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Does Bo Dallas have good in-ring skills?

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I m pretty impressed with his in-ring skills, don't know if a lot of people will agree here. I also think that his goofy gimmick is holding him back from showing off his full potential as a wrestler.
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Bo can be so much more. Hes a casualty of the tv setup. Most of the guys on raw repeat their shit on smackdown. If wwe were run by competent people, theyd rotate guys so we only see them once a week. Not a brand split per say, but roman does his deal on raw one week no sd, next week no raw but sd. Bo could do little things each week and itd be great.

Hes a prime candidate to be released, unless family ties save him.
I really like that idea. Even if they don't do that with their midcard and up, it would benefit the ME/Superstars guys so much. It would break up the monotony of seeing the same guys do the same thing twice a week, then again on a PPV unless they're in a gimmick match.

Bo's ring skills are fine for me. His best quality is his mic work, which is what made me a fan of his.
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