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Before I try to make a new one here are the superstars:

Batista (Heel)
Chris Jericho (Heel)
Chris Benoit (Heel)
Muhammad Hassan (Heel)
Undertaker (Face)
Kurt Angle (Face)
Shawn Michaels (Face)
Randy Orton (Heel)
Triple H (Heel)
Kevin Nash (Heel)
Hulk Hogan (Face)
Scott Hall (Heel)
Booker T (Face)
Edge (Face)
Christian (Face)
Rock (Face)

John Cena (Face)
Carlito Caribbean Cool (Face)
Big Show (Heel)
Bret Hart (Face)
Rob Van Dam (Heel)
Mark Jindrak (Face)
Basham Brothers (Face)
John Bradshaw Layfield (Heel)
Orlando Jordan (Heel)

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Okay that was about 1/10th of a show. I give it 0/100. No Grammar, Spelling, sentences, breaks. It was appauling!!! Please dont fill up threads with his junk. Maybe a little bit of Practice is needed so keep going. Hopefully you will improve and post your shows complete not in parts please

BTB Hall of Famer
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First of all if you are going to post a show, post a full one. Second of all, if I see you typing in text talk, as it was before you edited your post, you will be banned for seven days. Take this as warning.

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