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Does vince need another Ruthless Aggression Speech

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We all know the first one started the creation of the number one wrestling cash cow of the last couple years does he need to come on Raw or even Smackdown and give the same speech. There is alot of young talent yet they are either getting buried or in the doghouse or just arent utilised well imo. With his Ruthless Aggression speech you could have Jomo come out and wanna face Cena or Daniel Bryan wanting a piece of Orton where these young guys wanna face the big dogs. Nexus was sort of that cuz they went after Cena but that didnt end to well when they completely ruined everything having him join Nexus then fired only to be on Raw week after week after week. I think it'll be awesome especially if they had Danielson come after Cena apologizing for the Nexus attack but still saying he meant tahat he is better than him. Would be a great feud.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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