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Do you think putting the brands back together is an easy thing to do?

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On one hand, I like how it was when it was together, longer storylines, one main world title, didn't have to wait a week

But the extension is better for not only more storylines but also more opportunities for Wrestlers who otherwise wouldn't get them
Plus there's thus AFC-NFC, AL-NL dynamic to it that makes things interesting too

Would they be able to put it back together?
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only way they could put it back together is maybe to make the roster smaller but to be honest i looked at the rosters the other day and im pretty sure neither roster has more han 25 wrestlers so they could just put them back together and maybe make up some tag teams from the spares and then we have one world title unify ic and us and we'd have tag team titles and a womans title and then just build from there

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I would say it is quite a hard thing to do, they have so many Wrestlers on the books, I think I counted around 50 before on WWE.com. Also they have TV deals in place and Marketing Strategies as well, as Smackdown is seen more as the Wrestling show and RAW more towards the entertainment and storyline show. They make more money with two shows, as they generate income from both Smackdown and RAW so, athough in theory it could be done, it wouldn't go down that route.

Also, what if WWE was to merge both brands into one? Would that not restrict the WWE Talent in developing. If the WWE was to keep both shows like it did before 2002 where wrestlers were on both shows, then I would agree that it would add a new dimension to the product, but as I said; for Marketing purposes I can see why they want to keep it seperate. To give guys like Del Rio a shot as a Main Eventer without taking away air time from John Cena and others, who are their main earners.

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They should keep the split and STOP having raw hijack any talent that gets over. If SD was actually cared for a la 2k8 and before, there would be no problem. However, wwe has put all their focus onto raw aside from small nominal aspects. Whenever something gets cool on SD it ends up on raw.

Examples; ADR, DCR, Ziggles, VG, just to name a few. And wait for post draft the talent to get drafted over so SD looks even worse...again.
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