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Does it sometimes hurt the WWE having their top heel feud with Cena?

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It seems like everytime Cena feuds with a top heel they always end up getting cheered and sometimes is forced to make a turn down the road. Orton comes into mind. And right now we're seeing the same thing being done with The Miz. He's starting to get cheered now. One of the biggest reasons I think they had CM Punk feud with Orton rather than Cena was simply because they knew CM Punk would get heavily cheered if he feuded with Cena. And they would be forced to turn one of their biggest heel into a face. I mean he still gets cheered a little in his feud with Orton but look at Wrestlemania the crowd were completely on Orton's side now imagine if it was Cena. That just goes to show if Cena turned heel he could put somebody over big.
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Cena makes top heels. Almost anyone he feuds with, becomes top heel of the moment. If they're booked to stand a chance against him, that is. If he just dominates, then the heel is screwed.
Well the positives outweigh the negatives. If you feud with Cena without getting buried, you get established. Cena's a top player in WWE so he's good for that. However, with the news from this Monday, Cena will turn heel either this year or next year as there truly is no point in having Cena face when Wrestlemania is in Rock's hometown and he'll probably be in the hall of fame that year.
Yeah I get the point you guys are trying to make but I'm saying if you have a top heel and what them to get booed and hated then having them feud with Cena isn't the way to go. They'll just end up getting cheered.
WWE doesn't have any top heels anymore anyway. Del Rios time is pretty much over. Like Cornette said hes main event or nothing. Losing the WHC match at WM hurt him badly. He either wins the WHC in a rematch at extreme rules or he disappears. The Corre is an absolute joke, buried one time after another after another. CM Punk is never booked to look strong or threatening. The Miz is the top heel by default (and hes earned it) but his feud with Cena is either over, or will be after Extreme Rules.

Anyway...it definitely doesn't hurt to have the top heel v top face, WWE just lacks the ability to book these things. And that comes from not having people like Dusty Rhodes book, but instead some hollywood pretty boy comedy writer.
I dont think the heels getting a positive reaction is the problem. The problem is that they become relevant while facing Cena, then when WWE wants to end the feud they inevitably have Cena crushing the heel in a way that undoes all of the previous work, people say the Miz will be fine. Cena will take the title from him and make him look like a mid carder in the process, before Cena drops the belt a little while before he faces the Rock, most likely to the Money in the Bank winner after Cena goes through a grueling match like Elimination Chamber since thats the only way he ever actually drops the title.
Nexus? I don't really remember them getting a whole lotta cheers when they fueded with Cena. Maybe I'm wrong.
Nexus? I don't really remember them getting a whole lotta cheers when they fueded with Cena. Maybe I'm wrong.
Nexus wasnt soley focussed on Cena though to be fair , though Cena certainly buried them :sad:
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