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Does he look like Steve Austin to you?

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is he look abit like Steve Austin? that was closeup picture but from my wall page first thing i thought is Austin...copying Austin?
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It's Kevin Nash.
The only reason why a person would think it's Steve Austin is because he hands look white and Steve Austin wear's denim alot more than The Rock does.

It's obviously The Rock though. But I can see on first glance why a person could think differently.
It looks like Rock, looking like Austin.
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Looks like a hybrid of The Rock, Stone Cold AND Ryback.

The only Austin lookalike is this:

If Arn Anderson and Austin had a child that is what it would look like.

BTW the original pic is photo shopped. Look at the hands and the head. The colors don't even match. Last time I checked the Rock didn't have white boy hands.
Looks like this new guy WWE just signed. Seems like a talent, his name is Rock Cold.
simple...rock want to be Stone Cold and he wish to be Stone Cold..Rock doesn't have that charisma look...
It's official!
This guy has gone cuckooo :no:
41 - 46 of 46 Posts
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