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Something i've come to notice recently, take a look at these vids.

Go to 08:24 on the first vid, and 07:43 on the second.

Seeing as Orton and Cena are like, best buds outside of the ring, he's praised him lots and lots in interviews...

As Cena is announced in the first two vids, when the boos reign in Orton turns and looks at the crowd. And they're both multiman matches, but when everyone else who gets introduced, no matter of the crowd reaction, Orton stands and plays it cool (except when he himself is being introduced, understandable he has to pose and stuff). Seems like he's looking at the crowd in a 'what the hell, why are you booing...' manner.

And in the next to vids, he's the first to turn and take notice of the crowd, in particular the last vid he looks visibally pissed off.

They're just examples, i'm sure it's happened alot more elsewhere. But mostly the first two vids relate to the threat the most.

What do yous think????
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