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Do you agree with Goldberg's proclamation that he wants a rematch with Lesnar?

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Goldberg did an interview with a wrestling show and mentioned he would like to fight Austin and that he would like to do a rematch with Lesnar. So I ask you would you have any interest in seeing a rematch with Lesnar and Goldberg?
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Too little, too late for Goldberg IMHO.
He should have put effort into the first one.
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They had a chance to have an amazing match but they both ruined it by wanting to leave...and of course having a bad match. I think they both cancelled each other out. I'd like Goldberg to come back and show Ryback how it's done though.
Yeah he had the chance to wrestle Lesnar and he blew it.
Because the first match was so bad at wm20 I do not see anyone wanting to see a second one unless its on a Raw for like 10 minutes
Yeah he had the chance to wrestle Lesnar and he blew it.
Exactly this. He ruined his chance and the 'dream match' tag has passed him by.
I'd love to see it, as an unadvertised midcard match on a throwaway episode on Raw.
Exactly this. He ruined his chance and the 'dream match' tag has passed him by.
It's sad because maybe people would have wanted to see another match. They had so much hype for the first match
I don't see the point in doing another Goldberg vs Lesnar when huge dream matches like Goldberg/Taker and Goldberg/Austin are available. Goldberg/Lesnar could have been great the first time if the crowd wasn't so negative from the start with the intention to ruin the match.
I think Goldbergs missed the boat. Goldberg/Lesnar has gone, and I just can't see him fighting Austin.

Yes, in terms of dream booking - then Goldberg/Austin would be great, but if Austin were to come back would it really be for a Goldberg match? I'm not so sure.
Most important thing to ask: Is he in good shape enough to even compete in a wrestling match?

Because I don;t think so. I can't imagine him spearing through people and gorilla press them through the ring. Sorry I don't want to see an old man' attempt to be that goldberg
There are no longer any "dream" matches involving Goldberg, and that's largely his own fault. When you refuse to learn more than four moves, cripple the greatest (perhaps) in-ring performer of all time, and shit a brick when offered a dream match at WrestleMania, you don't deserve another chance.
They won't waste the Master of the Brocktagon on Goldberg.
Forgive me if I'm remembering this wrong but the first match that they had was boring. All of the build up to the fight only for the fight itself to be less than entertaining.

edit: I guess I wasn't remembering it wrong.
Lesnar would eat him alive. Goldberg is old and overrated.
What can Goldberg do in the ring now anway. The guy was all power and some speed. He is pretty old so I cant see him having even remotely the same amount of power and speed he had. And like someone said Goldberg vs Taker or Austin would be a dream matvh over another Lesnar match.

I dont think ive seen that Mania match all I remember then was hearing it was terrible and crowd booed. So he missed his shot on putting on one of the greatest and biggest Mania.matches ever so dont know why on earth he'd want a rematch.
Regardless of how we think about him,Goldberg vs Lesnar can hold interest

WWE can conveniently forgot the first match ever took place

Some matches that can be huge are:
1.The obvious of Goldberg vs Cena and Cena loses
2.Goldberg vs Punk with build up similar to Brock vs Big Show(their first match)
3.Goldberg vs Taker
4.Goldberg vs Ryback(if done properly)
I just can't help but think, why? Both men completely blew off their first match, if they didn't care about the match the first time, why would they give a damn about it the second time around?
I shouldn't want this, but I do. Never watched the WCW product and I took a hiatus for a number of years pretty much when the WCW invasion happened, so I've never really seen Goldberg in action. Seeing him against the most powerful athletic genetic monster in Lesnar interests me greatly.
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