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I don't think most people claim '97 there favorite year, but let me bring up somethings.
  • The Bret Hart vs. Austin feud was still going strong.
  • The post cage match "Frustrated isn't the Gotdamn word for it... This is Bullshit" rant.
  • Bret vs. Austin's double turn
  • The Early portion of Austin's face run including holding tag belts and the IC belt.
  • The Hart Foundation
  • The Nation (with Crush and Savio Vega) and then the all Black Nation
  • The Debut of Dude Love & Cactus Jack (and those interveiws with Jim Ross)
  • Paul Bearer's prelude to Kane and his Debut
  • Summerslam '97- Shawn Michaels Heel Turn
  • The US vs Canada feud
  • Goldust vs Pillman, Pillman's X files
  • The Debut of DX (but they really pushed the name as the "Kliq" to begin with)
  • Hell In A Cell
  • The Montreal Screwjob
  • The first Stunner on Mr.McMahon (although it's timing was overrated. McMahon didn't have heat yet.)
  • DX's constant trolling of Sgt. Slaughter

(Still could've done without the Midget wrestling and Ahmed Johnson)

Bret, Austin and Shawn carried that year. Taker and Mic Foley gets honorable mentions though.

What's your favorite years that don't always get mentioned.

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I have two years that I love that most people dont. 2001 was great for me because I was one of the only people in the world that loved the Invasion storyline. 2006 was another great year for me and I dont know why, lol.

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1997 gets mentioned a lot on this forum as a GOAT year. I found it wildly inconsistent, and a transitional year. Early 97 was blah. Late 97 was great.

I'd say 1999 would be my odd choice, just because people shit on it on this forum. 98 was better IMO. But 99 was really fun.

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Wasn't around to watch it live but 1997 is one of my favourite years in both WCW and especially WWF. Taker, Bret and Shawn angle. Austin vs Bret and the Hart Foundation, start of D-X, debut of Kane tons of fun stuff..

But for a year I got to watch live I gotta go with 2006. Smackdown was great and Raw was exciting and I was still young enough that I pretty much enjoyed anything they put on TV..

And at OP. I think even though Vince didn't have heat on himself yet Austin giving him the stunner was enough to make people think, hey if Austin hates Vince perhaps why should do the same thing which made his transition to a major heel more smooth.

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I liked 1996.

Not really strong for WWE but amazing year for WCW & ECW, because both companies had a storyline that defined their legacies (pick one from ECW, nWo vs. WCW) and that momentum carried over throughout 1997.

WWE's problem and I like HBK but his reign really wasn't that good. Pretty much killed Vader off by having him debut, destroying people and about 8 months later, Shawn is making him his bitch. Somebody from Camp Cornette should have been established from that feud but no dice.

However, Mankind/Taker was the best thing going in WWE in '96 and kayfabe wise, planted the seeds for Kane's debut. Austin was just getting his feet wet but had a decent program with Mero. And at one point (and can't believe I'm saying this), I was hoping Ahmed & Shawn beat the Gunns and had every belt in WWE. But, there wasn't a lot from WWE in 1996 that transferred over to 1997, like the other 2 promotions.

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I liked WWE in 2008, back when the year was still here, I thought that year for WWE TV sucked but looking back at it now, it wasn't that bad. I still consider 2009 (SmackDown was awesome during the summer that year and ECW was watchable) and 2010 to be pieces of shit.

You had:
Jericho vs HBK
Jericho winning the World Heavyweight Championship
Jeff Hardy winning the WWE Championship at Armageddon 2008
Undertaker vs Edge
Cena's Royal Rumble Surprise
WrestleMania 24 was great
Pretty good PPVs that year
The Diva's Division was watchable. Granted they made dumbass decisions occasionally (Maria and Ashley having a match at WM24 over Mickie James, Michelle McCool becoming the 1st Divas Champion and tapping out Natalya, etc) but 2009-present makes that year look like 2002 and 2003.
Beth vs Melina I Quit Match
SummerSlam 2008 was a great show
I enjoyed watching ECW that year.
The Miz and Morrison Tag Team

and etc.

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1991, I know it's not a lot of people's biggest favourite year but looking back on the PPV's from that year, and the talent too that was around, it's then.

I loved The Royal Rumble from that year, Wrestlemania VII I also loved, it's just, I dunno what it is about 1991 as such, but I love watching back on the old school stuff from that year.
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*First heel in pro-wrestling history to win the world title;
*38,622 fans make it the largest crowd in pro-wrestling history;
*First step toward Capitol Wrestling's defacto control of the NWA championship since Rogers' favorite bookers are Mondt and McMahon, Sr.

I go to my first live wrestling match at the old Madison Square Garden and sit ringside!
NWA World Champion Buddy Rogers vs. Cowboy Bob Ellis (draw/double count out)
Johnny Valentine/Vittorio Apollo vs. The Fabulous Kangaroos
The Big "O" Bob Orton (Randy's granddad) vs Bobo Brazil
Ed Carpentier/Antonino Roccca vs. Shohei Baba/Yukio Suzuki
Mark Lewin vs. Skull Murphy
Handsome Johnny Barend vs. Billy Darnell
Pampero Firpo vs. Tony Manousos
Mike Mazurki vs. Johnny Rougeau
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People bitch about '06 a lot, but I liked it you had:

On Smackdown

Kurt Angle winning the WHC
Angle v Taker in a classic at NWO
Orton's great feud with Rey
Whilst Rey's ME push was tiring at first, his WM22 World title win did have a great feel to it
Batista v Edge v Undertaker

On Raw

The Road to Wrestlemania tournament was done well IMO
Edge v Foley was outstanding
Trish v Mickie
RVD v Cena had the best atmosphere I'd ever seen, bar none
RVD's undisputed title reign had the potential to be one of the best storylines in wrestling for years
Edge, Foley + Lita v Dreamer, Funk and Beulah is a forgotten classic
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