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Does michael cole not hate daniel bryan anymore?

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Did wwe just forget that he hated this guy and alwalys called him a nerd and was always quick to offend him but now daniel bryan is heel he is like one of his supporters. I mean does creative think we have no meomory and to add the commentary is to biased like micheal cole will like every heel and blindly support them and jerry lawler will do the same to faces and its just very annyoing but at least micheal cole can be funny occasionally.

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Personally speaking, I'm happy about this development, and ever since he's hopped on the Bryan bandwagon I've enjoyed Cole much much more. Him liking Punk, Bryan, Cesaro, and Sandow make him one with the IWC which I never thought I'd see happen, and I hope to see it continue when Ambrose and Ohno debut.
After 1 and 1/2 years of that commentary burial I am content that the Cole burial stopped. I remember the commentary was so bad during some matches that I don't see how it would have benefited Daniel Bryan in WWEs mind.
Cole seems to have toned down his heel character in recent months, and it was virtually none-existent on Monday, to the extent where he even seemed distressed when Kane was about to chokeslam Ryder. Hopefully this continues, Cole's heel character was entertaining for a while in the RTWM 2011 but since then it's been totally counter-productive and a massive detriment to the product.
Simple, Cole is a heel commentator, he loves all the heels, just look at him arguing when a face commentator when a heel is doing something heel like. If someone turns heel, he automatically needs to love him, until that is the heel turns against him.
Cole gradually warmed to Bryan primarily on Smackdown, so it's not like this was even a sudden change (especially not by typical WWE standards).
I mean does creative think we have no meomory
I realized that when Edge and Christian went from "brothers" to "friends"...
When Bryan first turned heel, I always thought that they should of had Bryan call Cole out, apologize for anyway that he offended Cole, with Bryan basically begging Cole for his forgiveness. From a kayfabe sense, as much as Cole hated Bryan, it didn't make any sense for him to suddenly start liking him.

This was basically before Bryan was way over, so this would of given Bryan heat at the time while explaining Cole's about face.
Sudden change? It was one of the few explained changes that happened. Cole between Bryans win and wrestlemania defeat gradually started being more and more positive about Bryan but it was in no way a sudden change.
When DBry turned heel, Cole started to like him naturally as he's supposed to.
When Bryan was a face, he was "a nerd". When he turned heel, he started being more of a dickhead (like Cole is) and thus Cole changed his mind over time, since he stopped being a nerd and started acting more like how Cole (again, a dickhead) thought people should carry themselves.

Although it happened entirely via Smackdown commentary.
They even had a segment where Cole apologized to Bryan for his commentary and asked for forgiveness. Bryan basically told him to f off, it was kind of nice to see Bryan get a little payback after months of Cole trashing him.
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