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They're too good. Between the two of them, Paul Heyman and Ryback have the best facial expressions in Pro Wrestling.

I remember a few weeks ago, Axel, Ryback and Heyman were filmed walking to the ring on RAW. This hilarious sight made me laugh out loud (literally, not internet talk.) as Paul had this big goofy look on his face, admiring his monster, the Paul Heyman guy, Ryback. The proposal was awesome, the kiss on the cheek was delightfully fucked up.

Now, I know there's some kind of issue with Ryback backstage but Jesus, I hope they can work it out. I understand if they can't. You gotta be safe, you gotta be dependable ... I don't know what the situation is and I don't wanna know ...

But Goddamn, Heyman and Ryback are good together. I hope they can work that out.
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