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Doug Gilbert: No Apologies Needed

Doug Gilbert: No Apologies Needed Shoot Interview was awesome. Doug pulled no punches talking about Paul Heyman, Ian Rotten, John Zandig and numerous other hot topics of his career. This interview would not be complete if we did not talk about his legendary brother the late great Eddie Gilbert!!! If your a fan of Memphis wrestling your going to want to get your hands on this gem. Doug and his family have been a major main stay in the Memphis territory and Doug has tons of backstage stories that have never been shared before until now. What really happened when he went on live TV and shot on the promotion and Randy Hales. How did Jerry Lawler and Brian Christopher react? Who had heat backstage in the Memphis territory with each other. What are his thoughts on Missy Hyatt and her infamous stories about sleeping with the boys. How did he hear about his brothers passing and his thoughts on drugs in wrestling. What really happened in Japan in W*ING with Eddie GIlbert when they quit in the ring and pledged their allegiance to All Japan and Giant Baba. What happened backstage in ECW when Doug went nuts with the baseball bat in the locker room at Ultra Clash when Paul Heyman turned off Eddie Gilberts mic as he was trying to say good bye to the fans. You want stories on Austin Idol, Bill Dundee, Bill Watts, Tommy Rich? What are Doug's feelings on Jim Cornette and why there might be some issues there. There are tons of Eddie Gilbert stories from the WWE when he was there with Curt Henning in the early 80's. What happened the night Eddie almost died from a car crash? Doug has seen it all and worked with all the major names that have passed thru the Memphis territory. He has amazing stories on all the top names, including a story on the Undertaker that has never been told until this shoot.






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