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Do you live a Double life because of WWE?

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This might sound funny to some people but others will know what I am talking about. I have been following the WWE for a very long time now. When I was young my friends and I always made it a point to watch and follow our fav people in WWE and just like many of you we had are own matches outside.

I hate telling people that I watch wrestling, because they look at me like it is a bad thing. Trying to tell someone, "Hey WWE is on, want to watch it?" Is like handing a Nun a dildo.

Most people that ask, "Why do you watch wrestling?" first thing I always say, I have been keeping up with it for many years and I have always enjoy watching it, plus I know its fake (I feel like I always have to point that out).

Some of you don't have any problem with others knowning that you watch and you are not the ones I am talking too. I was wanting to know if anyone else was going threw the same thing.
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I don't live a double life, I just don't talk about it much in public. Especially not around people that I don't know watch it. It's not really much different than anything else I watch. I don't really discuss any of the shows I watch or sports I watch unless it's with someone I know watches it. If that makese sense..

If someone tells me wrestling is fake though I usually proceed to ask them what their favorite movie/TV show is and point out that it is indeed scripted/fake as fuck/completely unrealistic and call them a dumbass for watching it.(Even if it's a show I watch)
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