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Do you think Ronda Rousey is hot?

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Remember that time during the Elite XC days when Gina Carano was billed as the face of women's MMA partially because of her looks but then she disappeared and Rousey took the spot? Well Carano was an absolute stunner but I think Rousey really is below average in the looks department even though she became the face of MMA. What do you all think, hot or not?

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some years ago she was hotter (fast & furious series period) , now she's slighty above average, but not ugly that's for sure.
there are girls in the business that looks worse however (charlotte, bayley, sasha banks ecc.)
Sasha is hotter than Ronda.
Meh, without makeup? She has no Tits, ugly face and receiding hair, maybe with makeup on she's decent but otherwise... At least ronda looks good without her makeup on
Serious question you don't find this hot?
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not particularly, she doesn't have a physicality that I like, and her face doesn't tell me anything. i grew up watching sable, torrie wilson, trish stratus and lita, that's the type of woman i like. sasha as a wrestler is phenomenal but as a girl... meh not so much
That explains it, you like the plastic type. To me a hot body means nothing if the face is ugly. Of all the women you've named I find only Torrie Wilson attractive. The rest are ugly. Ronda is facially unattractive.
Might be the first time ever I鈥檝e heard Trish referred to as ugly.
Look at her face, she is uglier than Ronda.
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