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The following is taken from a Facebook post, the link is below.


Does anyone know this gentleman?

In March 2013 my mum and I took my newborn son to Paddington Markets in Sydney/Australia.

An old man sat next to us and we got talking. He was visiting from the US on a cruise ship and was not in great health, but a very happy fellow, and he couldn't get over the fact how many children he saw in Sydney.

At the end of the conversation he handed me a 100 US$ note with the words "when that little fellow turns 5, you take him into a toy store and you let him pick anything he wants. Anything he wants (!), and tell him it's from an old chap from the USA." Then he took off.

"The little fellow" has just found the note in his memorabilia box and is now very excited.

I thought I'd try and find that man, or at least some family or friends of his (he also used the words: "I won't be around by then", let's hope he was wrong) to share what "little fellow" decides to do with his money and how he is going in life. I was so perplexed on the day that I just managed to send my mum after him and take a photo.

Please share with your friends, especially in the US and contact us on [email protected] if you have any hints. And ask your friends to share with their friends. Etc.

I'll post updates here if there are any.

We have a while to go until his 5th birthday, but we thought we'd better start looking now ... wish us luck.

- Over 1000 people have shared this so far - thanks, this is quite exciting! Just a friendly request to send all hints to the above email (please do not comment below) to maintain the privacy of the friendly stranger.
- I received a very intriguing photo from New York. This was picked up in an op-shop.

- Before I wrote this, I have contacted Sydney Ports Authority to get the names of visiting ships on that day. It was March 16. I'm yet to hear back from them.
- The apple core has apparently been mass produced. I have been contacted by a few proud owners.
- We have narrowed down the names of visiting cruise ships on that day.
Oosterdam, Celebrity Solstice and Queen Mary2 ... haven't confirmed that yet, that'll have to wait to Monday.
- About 15, no 30k people have shared and liked this, I am hopeful that we'll find someone.


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I have to assume by saying "i won't be around by then" means he was a dying man. He was seeing the world and giving to others what he had left. Or some of what he had left. He's probably not with us anymore. What a guy.

But maybe there's a miracle that occurred and he is still around. Or I'm just flat out wrong. If so, I hope you can track him down. Good luck.

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Damn, I wish I could be that decent. I gave a dollar to a crack bum the other week and felt like gotdamned Mother Theresa... until I wanted to buy a pop at a vending machine and realized I gave my last single away, then I felt like Mad Sweeney giving away the wrong gold coin.
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