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Do you HONESTLY believe that...(Spoliers)

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Jerry Lawler will beat The Miz and become WWE Champion?
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I wouldn't put anything past the bookers at this point. I mean he's pinned the WWE champ 3 times already, might as well give him a one night title run.

I think it's more likely Cole will screw him, and then we'll get King/Cole at Wrestlemania as someone mentioned. Or King will win and Miz will win in his rematch the following night due to Cole interfering. Regardless, it's safe to say Miz will be going into Wrestlemania as WWE.

I have to say, although he has been booked pretty much like garbage, I'm glad they finally gave someone a decent reign length-wise, especially an up-and-coming new guy. He may look weaker then Seamus or Swagger when they were champs, but Miz has been kept a big part of the show and has been very relevant, so overall I don't think his reign has been THAT badly booked.
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