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Austin against Punk, Cena or Orton. Angle against Punk or Bryan. Sting against pretty much any top level WWE talent.

I'd love to see Punk vs HBK, but I don't want to see HBK become another Flair/Hogan saggy old man battling past his prime. Especially since he had such a wonderful retirement match.

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Taker v Cena
Batista v Lesnar
HHH v The Rock
Rock v Lesnar
Punk v Hardy

I don't think Austin will return.

I'd love HHH v Rock just for nostalgia. It's like Rocky v Apollo creed in Rocky 3. Just 2 guys trying to find who was better.

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^ When did Brock vs Del Rio become a dream match?

I'm not sure if you should include HBK in the dream matches category being that he is retired ;\ but I will anyways.
I'm gonna order my list

Taker v. Cena
HBK v. Ziggler
Orton v. Rock
Punk v. Austin
HBK v. Rock
Taker v. Sting
Bryan v. Angle

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HHH vs The Rock (14 years later)
HHH vs Angle
Taker vs Austin (WM)
Jeff Hardy vs Orton
Jeff Hardy vs Taker
Jeff Hardy vs Brock
AJ Styles vs Cena
AJ Styles vs Orton
AJ Styles vs Punk
Sting vs Taker
Sting vs HHH
Sting vs HBK
Goldberg vs Lesnar (again)
Goldberg vs Ryback (WHOSE NEXT, YOU'RE NEXT RYBACK!)
The Rock vs HBK
Hogan vs Taker (WM)
B.O.D vs DX
B.O.D vs Sting/Hogan
B.O.D vs Sting/Flair
Orton w/HHH vs Batista w/Flair
Orton w/HHH vs AJ Styles w/Flair
The Rock/HHH vs Cena/Orton
The Rock/HHH vs Punk/Bryan
Y2J vs HHH (WM)
Y2J vs HBK (again)
Y2J vs AJ Styles
Y2J vs Taker (WM)
Y2J vs The Rock (again)
The Rock/HHH/Y2J/Angle/Taker/HBK/Austin vs Cena/Orton/Punk/Bryan/Ziggler/ADR/Sheamus : 14-man (Elimination Chamber) match at Survivor Series = G.O.A.T Match
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