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Don't Care About Reigns; Raw Needs MORE of This

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I am in no way a Roman Reigns fan. I think he's bland, I don't think his character is interesting, I hate his entrance, and if he didn't look like Diesel, he'd be no where near the top of the card like he is today. Booking him as anything other than a corporate champ at this time is insane.

With that being said.

Raw needs to do more things like tonight!!!! The key word to describe tonight was "UNEXPECTED" and holy crap, that's the kind of thing Raw needs to strive for on a weekly basis!! This is the first time in YEARS where you actually had to watch the ending of raw. Regardless if you like Reigns or not, you still had to see it as a wrestling fan. Keep us on our toes and the rest will follow.

With this raw being like it was, I will now consider watching next monday...but if it's back to same old same old, which it most certainly will, then I'll go back to not watching. Pretty simple formula here.
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Pretty much agree man, and was thinking the same thing while watching. Maybe McMahon finally answered that phone call from Russo

:vince2 :russo
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