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Defense of the Ancients (DotA) started out as a funmap for the popular RTS video game Warcraft III. The game was reworked and ported over to Steam in 2013 under the name Dota 2.

Dota 2 is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game (MOBA).
Two teams of five players fight against each other among armies of NPC units, their goal being to destroy the enemy main building.
However, things are a little strange in the world of Dota today.
The heroes have decided to change things up and come together for a game of...


The game's rules are as follows:

1. Play to your win condition. Town is Radiant Aligned, Mafia is Dire Aligned. Town win condition is to eliminate all threats to Town. Mafia win condition is to control the majority or reach a gamestate where nothing can stop that from happening.

2. Do not discuss the game outside of this thread, do not share QT links with people who are not supposed to have access to the QTs.

3. Copypasting your role PM is forbidden and will result in a modkill, paraphrase your flavour if asked for it.

4. Day 1 lasts 36 hours, Night 1 lasts 24 hours. Every consecutive day phase lasts 24 hours, every consecutive night phase 10-16 hours, down to my discretion.

5. Role resolution is as follows:
Passive Roleblock / Nexus
Bus Drive / Redirect *
Roleblock *
Kill / Poison / Arson
Watch / Track / Follow / Voyeur / Motion Detect

* If these roles interact in such a way as to create a paradox, the roleblock will take precedence.
Blocked shots will not be refunded.

6. Do try to keep arguments game-related and respect it if people tell you to quit insulting them on a personal level. I do not want to see a repeat of the early stages from last game.

7. You may make changes on your night actions as many times as you want. However, once I have received all night actions, the actions currently declared will be made official, unless I am explicitly being told to wait.

Sample role PM:
Hello and Welcome to Dota 2 Mafia!

You are Squee, Spleen and Spoon, the Techies - Radiant Aligned
Role: Sample Posterboy

"First blood!" - "Uhhh, I only see a crater..." - "Awww, no blood!?"

Squee, Spleen and Spoon are a trio of Goblin inventors specialized in all things explosive. One of their experiments was responsible for demolishing the place they and their people called home, leading them to explore other regions in search of more resilient test subjects.

The Techies are one of the most unconventional heroes in the entire game. Rather than engaging in actual combat, most of their gameplay revolves around laying invisible landmines meant to provide vision for their team as well as securing key locations on the map.
Your role in this game is to blow yourself up before the game even starts and standing model for this here sample role PM. Thanks a bunch!

You win the game if all threats to The Radiant are eliminated.

Player list:

1. jeffatron
2. Chr1st0 - Aiushtha, Enchantress - Innocent Bambi - Died N1
3. Ace Dalton
4. Big Man // Deathstroke - Abaddon, Lord of Avernus - 1x Bulletproof, 3x Bodyguard - Defeated in a duel D3
5. Odo
6. Lethal Evans // Laughable Chimp
7. Raikkonen
8. PHEN0M - Razzil Darkbrew, Alchemist - Double Voter - Lynched D3
9. LethalWeapon
10. CamillePunk - Jah'rakal, Troll Warlord - Increasingly Hated Townie - Died N3
11. LittleMissBlissXoX - Dazzle, Shadow Priest - Even Night Shallow Grave - Died N2
12. Rop3 // Doddsy - Lesale Deathbringer, Venomancer - Poison Faction Kill, 1x Poison, 2x Poison Heal, 2x Motion Detector - Lynched D2
13. V. Skybox - Lion, Demon Witch - 1x Janitor, 3x Roleblocker - Lynched D1
14. Rugrat
15. Poyser - Gondar, Bounty Hunter - Bounty Hunter, Serial Killer, Conditional BP+II, 2x Character Cop - Died N2
16. Alco
17. Jam
18. Barry Burton

Game phases:
End of Day 1 - V. Skybox was lynched
End of Night 1 - Chr1st0 died
End of Day 2 - Doddsy was lynched
End of Night 2 - LittleMissBlissXoX and Poyser died
Mid-Day 3 - Deathstroke lost a duel
End of Day 3 - PHEN0M was lynched
End of Night 3 - CamillePunk died

Day 1 has started, 36 hours left. With 18 players alive, 10 votes are needed to lynch a player.
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