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Does anybody remember Sean O'Haire?

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Back in 03 was it? He had a really good thing going on with Piper being his manager and all and his "devils advocate" character I thought it was great, somehing really new. Different kind of moveset as well.

He had a lot left to do.
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He was fantastic on the mic but I don't recall seeing too many of his matches, I have to admit.

He could have been main eventing if they hadn't dropped the ball on him I think.

I also recall 'The Beast of Boggo Road' Nathan Jones......

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Not using him right and properly is the top 3 biggest treason the WWE has ever committed!

Look at the Devil's Advocate promo, how awesome he is! The gimmick could gel in with Heel Cena back then, or Big Evil Undertaker, or even Vince. It could work with so many talents back then. He could have manipulated Rico Constantino, Eugene, Mick Foley, FBI, Paul Bearer, and the rest as mid card feuds. He could even feud with the likes of the Rock, HHH, JBL, Eddie G, etc as main event feuds. He could be the top dog. But Vince dropped the ball on him. That is a big mistake. Very big.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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