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Don't you DARE ever ring Randy Orton's doorbell and run away fuckers...

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So I guess some teen kid rang Randy Orton's doorbell tonight at his St. Louis home and ran away...well needless to say Mr. Orton is highly pissed and is taking to the internets for help!


1:37 AM "A kid just rang our door bell and ran. He jumped in a white car. Unfortunately for him, I have 8 cameras covering every angle of my home..."

1:38 AM
"Anyone identify him and u get tickets to RAW in Stl 3/14."

So, the lesson to be learned here...DON'T FUCK WITH THE VIPER!
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That kid looks like he'd fit in with those 80's teen flicks... you know the ones where the guy can't get a date but some girl looks pretty in pink or something?

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Ever since Triple H kicked his ass in his own home, Randy's been a bit cautious.
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