables match
Dudleys(c) vs Big Show and Rikishi

Celebration Ceremony for the Mini RR winner

Mini Royal Rumble- Chance to Face either the world heavyweight champion
(in order of entry)
2-Booker T
5-A-Train (back on SD!)

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chris benoit vs eddie guerrero

triple h vs randy orton

charlie haas vs shelton benjamin

kurt angle vs ric flair

chris jericho vs edge

john cena vs eugene

batista vs big show

mysterio vs paul london

chrsitian vs booker t

matt hardy vs rene dupree

the rock vs shawn michaels
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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