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Do you eat the same foods most days/every day?

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Or is it just me?

Lately I have been eating a small number of foods through-out the day, everyday, eating 2 or 3 of the same thing. I'm just eating the same foods over and over and over.

I know people tend to eat the same sorts of things daily, and especially weekly but do you eat the same thing twice/thrice per day? I also seem to eat them in the same order more or less... I was wondering if I am normal lol??
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Well, I think whatever you're happy eating. If it's healthy, great, if it's not... thats your own problem.

do you mean you have the same 3 meals everyday? That's odd, but not ridiculous. Is it like, CEREAL SANDWICH SOUP, but one day it's coco pops, cheese sandwich, minstrone, next day it's corn flakes, ham sandwich, tomato soup, etc? Or like, CORN FLAKES, CHEESE SANDWICH, MINISTRONE day in, day out?

How old are you?

I can have the same food a lot without realizing though. I sit and have pizza maybe 3 nights a week because we're so knackered after work to cook, or I can have corn flakes everyday for a month. To an extent, not that strange.

If you're eating like Cheese for breakfast and spaghetti and onions for tea you may have problems though haha.
I'm 19. And it's the exact same foods everyday, most days, eating 2-3 different foods 2-3 times a day. Like toast-sandwich-sandwich-toast-pasta-toast etc (that was an example).

And snacks are usually the same but change more often but still, it's mainly the same foods over and over.
Yes but that's because I just spent $500 on books and all I have are snacks to eat. Basically, I'm a broke college student.
Yep. I'm a meat and potatoes girl so that's what I basically eat every day. The meat will change from pork to venison to beef to chicken but I usually eat some type of potato with them. Breakfast is usually eggs and toast.

There are occasions when I'll go out and eat Chinese, Mexican or whatever but those times are pretty rare.
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I'm quite particular so I stick to the stuff I know I like. Eggs, sausage, toast, or a blueberry muffin for breakfast. Usually a sandwich or a hotdog for lunch, and then basically meat, potatoes, and vegetables for dinner. Exceptions are when I go out for Thai or Mexican.
I eat a salad once a week and sushi for lunch and dinner every 2-3 weeks. Breakfast, pizza (primarily pepperoni and supreme), pasta (usually spaghetti), fish, and meats may vary.

By the way...I'm not allergic to anything!
I'll keep my breakfast to a routine and may change it to the next week. Lunch and dinner will vary with different dishes so I won't starve myself due to lack of variation of meals.
Breakfast is usually the same everyday, banana, oatmeal and 4 eggs. I change up the rest of my meals
My breakfast is the same, bowl of wheetabix cereal each morning, and I have a sandwich each day, usually ham, but I change up my hot meal everyday. Depends on if I'm in a chicken mood, or fancy a bit of turkey, depends on whats in the fridge. =)
I eat a steak wrap with ketchup everyday. :vince3

All seriousness, I've been eating a lot of chicken wraps lately, and when I go to school that's my preference for lunch (there's a lot of fast food around my school and I don't like eating it much). So, chicken is pretty much a staple in my diet and I eat it once a day.
Well I eat stuff like eggs *2, chicken sandwich *2, fish/meat, oatmeal *2 everyday as my main foods. For snacks it might change from an apple to a pear or whatever but that's what I eat most days.
Yes, I eat beans everyday. It's called being Mexican.
I've been eating pasta for dinner for the past few days. I rarely eat breakfast, and snacks usually vary from fruit to junk food.
i always eat same breakfast - egoo waffles. but i try to eat different lunches like macaroni, noodles, chicken, etc..
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