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Dragons Lair Wrestling {DLW}

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Here my roster for Dragons Lair Wrestling. I have two house shows, Sin Sunday and Wednesday Night X-Zone. Heres my roster:

Paul Heyman: Chairman
Roddy Piper: Commisioner
The Rock
John Cena
Rob Van Dam
Eddie Guerrero
Randy Orton
Ric Flair
Booker T
Rene Dupree
Bubba Ray Dudley
D-Von Dudley
Chavo Guerrero
Paul London
Rey Mysterio
Jamie Noble
Matt Hardy
Jeff Hardy
Chuck Palumbo
Danny Basham
Doug Basham
William Regal
Shannon Moore
Tommy Dreamer
Lance Storm

Trish Stratus
Stacy Keibler
Joy Giovanni
Torrie Wilson
Dawn Marie
Michelle McCool

DLW Heavyweight Champion: Christian
DLW Intercontinental Champion: Kidman
DLW United States Champion: Kurt Angle
DLW Hardcore Champion: Heidenreich
DLW Tag Team Champions: Hardy Boyz
DLW Cruiserweight Tag Team Champions: Hurricane & Shannon Moore

War Games
Survivor Series
Bad Blood
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DLW Sin Sunday
Live From Los Angeles, California!

A Video Package is shown of Christians DLW title win in the 20-man battle royal at revolution. Then the pyro hits and CKY’s ‘Take me to the underground’ blasts throughout the LA sports Arena.

JR: Hello everyone and welcome to Sin Sunday., DLW’s flag ship show, the first show of 2005, im Jim Ross alongside me is Jerry ‘the king’ Lawler, and tonight two massive match-ups

King: That’s right! the hardcore title will be on the line as Heidenreich will go one-on-one with the 500-pound monster Viscera!
JR: Also the massive tag team match pitting the team of Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit Vs Triple H & Ric Flair
Christians music hits and the DLW champion walks down the ramp-way to a chorus of cheers and Captain Charisma quickly soaks it all in as he enters the ring.
King: Captain Charisma won the DLW title in what some are saying was one of the most hard fought title victories in DLW history!
JR: he had to go through 19 other men to win the belt, so maybe, that is true.
Christian: At last, Captain Charisma is the champion (cheer) My peepulation and I proved to the world that Christian can win the big one (cheer, Christian chants)
King: The peeps are going nuts for Captain Charisma!
Christian: But I must look to the future, and I don’t care if its Cena, Orton, HBK anyone, ill make them damn unpretty coz that’s how I roll! (cheer)
(Orton’s Music Hits)
Loud boos as he appears on the ramp way, mic in hand
King: The legendkiller is in the house JR!
JR: The arrogant Randy Orton spoiling Christians victory speech, but what for?
King: Maybe to congratulate him?
JR: I severely doubt that.
Orton: Excuse Me! did I hear my name being dropped there?, you say you can make me unpretty! Well listen CLB you’ll be looking uglier than you do at the moment when I drop your as with the RKO and win the DLW title because I am the legendkiller! (boos)
King: What a great match that would be JR!
JR: These two hooking it up, would be a great matchup
Christian: Listen Orton, If you wanna get a shot at the gold on my shoulder, join the cue. But Id like you to push on through to the front coz id love nothing more than to kick your pretty boy ass around this ring in front of my Christian Coalition coz that’s how we roll!
JR: Captain Charisma shut Orton up, but coming up next its X-Pac Vs HBK, Shawn Michaels after this break!



X-Pac comes out to a chorus of boos while Shawn Michaels enters and tears the roof of the LA sports arena.

It begins with a series of chain wrestling, until X-Pac levels HBK with a spinning wheel kick

The Finish- X-Pac kicks HBK down into the corner and goes for the bronco buster but HBK moves out the way and X-Pac gets crotched on the turnbuckle. As he recovers, HBK plants the sweet chin music onto X-Pac for the 1,2,3.

Winner- Shawn Michaels at 12:08

Shawn celebrates and salutes the fans as he makes his way up the ramp.

We cut to Piper talking to Chris Jericho

Y2J: Piper, I wanna make an impact, and the ayatollah of rock-and-rolla needs you to give me a match to make an impact!
Piper: Well, Jericho, I think I have the match that will help you make an impact, next week, you will go one on one with the man who narrowly lost out on becoming the first DLW United States Champion, and that man is the doctor of thuganomics,. John Cena. And the winner will go onto Superbrawl to face the United States Champion, Kurt Angle.
Y2J: Thank you, I guarantee you are looking at the next US Champ
(Piper walks off and Jericho has a smile on his face)
JR: Jericho-Cena next week, and the winner goes on to face Angle for the US title at Superbrawl
King: That’s gonna be a great match!


Psycosis and Chavo Guerrero come out and are booed.
‘STAND BACK, THERES A HURRICANE COMING THROUGH!’ Hits and the cruiserweight tag champs, Hurricane and Shannon Moore come out to a great pop

Pycosis & Chavo Guerrero Vs Hurricane & Shannon Moore

The match comes in with a expected fast-paced style, with Psycosis & Chavo surprisingly taking control of the cruiserweight tag champs
The Finish-Moore goes for the mooregazm but gets dropped on his head by Pycosis when he reverses it into a sick neck breaker/ddt, then Chavo nails a brain buster onto the Hurricane, then Pycosis hit’s a leg drop from the top for the upset.

