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Do you HONESTLY believe that...(Spoliers)

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Jerry Lawler will beat The Miz and become WWE Champion?
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Rated R™;9294883 said:
No, They is Cole.

Cole said the winner of tonight's Raw Rumble would take on Miz at EC and the remaining six would be in the Chamber for the #1 conterder match who will face the winner of the Miz/Lawler match, at Mania.
In other words, the number one contender for the WWE at Wrestlemania will have needed three chances to win a match for that spot. They lost in the rumble, lost a 7 man rumble, and now win in the chamber.

It used to be you won the rumble you got the title shot, now there is all this bullshit between the rumble and Wrestlemania that lowers the value of both events and the titles.

And we get Lawler vs Miz at a ppv for a world title. Joke.
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