Winner-Psycosis/Chavo Guerrero in 10:08
(Heyman appears on the titan-tron)

Heyman: Great win, I think that deserves a title shot against the Hurricane and Shannon Moore, but 1st I believe u have to get through a tag team that I believe will dominate the division, ladies I present to you, in that very ring, Jamie Noble And Paul London!

Noble and London attack Psycosis and Chavo from behind and throw them out of the ring, and go to the champs, Noble nails a tiger bomb onto Moore then they hit a double DDT then London hit’s the London calling onto the hurricane after they pose with the cruiserweight tag belts
King: Now that’s how you make an impact!
JR: attacking people from behind isn’t fair, but they sure did leave their mark on the cruiserweight tag team champions.


(Goes straight to Lita talking to Jeff Hardy, Carlito walks over to them)

CCC: Lita why you talking to him, hes not cool, but me…im cool
Hardy: Your not cool, Carlito, you just a jackass now if you don’t mind im trying to talk
(Carlito pretends to walk off but picks up a steel tray and hits Hardy in the back of the head)
CCC: Now, that’s cool!
(takes a bite out of the apple and spits in Hardy’s face)

JR: Now that was uncalled for, One day hes gonna get in the face of the wrong guy and hell get whipped like a government mule
King: Calm down, JR your not being cool, Ha Ha!
JR: How hilarious, but now its go-time as the hardcore title is on the line.

Heidenreich comes out to a mixed reaction and is carrying a trolley full of hardcore weapons.
Viscera comes out to a good pop and comes out with a trash can full of weapons

Heidenreich Vs Viscera

This match is your typical big-man hardcore match, stiff shots with fists, kicks and weapon shots
The Finish-Heidenreich is control nailing Viscera with a trash can. As Heidenreich backs into the ropes to get more venom but walks right into a spin kick which smacks the trashcan into Heidenreichs face which knocks him out cold. Viscera lays the trashcan onto him and splashes him for the 3-count, Viscera wins the hardcore title!

Winner and new Hardcore Champ: Viscera in 11.10

JR: Oh my god, Viscera is the new hardcore champion!
King: Who’s gonna defeat big vis in a hardcore match!
(Then A masked man hits Viscera in the head with a guitar and pins him for the 3 count)
JR: Who’s that?, whoever it is he’s the hardcore champion!

(He removes the mask and its…)
King: Its Tommy Dreamer, he’s back, and he’s back in DLW and hes the new hardcore champion!
(Dreamer Jumps into the crowd and celebrates his hardcore title win with the fans)


McCool: Hi Michelle McCool, the newest member of the DLW announce team, talking to the United States Champion, Kurt Angle, Kurt how do you feel on facing either Chris Jericho or John Cena at Superbrawl, for your US Title.
Angle: How do I feel? I feel freaking great, come on, my opponents gonna be a guy who I beat to win this belt last night, or a rock-star wannabe who beaten so many times, I’ve lost count! Trust me, I will be leaving Superbrawl as US champ.
McCool: And how about your tag match tonight teaming you with Chris Benoit against Triple H & Ric Flair?
Angle: Come on , im the greatest wrestler alive today, I won an Olympic gold medal with a broken freaking neck! And Im teaming with a man I may not like, but I respect. And how are we facing, A 100 year old has been and a guy with a nose the size of Connecticut, I believe myself and Benoit will be making them two tap, Its true, Its True! (Walks off)

JR:A very confident Kurt Angle is on his way to the ring, its gonna be Benoit and Angle against Triple H and Ric Flair, Next!


Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit Vs Triple H & Ric Flair

‘Medal’ Hits and Angle comes out to a mixed pop, Benoit comes out to a great ovation, HHH and Flair are booed heavily
In the early going its pretty
The Finish: HHH goes to hit the pedigree on Angle but Benoit catches him with a german suplex from behind to send HHH tumbling out of the ring. Flair comes in with chops on Benoit but is hit with a german suplex by Angle. The straps come down and Flair is hit with the Angle Slam and then Benoit ascends to the top rope and hits with a t{hunderous head butt then locks in the cross face to make Flair tap while Angle knocks HHH off the ring apron.

Winners: Angle & Benoit in 20:45

JR: What a match, Benoit and Angle show great teamwork to dispose of Flair and The Game!
(Angle then nails Benoit with the US Title)
King: That team didn’t last long, what a shot by Kurt Angle
JR: What a cheap shot by a man who is supposedly about the 3 I’s, well we gotta go thanks for watching, goodnight!

(Fade To Black)

Quick Results:
Shawn Michaels Beat X-Pac
Psicosis & Chavo Guerrero Beat Hurricane & Shannon Moore (Non-Title)
Viscera Beat Heidenreich for the DLW Hardcore Title
Tommy Dreamer Beat Viscera for the DLW Hardcore Title
Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit Beat Triple H & Ric Flair
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